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Steampunk Erotica II

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Ora Le Brocq

ISBN :978-1-55487-800-0

Page :194

Word Count :55583

Publication Date :2011-03-27

Series : Steampunk Erotica#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Steampunk Erotica II (epub) , Steampunk Erotica II (mobi) , Steampunk Erotica II (pdf) , Steampunk Erotica II (prc)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-800-0

Fight for the Future. Or the future ends.

The alliance killed her family and wants to take over the country. Lady Mina Trelawney is going to stop them. Armed with steam-powered technology, the latest in Laserton weaponry, and her loyal friends, Mina finds a clue that can lead her to the alliance--but has she got the skills and the courage to survive? Against her is Government indifference, mysterious assassins, and a ruthless, well-equipped enemy. Can the small band of intimate friends win against the odds? And what price will Mina have to pay in her life, relationships and sexuality? Steampunk Erotica II--Fight for the Future.

"Good, then I think a little celebration is in order," replied Mina. She looked at the two men. "You two pop along to the galley and bring back what's in the top left hand cupboard."

"Yes, miss," said Thorold as he and Black hurriedly left.

Mina looked with naked desire at Sarah, who blushed an even deeper red and looked shyly at Mina.

"What should I do, Miss?" she asked, nervously twisting her fingers.

"Nothing you don't want to do," smiled Mina as she finally settled in a comfortable position in the chair. She eased her legs apart slightly and her ankle-length skirt fell open along the side seam, exposing her long, perfect legs, silk stockings and her lack of underwear.

Sarah gasped aloud in shock and desire, falling to her knees as her eyes locked on the beautiful pink mound between Mina's thighs. She leaned forward and moved Mina's skirts further apart, staring intently at the pussy that was beginning to gently quiver in excitement, and without conscious though Sarah plunged her face into the glorious fleshy peach.

Mina cried out in delight as she felt Sarah's tongue push itself deeply inside. Her pussy throbbed in desire and as Sarah thrust higher inside Mina felt the immediate, glorious sensations of her orgasm. A tingle spread out between her thighs, the first hint that the mighty flood was building.

The sensation grew in intensity and radiated out over her body, increasing the build-up of wild sexual pressure inside Mina's trembling torso and legs until with a roaring gush her pussy expanded and covered Sarah's tongue and face with a deluge of hot juice.

Mina bucked in joy as the savage, powerful, stimulation flooded through her body and washed over her mind, blasting her upper consciousness away in the flood of raw pleasure. She gave in totally to the ecstasy of the moment, her nipples engorging in desire as they thrust upwards and tasted the cool air of the ship as her chest spilt out of her corset.

Sarah gasped in pleasure as she licked frenziedly at Mina's hot, sweet essence, pushing her tongue ever deeper into Mina's pussy. Her tongue explored Mina's interior with increasing vigour, probing from side to side as she tasted each wall and Mina's clitoris before plunging further up inside the hot, blissful cavern.

Mina squirmed and groaned before releasing a throaty roar of delight, corresponding to the roar of pure lust and bliss that burst from between her legs as she came. Her juices exploded outwards, showering Sarah's face and hair.

Mina shuddered and gasped as she wrapped her long, powerful legs around Sarah's body, grabbing Sarah's head in her hands in order to grind her face into her sopping wet cunny. Another spurt of clear liquid joy splashed onto Sarah, drenching her face and hair. Mina's eyes snapped open as her climax eased and she saw Thorold and Black had returned from the galley, Thorold clutching two bottles of champagne while Black held a tray on which were a huge bowl of greenhouse strawberries and a pint jug of cream. Both were watching entranced as Sarah pleasured Mina.

"Look lively, boys," gasped Mina as Sarah broke contact to turn and look at the two men. "We're both hungry for more than food."

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Tags: Mainstream, Science Fiction, Erotica, LGBTQIA