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Battle in the Bedchamber

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jojo Brown

ISBN :0000636

Page :21

Word Count :5158

Publication Date :2013-05-20

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Battle in the Bedchamber (pdf) , Battle in the Bedchamber (prc) , Battle in the Bedchamber (epub) , Battle in the Bedchamber (mobi)

Category : Paranormal Romance , Erotica , Science Fiction

  • Product Code: 0000636

Beauty comes in many forms…including green scales and a very handy tail.

After years zipping through the numerous solar systems the Lacertilians pulled Captain Adam Walker to their ship. Their queen Zandria has plans for him. Plans that he is only too willing to fulfill, but, will he survive?

"Take it off."

"Why?" He stood at the side of the large canopied bed and watched her, in confusion.

She turned away from him and slid from the satin sheets. The sheer robe she drew around her slender shoulders did nothing to hide her perfect form. The mere sight of the shiny, spiked scales along the length of her spine aroused him to distraction. As she walked across the softly lit room, the scales rippled and shifted sensually. When the tip of her magnificent tail slithered from below the trailing hem of the thin garment, it seemed to beckon to him.

He knew the agility of that wondrous appendage. He knew that she could easily make use of the bulbous, mushroom-shaped tip of that tail to satisfy herself. She'd delighted the night before with a demonstration of just how well it worked. Unashamed, she'd splayed herself in the centre of her large bed—positioned to give him the best view possible.

He'd fought against the restraints that held him tightly on the observation board as at least ten inches of thick, rigidly vibrating shaft impaled her repeatedly. Her guards had securely bound him with what, to the naked eye, looked like thin vines. In fact, they held more strength than any metallic strip on any ship in his former fleet. With his hands, shoulders, legs and torso firmly held to the cool solidity of the shiny board, his straining sex pointed at her. It throbbed and bounced softly with the pulse of his heart as well as his need. Without a touch from either of them or the dozen guards scattered against her chamber's walls, his hot seed exploded violently to spatter the stone floor at his feet.

His memory of her quivering, undulating body as she joined him in solitary release filled his mind all through the hours since.

"Zandria, why do you want me to remove it?" he gazed at his hostess' extraordinary beauty. Granted, she did not have the peaches and cream most human males associated with beauty. But after so many years spent in travel throughout the galaxies, Captain Adam Walker could appreciate a myriad of different levels of beauty.

This ship had left Lacertilius as the final safe passage before their sun's explosion annihilated the entire solar system. With their reptilian qualities, they had not found another habitable planet in all their travels. This one last ship was their home. They kept to the furthest outskirts of any inhabited solar system to protect themselves and their way of life. It was by sheer accident Adam had stumbled into their space. Actually, it was more from sheer terror. He never should have bedded one of the king's thirty wives on Tandeel and he wouldn't have had to make a run for it through the meteor belt without supplies. When Zandria's crew caught him in their shadow beam, he was so weak and malnourished the end was very near.

Zandria's voice tore him back from his memories, "Because, Adam, if I wanted a simple slave in my chambers I would send for one. You are a guest in my home and in my bedchamber. It has been eons since I have had the pleasure of bedding an earthling. The last misguided shuttle to pass close enough for us to contact was more than a century ago. I remember the feel of his soft flesh—the crispness of the curly hairs on his chest—the insistent probing of his single sex organ. I remember it all very well and desire to experience it yet again. Therefore, remove the Lacertilian suit and come to me as you truly are."

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Tags: Adult, Alien, Erotica, Paranormal, Science Fiction Soft