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Triple X

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Amelia June

ISBN :978-1-55410-791-9

Page :236

Word Count :59000

Publication Date :2010-08-08

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Triple X (pdf) , Triple X (prc) , Triple X (epub) , Triple X (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-791-9

After losing her mother to The Reaper, the last thing Abby Conner wants to do is worry about her job. But when infertility rates begin to rise, she is forced to wonder--did the avian flu do something to our DNA? Late hours in the lab with her closest friend Jordan lead to a relationship she never expected. Especially when Jordan introduces her to Edan, his friend and polyamory activist. Together, the three of them combat an oppressive government and a medical mystery to create hope and love in the midst of fear. But can Abby fight her own fears and learn to love two men?

She reached over to Edan and lifted his shirt off over his head. Jordan and Abby both stared for a moment at the chiseled body before them, then Jordan let out a low whistle. “Only you two could look even better without clothes. I am almost embarrassed to be so lucky right now.”

Abby ran her hands over Edan’s bare chest, then stood him up to remove his jeans. His cock stood out from his body, and Abby pulled him into her arms to feel it up against her body. He responded by gently thrusting his hips, placing his hands at her waist. She kissed him again, this time he allowed her to penetrate him with her tongue, and they played for a few moments. She felt Jordan step behind her and shifted her weight back to let him know she wanted him close as well. He pulled her top off, then her pants but left on the black bra and thong she was wearing. She was warm, surrounded by men. Abby turned to face Jordan and Edan pulled her rear into him, cock resting neatly between her cheeks. He groaned, and spoke in her ear, “Abby, I had no idea how beautiful you were under all those clothes. You look gorgeous and you feel so good against me. Is Jordan as handsome as you are beautiful?”

“Oh yes, but you don’t have to take my word for it.” She undressed Jordan quickly. What a sight they must have been, she thought, standing in the living room surrounded by pillows and blankets, naked, save for her undergarments. She looked from one to the other of her men, then they sank into a three way embrace, her in the middle. She rested her head on Jordan’s chest and felt Edan’s hands encircling her waist. Jordan’s hands reached around both of them to cup Edan’s firm ass and pull him closer to them.

Abby felt Edan’s cock push into her backside and moaned softly. She laid back and he began tracing his fingers over her body. He ran his hands lightly over every part of her, then reached around and freed her breasts, tossing her bra across the room. Jordan nodded his assent, smiling his sunny smile. Both men kissed her breasts then, and she felt a hand, Jordan’s she thought, moving up her inner thigh.

The boys rose from her and started kissing each other. Jordan’s wandering hand made it to her pussy and dove in, found her clit and began stroking her in the rhythm he knew she loved. She kept her eyes wide, enjoying the hand on her but also enjoying the show. Edan sat up slightly and began running his hands down Jordan’s back. He moved back and Jordan licked his way down Abby’s thighs to bury his face between her legs. He began licking her clit in his legendary way, sucking her in until she was bucking beneath him. Beyond him she could see Edan caressing Jordan’s legs and ass, occasionally dipping in to finger his asshole. Jordan moaned into her pussy; vibrations coursed through her and she came to shuddering climax.

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