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Return to Purgatory Point

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Adriana Kraft

ISBN :978-1-55487-244-2

Page :298

Word Count :74500

Publication Date :2010-08-04

Series : Purgatory Point#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Return to Purgatory Point (pdf) , Return to Purgatory Point (prc) , Return to Purgatory Point (epub) , Return to Purgatory Point (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-244-2

Two-way, three-way, four-way -- this reality or some other -- Natalie Bjorg thought she'd settled for a simple life, but now the possibilities seem endless.

Natalie Bjorg has carved out a satisfying existence at the edge of Northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters -- part time canoe guide, proprietor of an upscale art and craft shop, and new owner of a snug lakefront home on Purgatory Point. What’s missing? Romance - either gender will do. World renowned photojournalist Eric Hudson has come home to claim the woman he’s always loved, but with a hitch -- his brother and sister-in-law recently moved to Purgatory Point. Will Susan seduce Natalie before Eric even has a chance? What if Todd and Susan together sweep her off her feet? Will Natalie consider joining their long established threesome? And how will she react when she learns Eric has traveled through time with a tribal shaman’s daughter? The possibilities seem endless in this torrid saga of transcontinental and time travel pursuit.

Todd thrust deep, stilled, and waited. Eric knew from experience that Natalie was squeezing down on him hard and then she erupted. She called out to the heavens. Her hot breath scalded his balls. Todd grinned triumphantly at the mirror and Susan blew her husband’s reflection a kiss.

The three of them waited for Natalie. When she stirred, Eric began once again easing in and out of Susan, who had shown more patience than he’d expected.

“Bombastic, Natalie,” Susan said. “That must’ve been worth the wait. Looked like you’re enjoying my husband’s cock. And like a good boy, he didn’t come. Todd’s not short on patience.”

“He’s super,” came the hushed response along with a half-smothered giggle. Eric felt her lips brush his balls. “You seem to be faring quite well with your brother-in-law.”

“Certainly am,” Susan grunted as he gave her an extra strong stroke. “Both of our men are quite skilled at satisfying a woman.”

“The women aren’t bad either, right, bro?”

Eric nodded at his brother’s reflection and slowed his pace to match that of Todd, who was beginning again to inch out of Natalie and slowly glide back in. He gasped when Susan clamped her vagina tighter around him. Much more of that and he was done. “Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m about ready to pop.”

“Wait!” Susan declared, “I want you to come in my ass.”

“Excellent idea,” Eric said, holding himself in check and leaning over to nip at Susan’s shoulder blade.

“How about you?” Todd asked Natalie.

 “No,” she said quickly, “I’ll pass on that. I want you to finish where you are.”

“Good enough,” Todd replied. “I’m quite content where I am. We’ll wait for Eric and Susan.”

Eric smiled to himself. So was she saving her ass for him? Certainly someone as experienced as Natalie must enjoy anal play, but he hadn’t really explored that with her yet. There was so much more for them to try. He pulled out of Susan and clutched a butt cheek in each hand. Her anus puckered—just in case he might lose his way.

“You, Natalie,” Susan chortled, “may want to help him find the right spot.”

Eric closed his eyes as Natalie’s fingers curled around his straining cock. Susan had had a super idea for including Natalie. He couldn’t determine whose breathing had turned more ragged, his or Natalie’s, as she guided the tip of his cock until it found the exposed dark target. He eased in fractionally and Susan expanded to accept him.

“Wow,” Natalie gasped. “Amazing. His head disappeared.”

“Wait,” Susan whimpered. “I’m opening, but give me a moment. He’s going to fill my ass, Natalie. And I’m enjoying this immensely. I hope you are.”

“Stunning,” Natalie responded, “and your pussy is so wide open.”

“Then you might want to push a couple fingers in so she doesn’t feel abandoned.” Susan chuckled. “You may be surprised by what you find. Okay, big guy. I’m ready for you. Slowly. Bring him home.”

He nodded at the mirror as Susan’s mouth curved into a smile. They both knew she could’ve taken all of him before now, but she had Natalie where she wanted her. He eased on in. His groans matched those of Natalie’s as his cock nestled into Susan’s ass and pressed against Natalie’s two fingers buried in Susan’s vagina.

“Now,” he grunted to his brother.

They moved in unison with him fucking his brother’s wife’s ass and his brother fucking his lover’s pussy. The wails of both women soon filled the small alcove.

Eric tried to hold back, but was failing miserably. He didn’t know if it was Susan’s tight channel or Natalie’s fingers drawing him in deeper that forced him across a hidden precipice, but his thighs burned and his toes curled as he hurtled faster in and out the women’s clutches.

“Oh hell!” he shouted. “I’m over the top.”

Laughing, Todd exclaimed, “Me, too!”

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