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Sexual Favours Entwined

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kate Brunic

ISBN :978-1-55487-309-8

Page :85

Word Count :21250

Publication Date :2010-11-29

Series : Sexual Favours#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats :

Category : Erotica , Contemporary , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-309-8

Grand party, sleazy sex—Instant gratification?

The various sexual antics of ten Kentish strangers were introduced in book one and now those same ten Kentish strangers are in a for series of sexual events involving each other. Natalie & Raine make a discovery. Peter & Becky discover one of the pleasures of the Kentish countryside. Nick is delighted he attended Vanessa's party. Scott & James are pleased with the hired help. Phillip & Tracey are surprised at their true selves.

Turning quickly to see the culprit of such a high-pitched laughter coming from behind her small chatty group, Simone caught the arm of a tall dark and broad bodied gent. Almost instantly, the implication of the bump became apparent as the cool liquid from his glass began to seep through the lightweight fabric of her tight fitting dress. His barely audible mutterings broke the shock that stiffened her back and widened her eyes. With steely composure and lack of bodily movement, Simone cast her eyes the full length of his body. "Oooh look at those trousers. What a mess. I thought I had received the brunt of the spillage."

He stood there, examining the figure before him. The wet fabric of her dress was now clinging to her hips. He then saw the inviting slit of her dress along with the exposed cleavage diamante detail. Finally, he walked away.

Annoyed at his lack of response, his acknowledgement that he was not the only victim in this accident, Simone started following him. "Just a moment. I think you owe me an apology."

"I do?” he asked, mid turn, his eyes burning into the small frame now directly in front of him. “And why is that?”

Simone faltered only briefly, taken aback by the brightness of his clear blue eyes that were now penetrating through her dress. "Because of this." She grabbed the dress fabric, which exposed a wet stocking-clad leg.

“Was it not you who turned around, bumping into me?”

When he said this, his eyes were fixed, refusing to move from the exposed stocking top. He pointed to his trousers. “What about this? I will have to have them dry cleaned.”

Simone spoke in a light and flirtatious tone, “Yes about that… well, it could have been worse. You could be soaked rather than just wet.” Without warning, she raised her arm, tilted the champagne flute and deposited the entire contents down the front of his trousers. “A bit like that!” Looking down at the sodden fabric, Simone stepped in closer, thinking she sensed the glimmer of interest he showed earlier, the interest now building into a mutual attraction.

He turned away from her and started heading off, back in his original direction toward the toilets. After his second step, he stopped and turned back to face her. Retracing his steps, he looked down at the half-empty glass in his hand and smiled widely. His nose puckered slightly and, while smiling at her, he poured it down her front, watching as the champagne ran down her cleavage, acknowledging how the bubbles rested briefly before they dissipated.

The fresh coolness on her skin with the heat of the moment, made her nipples harden, the wet fabric now stuck and enhanced their growth. Conscious of their visibility, her cheeks reddened.

“Here, let’s get dried.” Grabbing her hand, he pulled her toward the toilets.

Initial instinct told her to pull away from this mad wet stranger. The tumble of her stomach, the gentle wobble in her knees, forced her to follow him away from the crowd and the music into the quieter hallway beyond. Along the corridor, he led her past the Gents and the Ladies. As she followed, a naughty excitement grew inside with every step they took. Past the Reception desk around the corner where he stopped suddenly without warning, Simone's pace walked her into the back of him.

He looked over his shoulder at her body almost impaling his, before pushing open the door in front of him. The door opened and he stepped inside, pulling Simone in alongside him before quickly closing the door, flicking the lock and turning to face her.

“You look very wet in this brighter light.” Her words were slow and quiet, a little edgy. “In fact you are soaked.”

Her hand reached forward to the sodden fabric of his trouser pocket, tracing the wetness with her hand toward his zipper. It now in the fullness of the damp fabric, she felt warmth and a stirring from beneath him. Running her hand gently across the growth, she was surprised at what she felt. Such behaviour from an apparent gentleman. But she cannot deny that what she feels is real. The rising headiness of their situation, the naughtiness of the scene and the movement beneath her own fabric forced her hand to unzip the fly.

“You must get out of these wet trousers. We need to wash down the wet or you will have a stain.” She continued to push her fingers toward the button and clip. His hardening was now obvious through his underpants as she lowered his trousers. The impact of his arousal was in full view, stretching the fabric. Smiling, she stoked him, hearing unplanned words fall from her lips. “Look at this. Your underpants are all wet, too. You simply can't stay in these.”

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Tags: Contemporary, Erotica, GLBT