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The Druid's Captive

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Dianna Hunter

ISBN :978-1-55487-373-9

Page :275

Word Count :68750

Publication Date :2010-08-19

Series : Soulkeeper#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Druid's Captive (pdf) , The Druid's Captive (prc) , The Druid's Captive (epub) , The Druid's Captive (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-373-9

WARNING: This book contains graphic and violent material that may offend some readers. Unloved and unwanted as a child, Danielle has come a long way. Happy and content with her new life with the werewolf clan that rescued her, she has learned to us her talent to Walk the corridors between the worlds of the Chain aiding the witches and warlocks who protect the innocent from evil. It has taken a lot of soul searching and training by the witches but she has learned to control her emotions and forgive herself for the deaths of her abusers. It has been a long time since the fires of rage burning deep within her soul have gotten out of control. Until the druid finds her again. Taken captive, she is helpless against his greater power and forced to become his sex slave. She is rescued by her friends but the damage has been done. The fury burning deep in her heart will not be quenched until she has found a way to stop the druid’s rampage. Forced to acknowledge the dangerous aspects of her personality she feels that she can never trust herself to love again.

"No! Let me out of here!" Dani was shaking so hard, she could hardly stand on her own.

"Now, that's no way for a good little slave to behave," growled Vorack as he dragged her into the center of the huge room. Reaching for a pair of leather cuffs hanging from the high ceiling, he locked one of her wrists in and reached for the other.

Totally terrified, Dani screamed, kicking and scratching hysterically. She managed to score a couple of solid kicks on his chest and groin and left a trail of bloody scratches across the good side of his face before he was able to capture and secure the second hand above her head.

Vorack stood back out of reach of her kicking feet a moment to wipe the blood from his cheek and glare down at her.

"You can't keep me here like this!" she screamed. "I have friends and they'll find me! You'll pay for this!"

Without warning, Vorack struck her, knocking her half-unconscious. Blood leaked from her cut lip.

"I told you that's not the way a good slave minds her Master." Seizing her chin with one hand, Vorack covered her mouth with his, his tongue rudely probing the depths of her mouth. When her resistance faded, his kisses became gentler, and he drew her lips into his mouth, one at a time, licking the blood from them.

His hands began moving over her naked body, eliciting an involuntary moan from Dani's throat. Taking her breasts into his big hands, he squeezed them until she yelped in pain before bending his head to her hard nipples and sucking them until they throbbed.

Dani tried to scream when she felt the roughness of his hand between her legs, driving his fingers up into her, but her voice seemed frozen somewhere deep inside her chest. She twisted and squirmed, but there was no escape.

Her stomach churned with nausea and her mind ranted in fear, but still, her body betrayed her, the ache in her groin growing until she thought she would surely die, for she could not stop herself from moving in time to his thrusts.

"No, please, stop," she cried desperately, and to her surprise, Vorack stopped touching her and left her twisting from her chains in an agony of need.

For just a moment, Dani was too afraid to open her eyes--until the rattle of more chains made her eyes fly wide, seeking the whereabouts of her tormentor. She found him standing a few feet away, his back to her.

Vorack had discarded his cloak and now wore only a black leather jerkin and britches much as Brandt had, only his were even more form-fitting, outlining every muscle and bulge of his body.

Sensing her eyes on him, Vorack turned. "What do you think, my dear? Do I compare well with your last lover? Let me allow you to fully appreciate my attributes," he said and began to undress.

Danielle had refused to answer him but found that she could not turn her eyes away either, for Vorack was indeed an exceptionally well-built man. Standing over six feet tall, his shoulders were broad and muscular but not to the same extremes as Brandt's. His muscles moved fluidly under his well-tanned skin, rippling across his chest and groin as he unfastened his belt buckle.

But as his britches fell to the floor with the rest of his clothing, Danielle began to struggle against the chains holding her once again, for where Brandt had been adequate, Vorack's manhood stood erect and huge.

"Ah, do not be in such a hurry, little elf," he laughed, deliberately misconstruing her anxiety as he reached for her. Kissing her deeply and running is hands over her body ever so slowly, he told her, "First, you must earn what it is you want so much." He pressed the hardness of his manhood against her belly, making her moan with need before moving away. But in a moment, he returned to remove her boots and fasten a leather cuff to each of her ankles.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Dani sobbed, rattling her chains in frustration.

"Because," he snarled and thrust his ruined face into hers, "you owe me for this!"

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Tags: Mainstream, Science Fiction, Erotica