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Wrecked in Love The Sequel

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Roxanna Cross

ISBN :978-1-4874-0992-0

Page :46

Word Count :14184

Publication Date :2017-02-24

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Wrecked in Love The Sequel (epub) , Wrecked in Love The Sequel (prc) , Wrecked in Love The Sequel (mobi) , Wrecked in Love The Sequel (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , Romantic Suspense and Mystery , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0992-0

A ghostly voice pulling the strings, fragmented control at the reins, buried secrets brought to light—is there any hope for a second chance…

Josephine Herveaux attempts to quiet the ghostly voice in her head, but her cousin Geraldine won’t let up. The closer she gets to the man she’s yearned for as long as she can remember, the more intense her cousin’s voice grows. And she’s not the only ghost who comes for a visit.

OCD Dom Derek Owens stands at the pinnacle of everything he’s built his life on. In one instant he crosses that line and he feels he should be punished for it. All because Josephine is back in town and his control lies in fragments at his feet.

Josephine and Derek fight to quiet Geraldine’s ghost, but she’s not ready to let go of the past—yet. And she’s not the only one who might have a say in this union.

A gripping story that’ll leave you hanging. Crave the answers. Sign up to my ‘Series Hotline’ and be the first to know when Wrecked in Love 3 will be released and get your chance at giveaway copies I'll have up for grabs. Send your name and email to subject line: Series Hotline.

Derek stood there wondering what the hell happened. He watched her fly across the cemetery with his jaw hanging open and his cock pushing against his zipper.

“Fuck!” He banged his fist against the tombstone in frustration. His hand twitched with the need to meet out justice on the curves of her sweet ass.

"Bitch! How dare she? How could she be such a tease?" He slammed his fist against the tombstone once more. He didn't feel the pain when the skin over his knuckles pierced or blood trickled down his fingers and continued to drip onto the blades of grass at his feet. Rage boiled in his veins with such fierceness it overpowered everything else. Heat roused up inside him coloring his cheeks. It scared him how much this woman affected his person.

Every atom inside of him wanted to punish her for her wanton behavior. No way in hell would he be going after her! Derek stormed off in the opposite direction. His feet crunched on the gravel so hard they kicked up rocks and dust. He hated how his skin bubbled. “What a God damn cluster fuck of a day!” He kicked up more dust as his feet continued down the narrow gravel path. “She’s bat shit crazy! And she’s fucking driving me insane.” Swearing seemed to help assuage the flaming desires coursing through him. Desire to ram his cock in the juicy pussy she’d rubbed up and down his crotch pulsed high in his veins. Desire to leave the imprint of his hand all over her ass cheeks ran a close second. Never before had he been so at war with his own set of desires, and it drove him nuts. He dragged his fingers through his hair, pulling the long strands as far back as he could until he felt a sharp pain at its roots. As if this would give him relief from the blue balls this woman perpetually gave him since her return!

“Damn her,” he swore under his breath.

He couldn’t believe he’d let it happen again. She’d gotten her claws into him once more. He would have to find a way to purge her out of his system for good. Or he’d find himself begging at her feet—soon. Fuck. No! His teeth sank into the flesh of his inner cheek. Blood flooded his mouth. He spat out instantly so the metallic taste wouldn’t linger.

“Shit! Look what you’re making me do,” he screamed at the empty air.

Barely forty-eight hours in town and she’d got his entire system off balance. What the fuck.

“Why are you here, Jo?” He scratched his temples absentmindedly as he walked out of the cemetery leaving his failure behind him.

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