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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Carol A. Guy

ISBN :978-1-55487-399-9

Page :260

Word Count :50000

Publication Date :2010-07-28

Series : Canid#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Nightwatchers (pdf) , Nightwatchers (prc) , Nightwatchers (epub) , Nightwatchers (mobi)

Category : Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-399-9

Evil forces are now gathering in Arcadia to destroy Talia, Lucas, Caroline, Victor and baby Alex.

It's a snowy February in Arcadia and Talia Coe is again besieged by nightmares as her father, Victor Kane, is scheduled to go on trial for the murder of local reporter, Craig Lynch. Tension runs high as Talia tries to cope with everyday life, including news that some of her artwork will be displayed at a New York gallery in the spring. On edge and frightened for her father, Talia sometimes finds herself at odds with her lover, Lucas Knight, when he doesn't seem to be as devoted to seeing Victor go free as she is. In the meantime, Lucas is planning to expand his antique shop and has hired some help, an antique-savvy woman named Rachel Lewis. Willing to do what he can to comfort and support Talia, he is still no fan of Victor's, and knows the feeling is mutual. Their history as two alpha males fighting to control the same wolf pack has made it impossible for them to ever be friends. For Caroline Thomas, Victor's lover, it is a time of turmoil as she tries to repair the Kane Art Gallery's reputation. Added to that, she must cope with their infant son, Alex, who has already shown signs of shifting into wolf cub form. Hiring Clair Fontaine as Alex's nanny seems to be the perfect answer. Now if Alex will just refrain from shifting in the woman's presence, and if Caroline can convince herself that Victor will be acquitted and come home to them, things might settle down. That hope is dashed, however, when she learns that Neil Wade, one of the lovers she acquired when Victor was on the run, has been subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution at Victor's trial. As the trial date approaches, it becomes apparent that evil forces are now at work in the small town of Arcadia. For Talia, Lucas, Caroline and Victor, things become even more dangerous as murder again taints their lives, a vandal lays waste to the cozy cottage Talia shares with Lucas, and a vicious kidnapper strikes without warning.

Talia settled into the hot bath water and sighed. Lucas, standing at the bathroom sink was trimming his goatee. "I'm starting to resemble a sailor who's been at sea too long," he said.

"I sort of like the shaggy look, gives you an aura of mystery," she said, with a smile. She sighed and laid her head back against the cool porcelain.

"What are you doing under those bubbles anyway? You're doing an awful lot of cooing," he asked.

"You're a pervert. Besides, if you're so curious, why don't you join me and find out?"

He turned and looked at her. "I think I just might take you up on that," he said, stripping off his under-shorts and walking toward the antique claw-foot tub.

Once he was settled opposite her, his feet wrapped around her hips, he said, "Bliss. Pure bliss."

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet," Talia promised, feeling a sense of contentment she hadn't experienced in a long time. She'd been a real bitch at the shop earlier, she realized that. Rachel Lewis was just a young woman trying to earn a living and had been fortunate enough to come across Lucas's ad. Of course she was enthused and felt good about herself--she had a job she liked and was good at. Jealousy was an evil monster and Talia had made a vow tonight to never let it get the better of her again. "I'm thinking we should have Rachel over for dinner soon. She's probably not rich by any means, having just gotten the job at the shop and could probably use a free meal now and then."

"What changed your mind about her?"

She met his gaze. "I didn't have any particular mindset about Rachel, Lucas. I just was surprised by her, that's all. Now I want to get to know her better."

Lucas shrugged. "Sure. Let me know when and I'll ask her. But right now, I have other things on my mind."

Talia smiled. "Oh, like what?"


She bent her knees and scooted toward him. "Meet me halfway?"

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