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Other Worlds, Other Universes

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Wayne Greenough

ISBN :978-1-77111-844-6

Page :132

Word Count :26426

Publication Date :2014-04-11

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Other Worlds, Other Universes (pdf) , Other Worlds, Other Universes (prc) , Other Worlds, Other Universes (epub) , Other Worlds, Other Universes (mobi)

Category : Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-844-6

Eleven stories that will take you to Other Worlds and Other Universes.   

In Decision Adam Cavanaugh wants to become a published writer and a spaceman. Who is the man who tells him otherwise?

In The Door, Tyler Jones Grant is determined to open it. When he manages to do so the unexpected happens to him.

Forever Love tells the story of Willy’s love for Janice and Janice’s love for Willy. But when Willy becomes an Android what does Janice do?

Number Twelve and the Glorious Bastards have an ultimate battle that the Glorious Bastards must win.

Homecoming is about Star Pilot Carter Rogers landing back on Earth after being gone for many years.

In All that Glitters, Spider and McIntyre were certain they would become rich when they landed on the asteroid of pure gold. 

The Visitors. A Trainie and a Superior landed on their food supply world for a discussion.

Where Is That Asteroid? Gar Ragan and Sam Jockowich search for an uncharted asteroid named Sexsema.

Opus One Thousand Outwits the Devil. When Opus dies he doesn’t go up, he goes down to outwit the devil.

In Looky Loos on the Moon, Earth has had the ultimate war. What is left of the human race migrates to the domes on the Moon. Suicide is rampant among the survivors.
Who Or What is Abby? There isn’t anything Abby cannot do. She is called upon to meet with frog-like aliens from outer space who want to buy Earth’s junk. The question arises as to what the aliens consider to be junk.  It’s up to Abby to find out.

The starship descended Earthward. She had seen many worlds, traveled the star-ways, a lonely piece of beautiful metal, sophisticated computers, electronic equipment and countless miles of wiring. She had kissed the universe and been generously pelted with stardust.

With a mighty roar that threatened to rent a jagged hole in the sky, her retro rockets vomited flame and thunder. Inside her impervious skin, Star Pilot Carter Rogers was coming home to the sweet smells of the seasons, the planet of his birth, a hero's welcome and the smiles of his fellow human beings.

The star ship landed. Her flame and thunder died. Minutes passed before and outer hatch opened. An elevator descended the star pilot to the cemented ground. Carter Rogers, handsome, tall in stature, deep tanned from the unfiltered rays of many stars, a man who had seen and experienced more than any other man in the history of Earth was home.

Something was wrong. The rocket launching and landing area was a nightmarish view of twisted, rusting piles of metal and crumbling buildings. Grass was growing up through the reinforced concrete runway. The spaceport was deserted, by its appearance unused by humans for countless years.


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Tags: Adventure, Futuristic, Science Fiction, Short Stories