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Flesh Gambit

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Mark Adam

ISBN :978-1-77111-784-5

Page :69

Word Count :13658

Publication Date :2013-12-30

Series : Tales of Khat#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Flesh Gambit (pdf) , Flesh Gambit (prc) , Flesh Gambit (epub) , Flesh Gambit (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Fantasy

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-784-5

Sex, Blood, Magick, Treachery; collide in a maelstrom of passion and violence. Dark Times call for Dark Heroes

In a decadent city of twisted sorcery driven by sexual energies and brute force, one man, a reaver and magician, makes a desperate, brutal gamble to steal power from the most corrupt of cabals. But everything comes at a price…


The giant corsair leader crossed the deck of his corvette. The heat was brutal around Gomorrah and like his men, Khat wore only sandals and a small loinwrap attached to his battle harness. Under the swirling blanket of tattoos his skin had been burnt to copper by the equatorial sun and his dreadlocks were swept back in a loose ponytail away from the hard planes of his face.

At the door to his cabin Khat slid his sword into its sheath. He could hear the murmur of the coven-whore through the wood and frowned. The erotic energy from the witch's spell was as tangible as wind. If she didn't finish soon he might have to give her to the crew to keep the girl safe.

Khat pushed open the door and entered.

The room was gloomy after the harsh light on the sunship's deck. Khat pushed the door closed behind him before his vision had fully adjusted. He blinked the blur of the abrasive sun out of his eye and surveyed his chamber.

It was hot in his quarters, stifling. Men sweated freely outside and the coven-whore burned a triumvirate of red-hot braziers inside the confined room. Khat saw her crouching naked in the middle of them, chanting incessantly. Her breasts were swollen from suckling the anonymous daemon childe which came to her at night, though she'd told Khat it had been over a year since she had sold her own baby in accordance with her vow-pacts to Cahlii.

Her body was slick with sweat from the top of her shaved head to the inner folds of her smooth thighs. Her eyes rolled up to show only the whites and the augur had opened her Eye of the Magi in the center of her forehead. The jet black orb shifted to watch Khat as he moved through the room.

He crossed to an apothecary's table set in the cabin wall and picked up a decanter. The table was set beside a divan and from its cushions the slave girl watched Khat. He tried to ignore her. The energy of the coven-whore's spell worked on him like a drug and he couldn't drive sexual images from out of his head. He forced himself to drink the tincture he had concocted. It tasted like honey-wine but the herbs instilled a mildly euphoric calm.

He tossed back the drink in one gulp and set the cup down. His pulse pounded at the temples. The slave girl had stripped down against the brutal heat in the room. Her body, young and nubile was just as slick with sweat as Khat's or the coven-whore. He could smell her the way a hound scents a bitch in heat. He put a small green pill into his mouth and chewed.

"Put your clothes on." Khat snapped and the girl jumped to obey.

He poured a second cup of the tincture, drank it and his head began to clear. The slave girl's silks had been designed to entice rather than hide. It was almost worse when she slipped the short robe on because Khat's mind kept coming back to what she was hiding. He poured a third cupful and gave it to the girl.

Behind him he heard the coven-whore cease her chanting. He turned and saw the lid slide closed over the black Orb of the Magi. The woman's own startling blue irises rolled back from the inside of her head. Her cheekbones were strong, her mouth full. Khat wet his lips.

"Is it done?" He demanded.

"I have created a hole in the thaumaturgy used by the Infantana to protect the girl. The magics were stronger than I had anticipated I am drained. Your old lover is a powerful sorceress."

"You didn't put the dreams in the girl's head!" Khat roared.

"I'm tired, used up. I need energy."

Khat froze. He swallowed and felt the fear of a man who, thinking himself safe, slides between his bed sheets only to feel the sudden caress of spider scuttling up his leg.

"So take more drugs."

The coven-whore rose in a smooth, languid motion. The light from the braziers played across the sweat splashed across her inner thighs. The woman was as bald there as on top of her shaven head.

"I'm no fool, bitch," Khat spat. "Your magics work on me the same as any man, but I'm not so crazed I'd willingly service a succubus."

The coven-whore turned and crossed to the cabin's only window. It was set in the back of the ship and looked out now over the waters to the tower where all of Khat's plans converged. The witch slowly bent over at the waist and leaned against the window edge. She arched her back and exposed the naked folds of her sex like cat.

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

"I need what I need, corsair. I do not lie."

"No," Khat said but he was already poised.

"Then say no to your fourberie. If the girl would dream of the grimoire then I must have what I need." Her voice was raw, like a drug addict in the presence of their poison.

Khat knew she had him, knew he must gamble now or lose everything he had planned. He stepped forward between the braziers. He made no pretense at romance. He pulled the sweaty linen of his loinwrap to the side, not bothering to remove his weapons or battle harness.

With eyes as big as saucers the slave girl watched him mount the coven-whore. Out on the deck the cutthroats would hear the witch's screams and grow bitter.

Khat grabbed his ready cock with a big hand and pushed the head of it against the boiling, moist folds of the coven-whore's exposed and swollen vagina. She grunted hard and shook her head back and forth as he pushed his erection in her. He gave her a moment to take him, felt the velvet grip of her inner muscles squeeze along him, drawing him further in.

He reached out with his long, brawny arms and grabbed the coven-whore by the shoulders. He yanked back on her as he thrust his hips forward, impaling her along his length in a swift, vicious movement.

The coven-whore groaned low in her throat at the hurt and Khat moved his hands down to the sweaty curve of her hips. He began to fuck her in earnest. The coven-whore started to shriek her pleasure. Her hands slapped the glass panes of the cabin windows and dug into the wood of the frame. To the slave girl sitting just a few feet away the smell of the woman's damp was pungent and the sound of Khat's wet, slapping rhythm was vibrant and pugnacious.

"Is it working," Khat growled as he sawed in and out of the coven-whore. "Do you feel it? Say it!"

"Uh, uh, uh," the coven-whore grunted.

She bit down on her lip hard as she struggled to take what Khat was giving her. A line of drool rolled out of her mouth and dropped in a rope of salvia to the bouncing, sweaty slope of her breasts.

"Say it!" Khat snarled again.

The muscles of his arms stood out in vivid relief as he squeezed his hands hard, digging his blunt fingers into the soft flesh of her hips. The coven-whore's head rolled back and he thrust his hips forward hard, snapping it back then pushing it forward. He continued to grind his cock into her, relentless, merciless.

"I, I feel it," she managed to promise.

Outside the cabin the faces of Khat's crew sulkws, stiff with resentment.

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