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The Truth About Vampires

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Lydia Parks

ISBN :978-1-55410-087-3

Page :78

Word Count :18250

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : Nathan Cotton#4

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Truth About Vampires (pdf) , The Truth About Vampires (prc) , The Truth About Vampires (epub) , The Truth About Vampires (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-087-3

Nathan runs into a woman who has strange and unwanted effects on him. To find out who she is, he enlists the help of his good friend, Terra. But when he finally faces the woman, Rebecca Good, he discovers not only that she's a witch, but that she also knows the truth about vampires. Will he survive their encounter? And has his curiosity placed Terra in the path of danger?

“Nate? Come on, baby, let’s do it.”

“What?” He spun around and staggered back a step, entangling himself in strings of beads blocking a doorway. He stood in darkness—no bright lights, no shelves of plastic tape containers.

A woman laughed and he stared across the room at Star.

Nathan battled his way free of the beads and glanced down at his empty hands. Hadn’t he been holding a video case?

“Come on, Nate. This is great shit, but it’s gonna wear off if you don’t hurry.”

Nathan straightened and looked around. What was he doing in Star’s trailer? The small window to his left suggested the darkness of New Mexico nights, but it was impossible, wasn’t it? Hadn’t he just been in a video shop in downtown Atlanta? Hadn’t the millennium passed a few years back?

How could it be 1964?

The answer was obvious; it couldn’t be.

He turned his attention to the young woman who lay across the tie-dyed bedspread, her body bare but for the thin black choker around her neck. “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked.

Star laughed. “I live here.”

Nathan frowned.

Star sat up, one leg drawn to the side. “I’ll have to light another joint if you don’t get busy.”


She waved her hand absently. “You know, take off the threads. Free your body, and I’ll blow your mind.” Blue eyes glistening in candlelight, she laughed again.

He’d forgotten just how lyrical her laugh was.

Was this a dream of some kind? He’d never had one quite so real. Incense and marijuana smoke thickened the cool night air as it blew in, and outside a pair of coyotes yapped.

“What’s the deal, man? You plannin’ to make me beg or something? That’s so square.” Moving with fluid grace, Star rose from the small bed and crossed the room. Grinning, she started at his shoulders and ran her hands down the front of his shirt.

Her touch was real enough. Heat sizzled through the fabric to his cold skin.

She unbuckled his belt and opened his pants as she knelt. Blonde hair hid much of her face when she smiled up at him, her blue eyes rimmed with red. “Not interested, babe?” She laughed. “I can fix that.”

In spite of the peculiar circumstances, Nathan responded to Star’s touch. She withdrew his cock and stroked the length of it lovingly, and he hardened.

When she took the head of it into her mouth, Nathan fangs dropped and he closed his eyes to enjoy the wet, hot pleasure she offered. She drew more of him in, slowly, deliciously, moving down the length of his cock with her lips and tongue. Her groan vibrated up through his hard shaft, weakening his knees, and he grabbed the wall to steady himself...

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