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Sci-Rotica II

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Diana Kemp

ISBN :978-1-77111-281-9

Page :120

Word Count :29614

Publication Date :2012-07-04

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Sci-Rotica II (pdf) , Sci-Rotica II (prc) , Sci-Rotica II (epub) , Sci-Rotica II (mobi)

Category : Horror , Erotica , Science Fiction

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-281-9

Detox–Hurled to a distant world by their malfunctioning ship, a socialite and her date become the prey of hostile inhabitants …


The Doughnut–Two sisters enslaved by the sex trade for their survival on a bleak Earth beat the odds through a daring escape …


Fly By Nite–Brought together by a dimensional rift, two unlikely soulmates meet briefly on a moonlit beach …


Fusion–An illicit love between a woman and a married man tempts the laws of time and paradox …


Game Point–An eccentric recluse fond of dangerous games learns a lesson in humility from a daring opponent …


Island–A woman chosen to spearhead the merging between humanity and an alien race undergoes a profound transformation …

Daranoud smiled coyly as the announcer chimed a fourth time. Though its melodious resonance echoed impatiently throughout the house, her attention remained fixed on the reflection of her AI’s dexterous fingers. Illuminated by the flattering softness of the backlit mirror, she watched her transformation with a critical eye. Lotus, her efficient valet, patiently used a sonic stylus to swirl her mass of hair until it formed a dramatically crested wave. Layered blonde highlights enhanced her flawless, peachy complexion. Fresh and dewy from a daily cosmetic facelift, she required only minimal makeup to augment her enhanced violet eyes and perfectly proportioned doll-like features.

Never a day over twenty-five, she mused. Spurred by a primal, subliminal beat programmed into the ventilation system, she admired herself with a growing sense of arousal. Ignoring Lotus’ solicitous expression, she ran her hands along the clinging smoothness of her silver lamé dress and moved her hips to the subtly erotic rhythm. The silken feel of the fabric left a warm tingle on her palms and stoked the growing heat between her legs. Strategically slashed to reveal a generous swell of cleavage just shy of her nipples, the open back of the dress plunged to the cleft of her shapely ass. The material hugged her upper thighs, teasing with the promise of the clearly naked flesh below.

Her fingers toyed with the hem. Gradually, they slipped below and strayed to her depilated bald pubic mound. She felt the heat of her swollen cunt lips and longed to stroke the hot wet flesh—but not yet. That would be for Darien to explore, with his lips, with his fingers, with whatever new toy he had brought with him this time. The lure of her voluptuous body was a more powerful addiction than any recreational drug either had sampled, and far more enticing than the other numerous willing partners they had shared between them.

She smiled at the recollection of a recent gathering at the house, involving herself, Darien, an Adonis like blond man and two black women. Frolicking in the bathroom’s huge Roman tub, the group had lounged in the foamy, bubbling water and sipped on potent cocktails. Saranoud, feeling aroused to the point of pain, had bent her foamy body over the side of the tub and ordered the two women to eat her pussy and ass while the men watched. Closing her eyes against the invasion of fingers and hungry mouths, it wasn’t long before her body rocked and her cries echoed from one orgasm after another.

Then she and the other women rotated until each had been probed and tongue fucked in readiness for the men. Bent in a row over the side of the tub, Darien and the other man fucked each, first in the pussy, then in the ass. Then Saranoud instructed the men to bend over the side while she and the other women ate their cocks and asses. Though the men were hard and anxious, Saranoud would not allow either of them to touch the women until Darien and the man had fucked each other first.

Soapy from the tub, she slithered underneath the blond, fondled his balls and swallowed his baton like cock while Darien fucked his ass once more. The women crawled between Saranoud’s spread legs and violently ate her while the men changed position…

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Tags: Adult, Erotic, Horror, Science Fiction