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Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : S. Sneakly

ISBN :978-1-55487-058-5

Page :268

Word Count :67000

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap (epub) , Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap (mobi) , Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap (prc) , Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap (pdf)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Contemporary , LGBTQIA+ , Mystery and Suspense

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-058-5

A young singer must come to terms with her private sexuality and her public image after being framed for murder.

The music industry can be a killer, but can the killers sing? Bubblegum Princess Bridgett Bonds knows better than anyone. The question in the business is, can she transition from her image as the Bubblegum Princess to grown-up pop-star? In private she struggles to reconcile her good girl image with her secret dark fantasies. Bridgett just signed her biggest music contract ever. What she doesn’t know is Sylvia Stains, the CEO of her label, wants her out of the contract and plans to use the shooting of Bridgett’s next music video to do it. Sylvia recruits the goth girl group, Grrl Trap, to help her with her plans to have Bridgett meet an MTV-friendly demise. Framed for murder and running for her life, will Bridgett survive long enough to untangle the mystery of who’s trying to kill her? Will Bridgett be able to save her newfound friends from starring in the latest killer video?

As the pendulum lowered, the Grrl Traps instinctively stepped away from Bridgett, giving a wide berth to the three-foot blade. When it had descended to about eight feet above the floor, it stopped. Bridgett stared at the prop with wide eyes. She knew that it was just a prop, but it looked very impressive when suspended over her bare midriff. She puffed rapid, shallow breaths nervously through her nose. She glanced at the Grrl Traps. They seemed just as impressed as she was by the device. Apparently, Lady Bathory had not shared this with them, either.

The chains quieted and the blade stopped descending. Bridgett looked to Lady Bathory, who was watching Bridgett over her shoulder. Bridgett was spooked by the smile that peaked out from below Lady Bathory’s veil. Bathory’s gloved hand moved up to a large red button next to the control wheel.

When she pressed it, Bridgett heard the whine of a small electric motor coming from beyond the pendulum. The motor strained and the blade started to twitch slowly back and forth. Within seconds, the twitch had grown to a pulse. After a few pulses, the heavy beam was swinging the blade from one side of the trap door to the other with slow graceful arcs.

Bridgett couldn’t imagine where Lady Bathory had gotten the device. The massive blade made a heavy swooshing noise as it arced through the air above Bridgett. The electric motor continued to hum. The blade arced down again. This time, as it reached the apex, Bridgett saw the sharp edge of the pendulum lurch down an inch. It surprised her so much that her body convulsed in time with it.

Lady Bathory took her hand off the start button and walked down to stand at Bridgett’s head. The pendulum was now swinging on its own. Lady Bathory watched it arc over Bridgett’s stretched body. With each swing the blade dropped with a lurch and emitted a soft mechanical clack.

Bridgett broke her gaze with the swinging blade and looked up at the woman who engineered her predicament. She screamed into her gag. Hardly enough sound came out to be heard above the whooshing of the pendulum.

Lady Bathory looked down at Bridgett, seemingly oblivious to Bridgett’s terror. “The prop master bought this from a Mexican film company that had done a version of Edgar Allen Poe on one of the Latino soaps.” Her smile broadened. “Isn’t it incredible?”

Bridgett was close to tears. The device was huge and she could tell from the slow swoop of the blade that it was enormously heavy. Bridgett didn’t know these people and now she had let them chain her to the floor with a giant axe swinging just feet above her. She fought to stay composed. Hysterics were not going to get her out of the situation. She needed to figure out some way to tell Lady Bathory that this was too far.

Lady Bathory, for her part, was staying in character. With her back to one of the several cameras, she knelt down next to Bridgett.

“And now we come to the conclusion of the Adventures of Secret Agent Chick.” She ran her hand along the line of Bridgett’s chin, locking eyes with Bridgett. Even though Bridgett couldn’t see through the veil, she felt her eyes lock with Lady Bathory. The room was silent except for sound of the swooping blade and the mechanical clack of it inching towards the Bubblegum Princess’ exposed abs.

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Tags: Mainstream, Contemporary, Erotica, LGBT, Mystery and Suspense