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The Wiles of Kate

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Sari Shepard

ISBN :978-1-4874-0714-8

Page :254

Word Count :70143

Publication Date :2016-09-02

Series : Club Etienne#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Wiles of Kate (epub) , The Wiles of Kate (prc) , The Wiles of Kate (mobi) , The Wiles of Kate (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0714-8

Kate’s new life will be absolute bliss—if she can live to enjoy

Kate Hallet has found herself. She’s sassy, full of life and oozing erotic desire. She’s also the newest member of a sisterhood predicated on worshiping the wonders of feminine mysticism.

When she gives her estranged husband Tom a chance to join her new life, she finds he too has changed in the short time they were apart, becoming a co-conspirator in a deadly and dangerous experiment, using her as a subject without her knowledge.

With the help of her best friend and truly unselfish lover Lan, Kate finds her way through the often confusing calls of erotic passion. Kate’s wiles and wonders lead her into the arms of a man who will fulfill her every desire, no matter how tall that order may be.

But her husband has fallen into such darkness that even his love for Kate can’t save him. Even worse, he attempts to take her with him. Her new life promises blissful contentment. But she’ll need to stay alive to enjoy it.

Tom ended the call and went into the lower cabin to take a long shower. Being alone aboard Tomfoolery in late July, he had no reason to concern himself with modesty. He brushed his teeth, then stepped out of the head naked. He froze as he looked into the galley.

A sleek, slender beauty stood leaning against the countertop in a fashionable low cut black and silver dress. The flair above the knee showed her long, thin stocking-covered legs. For all her stately elegance, she wore dark tan boating shoes—a must on wooden docks and fiberglass cockpit soles. Her light-blue eyes were set behind high cheekbones framed by stylish long brown hair. They pierced into him in a cold but sexy gaze as he took a step toward her. Enchanted as he was by Annalisa’s model-like appearance, he griped, “I didn’t send for a call girl.”

In a thick Italian accent she snapped back, “Good... they get to live another day.”

“Listen, Boating Barbie, I don’t know why you’re here—”

He stopped short as Annalisa’s blowtorch-blue eyes shot a warning pulse through him. She stood straight—as tall as him. “Really Tho-mas?” she asked. “You don’t know? It wasn’t you who lost the young girl Jenna? You’re not desperately searching for your wife... and you don’t know there’s a body in the forward cabin?”

Tom grabbed her left arm, thrusting his right forearm across her neck. Annalisa’s ice-blue eyes glared with contempt as he snarled his warning, “There’s room up there for another body... especially a skinny one like yours... so tell me where Kate is or I’ll beat it out of you.”

But he suddenly felt a scratch on his upper thigh as he realized his scrotum was resting on the broad edge of a knife blade.

Annalisa’s eyes squinted as she asked condescendingly, “Would you like to beat me before or after I remove your balls?”

He growled as he released her. Annalisa reached into her purse, producing a tube of lip gloss and puckering as she applied it. Turning to him she gave an insincere smile offering, “All is not lost, Tho-mas. These things happen. I believe we can help each other.”

“And why would you want to help me?”

“I don’t... but you are a useful idiot. I need you to find something for me... a note that a woman wrote to the leadership of Club Etienne before she died. Your wife will be able to help.”

“My wife won’t talk to me. I don’t know where she is.”

“But you will find her. I will help. We will use the drug we’ve been testing to find what I need.”

“Then what?”

“Then I don’t care. You can do whatever.”

“But you won’t need me anymore.”

“I don’t need you now. I said you were useful, not indispensable. Help me and I will give you a place to hide until we can use you again.”

“When will that be?”

Annalisa approached him, standing at eye level with Tom and ordered, “You ask too many questions. Bring me into the stateroom.”

“So now you suddenly want me?”

Annalisa answered aloofly, “No... we’re entering a contractual agreement. Some use ink, some use blood. Ink leaves a trail and blood is hard to clean. I use something else.” She stepped into the stateroom asking, “Would you like me to leave my stockings on or take them off?”

“Lee-leave them on.” said Tom as he watched her dress fall. Annalisa unclipped her satin bra, revealing ample yet firm breasts. She removed her tiny satin panties and lay back on the bed, her legs open just enough to see her clean-shaven crevice. As he stepped forward, his raging hard-on swung back and forth, announcing its intent in cumbersome wags.

Annalisa reached under the pillow, finding the dildo he had carefully returned after Renee stumbled upon it. She examined it, reading, “Kate’s boyfriend”. She peered at Tom and commented aloofly, “Funny... it’s not black... do you think your wife would mind if I borrowed it?”

Tom stood beside the bed as Annalisa cupped his sac with her left hand, using the right to push the latex leviathan into the atrium of her sinister intimacy. However insincere he thought it was, she looked at him as if lonely—as if wanting his touch to calm her. He reached to touch her temple, but she turned away quickly as she buried the manufactured meat deep into herself and began thrusting it in and out of the crevice in her apex .

“Get your cock over here so I can suck it,” she ordered.

He obliged and approached. Annalisa was anything but gentle, sucking while shaking her head and bobbing irregularly. She stroked as if anxious to finish him fast.

Holding the sides of her head, he tried to slow her motion. Annalisa stopped, demanding, “Don’t try to show me how to give head, Tho-mas.”

As far into darkness as he had fallen—as mean-spirited as Annalisa was, such antics weren’t for him. He pulled back from her mouth, grabbed the dildo from between her legs and dropped it on the floor. He sniffed the aromatic juices in his palm before wiping it across his chest, then climbed onto the bed and between her legs.

Annalisa’s eyes glared with distrust—jet-black pupils surrounded by ice-blue augers of anger. She glared like a wild animal, captured momentarily and ready to pounce when the opportunity arose. Her chest heaved and her mouth fixed in a sneer, but he moved in closer. He wrapped her stocking-covered knees under his elbows and lifted, widening her spread and tipping her pelvis toward him.

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