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One Dangerous Woman

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Marc Jarrod

ISBN :978-1-55487-128-5

Page :239

Word Count :50847

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : One Dangerous Woman (pdf) , One Dangerous Woman (prc) , One Dangerous Woman (epub) , One Dangerous Woman (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-128-5

She will stay with him, even if it means living in... Hell!

Charlie Jackson is not just your everyday hit woman. No, she is one of the deadliest female assassins ever. One day, after a botched hit, she decides to resign. As a result, she finds that the tables are turned and now she is the target of a hit. Meanwhile Dexter Dewitt, a resident of Hell and chief escort of souls to Satan has fallen in love with Charlie. Unfortunately, he is the one assigned to bring Charlie’s soul straight to his Master. Dexter’s love for Charlie makes him rebel against bringing her to such a fate and instead plots to save her. When Satan realizes this, he is enraged to say the least, because he had his own plans for Charlie. The battle is on. Teaming together, they journey across continents, outrunning Charlie’s assassins and Dexter’s destiny with the Devil. Along the way, they discover an attraction that erupts into a combustible union of body and soul. Will Charlie and Dexter win their respective battles and save each other or be forever condemned to their fiery fate?

Charlie lifted her head and saw him with his eyes closed, lying on his back in just his boxer shorts. God she loved this pose. Dexter opened his eyes smiling as she smiled back. She took her velvety hand that was on his chest and started working her way down to where it touched the elastic band of his underwear. She maneuvered her fingers underneath the band until they met with a flaccid organ laying in wait. Giving his prick a gentle squeeze, Charlie watched it come to life.

“It’s my turn,” she said stroking his cock. This time, I’ll do the work.”

Dexter’s half-erection turned into immediate granite when Charlie wrapped her fingers around his staff. His eyes grew dark, bracing himself for her assault.

Unfortunately, he would have to wait a little longer. Charlie reluctantly released her hand from Dexter’s chiseled staff and continued her exploration as her fingers lightly ran through his black springy chest hair. The roughness of the hair in contrast to the softness of the underlying skin sent a sensual awareness through her body. She palmed his nipple and felt it tighten into a hard knot. She bent over him and kissed each nipple, her teeth grazing over the hard buds, feeling his body tighten. Exploring down the path to his belly button and giving it a gentle kiss, Dexter started to tremble and Charlie showered his belly with many more kisses.

She raised her head and told him to turn over. As he lay on his stomach, she feathered her fingers down his spine. He groaned and muttered something about her killing him. She laughed and bit his bottom, hard. Dexter flinched and Charlie started giggling.

“I’m sorry. I’ve wanted to do that ever since I first laid eyes on you. You have a delicious rump, Dexter. I could feast on it all day.”

“Anytime, but, honey I am about to burst if you know what I mean,” his words barely getting out of his lips.

“Then turn over and I will see what I can do to help.”

When Dexter flipped over, Charlie immediately bent over his erection and enclosed him in the moist warmth of her mouth. Her tongue slowly laved his tip as her fingers enclosed his penis again. As she began to suck, he shuddered, moving his hips upward. She took his cock even deeper in her throat until she heard a groan emanating from her lover and then felt his hands lift her and place her down on top of him. Rocking her hips and moving up and down, she rode him. Their eyes met. Charlie saw a flash of something in his eyes, but it passed too quickly to know what it meant.

Dexter took over control as he slipped his hand between their bodies and began massaging Charlie’s button. Soon Charlie cried out and with a shudder, her inner muscles clamped down hard on Dexter as he released his seed…

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