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Tevi's Dilemma

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : AE. Roud

ISBN :978-1-77111-067-9

Page :62

Word Count :14154

Publication Date :2012-01-14

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Tevi's Dilemma (prc) , Tevi's Dilemma (epub) , Tevi's Dilemma (pdf) , Tevi's Dilemma (mobi)

Category : Science Fiction Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-067-9

In life, there are no certainties, but extinction is forever and when nature points its wrinkled finger at the oldest species in the universe, nature learns the Oredals are able to fight back.

  From an interview with Oredal Royal, Queen Tevi.
Oredals are creators of life. Many species that survive today, are the result of Oredals dropping a viable blob of material in a pool of goo, to see what would result. Among the viable creations, and because evolution is an extremely slow process, the Ordeals manipulated the genetics to force natural evolution ahead to create a better species. That is what Oredals do. In regards to your species, the latter pertains. That is why there are gaps in your evolutionary memory. The missing link you search for is the genetic manipulation, performed by my ancestors.

Min began to descend toward the planet. When he was within range of what his sensors said was a life form, he pulled up and stopped.

“What?” Tevi asked.

Min looked at her. “It is a pod of crabs but,” he sighed. “Hunters are there.”

“On screen?” Tevi said and stood.

“I can’t do that I don’t have the power cells for that,” Min said.

“What do you have?” Tevi asked.

“Flight,” Min said. He looked at her and shook his head. “No, we are not going to dive bomb them. I have no shields.”

Tevi looked at him. “Then land so I can make a statement. This planet is in the borders of the Oredal,” she looked at Min and grinned. “Put a call out to CAVNET, that there are invaders in our borders.” She pointed at the star chart map off to the side of the image on the forward map. This planet is inside our borders.”

Min nodded. “I’ll try and see what happens.” He closed his eyes.

The lights on the bridge went out and Tevi grimaced.

A moment later they came back on and Min smiled. “Message sent.”

It was not but an eyeblink later, three Marrotts in full battle form showed up at the planet. The front screen flickered and the image of Captain Bara came on the front screen.

“What is the problem?” she asked.

“Min explain to Seacat why we are here.” The lights on the bridge blinked. “I’m sorry Captain Bara, but we have no energy to defend ourselves. Min’s systems are broken, some beyond repair. This planet is within the border of Oredal Space.”

Bara nodded then stared ahead a moment. She grimaced. “Thank you Seacat.” She looked at Tevi. “Min, remain here. We will deal with what is down there.”

The screen changed to an image of the planet and the Marrotts in orbit. A moment later two of the CAVNET Marrotts disappeared and one remained with Min in orbit.

“Incoming, from Targel,” Min said, “with orders from Bara to fix some of our systems.”

“Allow,” Tevi said.

A moment later a team of four engineers appeared with gear on Min’s bridge.

Tevi smiled. “Welcome to the Royal Marrott Min.”

The lead of the team nodded. “We got a list, and will get some things up and working for you and Min.”

“I thank you.”

“Why are your systems in such disarray?” the team leader asked.

“We are not of CAVNET, so we do not get maintenance privileges at the space station or on the planet,” Tevi answered. “Min’s physical self is fine, but the extras, not so much.”

“Have you talked to Command about this?”

Tevi nodded. “I asked and was denied by the Commander of Engineering.”

“Seacat and Ponter,” Min said, “have the hunters in custody. Brief fire fight that the hunters gave up fast.” He looked at Tevi. “Bara is asking what you wish done with them?”

Tevi sneered. “Tell her to send a message. That message must be that any species who enter Oredal space, without permission or known access, who are intent on events such as raids or to attempt to eviscerate Oredal planets of mineral, flora or fauna wealth, can expect to get handed swift justice, with extreme prejudice.”

Min nodded. “Message sent.”

Everything in front of Tevi wavered. She sat down in the chair, saw Min move toward her just before blackness descended on her.

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