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One Time Only

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Dorothy Kane Liddle

ISBN :978-1-4874-0269-3

Page :73

Word Count :20771

Publication Date :2015-02-26

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : One Time Only (pdf) , One Time Only (prc) , One Time Only (epub) , One Time Only (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0269-3

A flight delay, a hotel room and a four hour foreplay…

With their flight delayed for several hours, exhausted office colleagues Brenda James and Steven Travis agree to book an airport hotel room to nap before their rescheduled flight. Steven’s kiss once inside the room sparks a passion both had been secretly fantasizing about for years. But will Brenda’s strictly stipulated terms for their lovemaking allow them to make the most of this one time only opportunity that the two will have to fulfill all their wildest dreams for each other?

Forty-three year old Brenda tells her forty-one year old lover that they can enjoy sex for the hours they have to be alone in the hotel. For Brenda it will fulfill a pact she and her husband had made to compensate for his one-time infidelity to her. But it must be limited to one assignation and one orgasm that matched that of the husband’s infidelity.

As their lovemaking begins, Brenda and Steven learn never before experienced ways of stimulating themselves physically, emotionally and intellectually, while stopping just short of climax on multiple occasions. The extended lovemaking culminates in one titanic orgasm that transports both to new planes of consciousness. It leaves them acknowledging they are soulmates forever, though they will never be able to be together again like this. They leave the room with a deeper understanding of themselves and a fuller embrace of the separate lives they will be living.

 “Yes sir,” Brenda said looking up and into what she had from the first time she met him seen as his amazingly deep-set, hazel eyes. “From day one.”

Steven was placing pecking little kisses on Brenda’s forehead, the bridge of her nose and the corners of her lips. Brenda brushed her lips across Steven’s face, occasionally letting her tongue sneak out for a quick but quite alluring lick that she knew was being well-received.

“You’re quite hard already,” Brenda said, pulling back and looking down to observe the effect of her handiwork on the already tent-like bulge in Steven’s pants. She pressed against it briefly and purred. “Feels like I might have my hands full later,” she said in a salacious whisper in his ear.

“Just your hands?” he asked and raised his eyebrows.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Brenda said, knowing a non-committal response would pump up his anticipation level. There will be more than my hands full of that cock of yours, have no fear, you handsome devil. I’m going to do everything to you that I ever dreamed of, and the time we have here may not be enough to do it all.

Outside their door a housekeeper happened by pushing a radio on her cleaning cart. It was a salsa-like tune, brassy and fast, but Steven began a slow, hip-grinding dance with Brenda.

“And how did you know I love to dance?” Brenda asked and cocked her head in mock admiration.

“Another lucky guess,” he said, as Brenda ground hard against his crotch. “But I guess I have to accept that I am on a lucky streak right now. Especially considering I of all people have been the subject–or object, I guess–of your favorite fantasy. I’m still trying to get arms around that one.”

“I like your arms right where they are, thank you very much,” Brenda said. “In fact, I like all your appendages exactly where they are right now.” And she ground her groin hard against his again.

Brenda opened her mouth and extended her tongue outward. Steven responded in kind, and the two tongues jousted with each other outside their mouths. She thought of two creatures leaving the safety of their homes to discover a new and exciting visitor.

The warm taste and feel of their tongues enflamed her mouth and the heat radiated throughout her body.

Steven slid his hand down Brenda’s back and kneaded her buttock.

“Oooh,” Brenda cooed. “I like that move a lot. Don’t forget her twin.”

Steven immediately complied and pulled Brenda tight against him. Brenda felt her skirt rise up and she wanted to lift it completely so Steven’s hands would be more directly on her ass. But the feel of his erection now as it pressed against the outer mounds of her pussy, even with their clothing separating those organs, made the room suddenly go dim and her muscles stiffen with rapture. The realization that all this was actually happening to her at long last was hot in itself. We haven’t even done anything yet, and I could come already. I’d better tell him the rule, though, so he knows how slow we have to take this.

“Oh, my,” Brenda said. “You have such a nice...such nice...God, your cock feels good where it is right now.” Brenda moved her tongue along Steven’s face and then buried it in his ear. She rotated her hips against him.

Steven clenched Brenda’s butt cheeks with what seemed like all his strength digging his fingernails into the soft flesh of her ass. Brenda gasped at the sudden, unexpected pleasure—sting of his nails.

They released each other and smiled admiringly into each other’s dumfounded gaze.

“You know, I all but fainted when you suggested we get a room and lay down after they announced how delayed our flight was going to be,” Brenda said, sliding her scarf from around her neck and tossing it on the desk.

“I thought it was way over the top myself,” Steven said, “but on the other hand, I also felt I could backpedal if it offended you.”

“You were very close to having to backpedal to catch me from falling,” Brenda said and began to unbutton the top buttons of her blouse.

“Here, let me,” Steven said, moving her hand away from the buttons and taking over. “I want to take this very slowly, if you don’t mind.”

“We have plenty of time,” Brenda said, her voice dreamy with distraction from the feel of Steven’s firm touch on the next button down and brushing so agonizingly close to her breasts now. She could feel her nipples harden against the cups of her bra. She was only sorry now she had chosen a standard white bra instead of the black lacy one she had packed on the off chance she and Steven would hook up on this trip. Packing that morning, she looked at that unused lacy bra with a mix of slight annoyance and distinct disappointment.


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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Mainstream, Silver Years, Anal, Adultery