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The View from Santa's Sleigh

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Lynn Crain

ISBN :978-1-55410-028-6

Page :120

Word Count :30000

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : Santa's Elves#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The View from Santa's Sleigh (pdf) , The View from Santa's Sleigh (prc) , The View from Santa's Sleigh (epub) , The View from Santa's Sleigh (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , Christmas

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-028-6

Tessa, very let down by love, is surprised to find herself comforted by the red-suited man himself on Christmas Eve. Thinking that he is the figment of her slightly tipsy mind, she pours her heart out to him, hoping for just a little love and understanding. But Tessa gets more than she bargained for, and an elf named Jedrick gets the Christmas present of a lifetime. In only a short time, both find themselves realizing their love is for more than just the holiday season. Their very humorous love-story is told amidst the backdrop of a post Christmas North Pole and the winter in Reno.

But the man who lay beside her was nothing like the one in Reno. He was downright gorgeous. His amber hair hanging in lush waves to almost his shoulders made her want to run her fingers through it. His long limbs held just a touch of muscle and bulged in all the right places. A five o'clock shadow gave him that scruffy look she loved so much on a face with deep-set eyes and smooth lines. She tried to imagine what his eyes looked like when something caught her attention...his ears.

Oh, my God, Tessa thought, he has pointy ears. Leaning over him, she ever so lightly ran her fingertips over the cartilage protrusions. They felt soft and warm to the touch. She could really get into this. She jerked her hand back immediately when he began to stir. Waiting for a few moments, she reached out again to touch the luscious lobes when a hand caught her wrist.

"Do you know what that does to a man? A full grown elf-man?" the deep voice said sleepily.

"Ummm...I can't say that I do," Tessa said, pulling her hand back to her chest. She wanted to reach out and touch him...touch the skin that seemed so warm and inviting...and anywhere else her hands might wander. This guy, pointy ears and all, really turned her on.

He leaned up on his elbows and shook his head as if to clear the cobwebs from his sleep-laden mind. "Should I explain exactly what happens when you touch an elf's ears like that?"

All her nerve endings tingled with unrestrained desire when he said those words. She smiled and wondered just how far this would go before he realized she knew he wasn't a real elf. After all, there weren't any real elves. "Your eyes are beautiful. They are so blue like an island lagoon...yes, by all means, please explain."

He arched his eyebrow at her. "All right, remember you asked for it." Putting his arms behind his head, he stretched out his body and kicked off all the covers. "Why don't you stroke one of my ears and watch my body's reaction? Then I'll explain it if you don't fully understand."

Intrigued, she lifted her hand to stroke the point closest to her. Slowly, she trailed her fingers down the warm lobe and tweaked on the bottom of his ear. She touched the point again and let her gaze roam his wonderful body, stopping to stare at the bulge in his crotch lifting a pair of faded sweat pants. The guy was right...his body responded slowly...and she wanted to get a look at what was growing under the material. She could feel more than see that he was capable of filling her body completely. With every stroke to his ear, his cock continued to grow and soon she had the elf moaning in pleasure.

The man panted and she could tell that he tried hard to catch his breath.

"When you caress an elf's ears, like you are, you put him in a near state of ecstasy. It is very common in lovemaking to stroke an elf's ears, but you must be prepared to accept the consequences." His look was as soft as a caress.

"The consequences?" she questioned, still stroking the soft flesh. There was a tingling slowly building in the pit of her stomach.

"Yeah...hard and fast consequences," he murmured. He looked at her and the double meaning of his gaze seemed very obvious. His gaze dropped from her eyes to her shoulders to her breasts. "Among other things."

"Wow..." she murmured and continued to gently caress the appendage, allowing her hand to trail to his neck. Tessa watched his eyes become darker and stormier by the minute. Soon, she became tired of sticking strictly with the head region...she wanted more. "Do you mind if I touch you in other places?" she murmured, slowly licking her lips.

"Mind?" his voice came out almost a croak. "No...I don't mind at you mind if I do the same?"

She grinned and scooted down to face him. "By all means...let's take this as far as you want...I need to make sure that I get what Angie paid for."

"Angie?" he asked. "Who's Angie?"

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