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Redemption Obsession

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin West

ISBN :978-1-55487-057-8

Page :332

Word Count :83000

Publication Date :2010-08-17

Series : Eternal Affairs#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Redemption Obsession (pdf) , Redemption Obsession (prc) , Redemption Obsession (epub) , Redemption Obsession (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , Horror , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-057-8

A vampire struggles to hold a normal life together while her past threatens to overwhelm her.

Everyone knows Vampires don’t exist… But what if everyone is wrong? Anne Pearce has a normal, comfortable life. She’s a successful artist dating the perfect guy in the northeastern US. No one would suggest she was anything more than a touch eccentric and considerably lucky. Few people actually manage to make their dreams come true the way she seems to have. But beneath the veneer, Anne has a frightening secret; a past that stretches back over the better part of two centuries and a zealous religious order that has hounded her steps for generations. When a strange woman offers Anne a chance to finish off her provocateurs, she finds herself teetering between the normal life she’s worked so hard to build and the supernatural underworld she has so desperately tried to avoid.

Time passed by. A minute seemed like a year when finally she felt Sasha’s fingers dance like feathers up her arms to her neck. The sensation brought goose bumps to her skin, making her body shiver with a mixture of delight and surprise. She’d never felt the touch of a man before, but she’d thought about the subject a thousand times. Intimacy was the thing she craved most in life and it’s the one thing that she was denied time and time again.

Sasha’s hands moved around her back, unhooking the choker and dropping it to the floor. It seemed to take a little too much time to fall, the clack of the onyx on the hardwood a few moments later than Anne would’ve thought. His fingers continued to move, sliding up her head and plunging into her black curls. A moment later, he removed the sticks binding her hair and it toppled passed her shoulders.

Anne’s body was all shivers. She had never been so aroused in her life. Every ounce of her being was longing for more of his touch, but his fingers merely teased their way back down to her shoulders. There they paused for just a moment, then quested onward down the front of her gown. There was a lace there that kept the bodice closed and, though the gown wouldn’t come off with her corset on, her breasts could easily be revealed by a few well-placed tugs.

The knot was undone first and her nipples were greeted with a light breeze, a sensation that brought them immediately to full attention. Anne expected more teasing, she expected anything but what happened. All at once, she felt the hot of Sasha’s mouth close over her breast, his tongue moving around the nipple softly as he sucked. Though it was a sudden movement, his action wasn’t rough. Quite the contrary, it was just the right amount of attention to make her body shake and her loins stiffen with desire.

When she thought that she wouldn’t be able to take much more, he brought a hand up and pinched the other nipple, causing her to jump. Finally, the passion was too much to bear and she lost her grip on the concept of impropriety. She lifted her arms and cradled his head, holding him in place as he continued to suck and lick.

As soon as Anne felt stable, she realized that she wouldn’t have had much of a choice with her knees beginning to shake from his tender ministrations. There were so many things that she wanted, but didn’t know how to ask for, motions she could envision in her heart, but could never describe with words, places she wanted to be touched that were too taboo to mention.

Anne barely realized that Sasha had stopped tending to her nipples when suddenly, her corset was torn. The tatters fell to the floor as he violently cleared the path between him and her hot aroused flesh. She let go of his head and nearly stumbled back, but he caught her about the waist and lifted her up. He settled her on the bed and held her with one arm while removing the rest of her ruined garment.

She shivered from cold and fear, unsure of what was happening next, but certain that she no longer had any control over it—if she ever did to begin with. There was no stopping now. She had to trust Sasha implicitly for good or ill and, despite her mental trepidation, her body was already accepting the inevitable.

Anne was moist and hot between her legs, a sensation she had felt before but never so intensely. Her eyes were still closed, but she heard another rip of clothes, fabric settling on the floor. Sasha was hovering over her, she could feel his presence and shortly, his lips, kissing her bare stomach, ever moving slowly down.

Some locks of Sasha’s hair had escaped their bonds, the ends tickling Anne’s skin with every ragged breath that she took. Seemingly by instinct, she separated her legs as he kissed her abdomen, his mouth nearly hovering over her sex. She held her breath and clasped at the bed covers in anticipation.

Sasha hesitated, breathing softly on the fold of skin he was about to taste. Certain she could not handle the suspense any longer, she gasped as he brushed the tip of his tongue gently against her, taking a long leisurely lick that tore a moan from her throat. He paused, letting her writhe in frustration before returning for another pass.

Anne’s moans became incessant. She reached down and took hold of his head in a wanton moment of desperation, pulling him against her. His tongue had perfect rhythm, working with her body’s motions and keeping up with each convulsive display of pleasure, dragging out every second of sensation. He seemed to govern the mounting pressure in her loins, dragging it higher and higher…

All at once, Anne’s eyes opened wide and her mouth was open with a silent scream. She spread her legs further apart, bucking her hips to give him better access. Waves of orgasm flashed over her like chills during a fever, lightening her head and burning her senses into one cohesive entity of delight.

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