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Rock Idol

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : B.D. Ward

ISBN :978-1-4874-0789-6

Page :342

Word Count :97240

Publication Date :2016-12-09

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Rock Idol (mobi) , Rock Idol (epub) , Rock Idol (prc) , Rock Idol (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0789-6

So near, and yet so far. What reasons could there be to throw away a booming career…for love?

Love or infatuation? Who will ever know? Not the boys of Rock Hard, the aspiring number one rock group in the Australian music scene, wanting to make it big overseas in the American market. Their lead singer Eddy, adored by his fans, fronts the group on their meteoric rise, only to be besotted by a singer in a visiting American Girl group.

When the group returns home, he becomes depressed, missing her greatly. News of a brief promotional tour of the American West Coast brings some relief, but in more ways makes life difficult for Eddy and those around him. With commitments back home, Eddy becomes impatient to return to America, feeling the time and mood are right, but that everyone is against him. Withholding tragic news has a dire affect, expediting a brilliant and commanding performance in his final public appearance.

The mystery that surrounds the sex, drugs and rock and roll is slowly unraveled through Reggie, rhythm and lead guitarist and co-song writer, journalist Johnny Carson, and an unexpected visitor, Jacqii Burnett, the cause of so many problems for Eddy and the group at their inception. However, will the truth about another Rock Idol, ever be fully known?

The crowd dispersed, leaving the open hole, partially covered by a tarpaulin. Reggie moved closer and looked down at the timber casket. “Bloody fool,” he whispered, looking around to see if there was anyone within earshot.

“You had to play the game to the end, because the end was all that mattered. Wasn’t it, Eddy?” He stared down at the casket, half expecting to see the lid open and his mate smile up at him. “You wouldn’t listen, and I couldn’t be there all the time to hold your hand.” The whisper now became more audible as he talked unashamedly and wiped away a tear. “We had a good thing going, you, me and the rest of the boys, but it all revolved around you, Eddy. And all you wanted was to live like the rest of your rock and roll heroes. Sex, drugs, Rock and Roll, and eventually dead.”

Reggie sniffed the air, looked about again, and kicked a small amount of dirt onto the casket. “We could have all been having a good time in America in a couple of months, but you just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You had to keep rocking the boat trying to get your own way. Keeping what dreams you had alive. Being what you always wanted to be—a rock legend.”

He looked around again. The cemetery was empty but for a few people in the distance putting flowers around a headstone. He looked back at the casket. “You’ve made a right bloody mess of it this time, though. The tour’s off. I’m pretty sure the band’s going different ways, and you have yourself in a hole you’re not likely to dig your way out of this time. You’ve only got yourself and Seth and the girl to blame for this.” He spoke as if chastising a small child.

“I warned you to stay clear of those drugs, and especially Seth. I knew he was supplying you, and I warned him to stop, but that didn’t fit the image, did it—and image was everything to you. You had to look the part, play the part, and you did. You played the part too well, Eddy, and now the acting is finished. Damn you!” He wiped a tear away and looked about again. He felt like an idiot standing there talking into a hole in the ground, but there were things that had to be said, needed to be said, although it was of little consequence now.

“You were the best. You didn’t have to go at it so hard to prove it. All of us in the band knew it. Your fans, they all knew it. It was only you that you were having a hard time convincing. You made big inroads on the last trip to the States, and this time, it would have been bigger. You had the world at your feet... but you wanted just that little bit more, and that was the bloody shame of it. You really didn’t need it. You already had it, you just couldn’t see it.

“And Claudia. Was she worth it, really? You might have loved her and all, but... there were plenty of hot birds around. Bloody hell! You could have had your pick of any. Claudia was nice, but nice isn’t an excuse for what you did, you silly bastard. So the bosses shit on you. Big deal! We were that close to telling them where to get off. Just that one more tour, that’s all it would have taken, and they would have been eating out of our hands. You should have talked to me, Eddy. We could have sorted it out.

“I hope you’re happy wherever you are, because you made us pretty bloody miserable. Like someone pulling the rug out from under you after spending so much bloody time and sweat getting there.

“One thing I must tell you... you had a bloody beautiful send off. The church was packed, full of family and friends, even some that you had a big dislike for showed up. Your fans were everywhere, inside, outside lining the streets with the TV cameras and news reporters. All that was missing was you directing the whole bloody circus like you used to. Seemed strange you not being there, even though you were. Was definitely not like our usual media conferences.” Reggie thought back over the past years at some of the fiascos he had attended.

Two men on a small machine were moving towards him, “Looks like they’re going to finish the job, Eddy. I suppose I should be going, so there’s not much sense in staying, talking to you, since you never listened to what I had to say before, and I’m damn sure you’re not going to listen now.” There was bitterness in his words combined with a mixture of love and confusion for his friend of many years. There had been struggles, and lots of fun, but he realised the pain Eddy had suffered over the days and weeks prior to the accident.

The machine pulled up short of the gravesite and one of the men got off and walked slowly up to Reggie.

“You gonna be long, mate?”

Reggie shook his head. “No. I was just going.” He felt in his pocket and pulled out a small mini bar bottle of Johnny, and looked over at the worker, “Do you mind?” he asked indicating he wished to throw the bottle into the hole.

The worker shrugged. “Seems like a great waste of grog to me... but if it makes you happy.”

Reggie dropped the bottle in the dirt alongside the casket and smiled to himself. “One for the road, old mate. May your journey lead you to the happiness you deserve,” he whispered under his breath, before turning and walking away from the grave.

It didn’t make him happy. The whole damn situation didn’t make him happy, but there was nothing he or anyone else could do now. He could have talked on for longer, saying what he had wanted to get off his chest, but what did it matter. There was nothing of value left now. Just memories.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Menage, m/f/m