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Because I Can

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Ken Lukin

ISBN :978-1-4874-1559-4

Page :92

Word Count :28792

Publication Date :2017-12-22

Series : My Wife, Our Life#7

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Because I Can (epub) , Because I Can (mobi) , Because I Can (prc) , Because I Can (pdf)

Category : Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1559-4

Katie feels free, unshackled and uninhibited. She wants and needs lots of sex and loves to give and receive immense pleasure. Confidently, she sets out to achieve her goals, because she can.

Katie had thoroughly enjoyed her wild and promiscuous college days. Shortly after graduating she got married yet still managed to entertain a fleet of boyfriends as her over-developed sexuality charged forward.

She joined a very active private club and engaged in multiple aspects of full-on group sex while also discovering the wondrous touches of another woman.

Katie became empowered by her insatiable appetite. Her natural beauty constantly attracted sexual opportunity and she was always ready to be an enthusiastic participant.

Her adventures continue.

I was damn proud of the fact that Jack and I had a successful marriage. Probably half of all marriages fail and likely half of the remainder were less than ideal.

We had been happily married for several years. He was a great provider. His business was doing very well so we had money, and we were blessed with good friends. Both of us were athletic and kept in fine shape.

Among his other attributes, he was creative and attentive when we made love, and he did a great job of bringing me to multiple orgasms. He also understood me, and he knew my sexual appetite was bigger than anything one person could offer.

He knew I usually had other lovers, and he gradually accepted my decision to become involved with a private but very sizable group sex club. In time, he even joined and we experienced dozens of sessions together.

During those years with the club, I had sexual contact with a lot of people…men and ladies…and it had been a fantastic adventure.

I now felt empowered and fully capable of safely identifying new conquests and engaging in great sex with all sorts of people. Jack was fully supportive and life had never been so good.

We loved to travel, and early one summer, not that long ago the bright warmth of the sun and clear blue sky motivated us to think about a brief holiday. We had an urge to head out on the open road to see some new scenery. But where?

We were living in northern Washington State at the time and had headed over to Seattle and the coast for weekend trips and adventures in the past. Now, we had a few extra days and some lovely July weather in the forecast, so we started looking through a variety of maps.

Our SUV was in the shop for some warranty repairs, which was terribly inconvenient, but a mutual friend had agreed to loan us his cool, gangsta-style Chrysler 300 sedan. It was super-dark blue and lowered with big over-sized rims and deep-tint windows.

It was the kind of car that’s fun to drive during the day but might get you in trouble in most downtown neighborhoods at night. At the moment, it was locked securely in our garage.

Over a few glasses of wine that evening, we considered our options and reached a decision about our trip. The next morning, we loaded a couple of suitably packed suitcases and a cooler with ice and beverages into the borrowed vehicle and were northbound early.

We’d decided on a scenic loop through the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. If we stuck with our schedule, by tonight, we’d be staying at one of the most beautiful hotel settings in the world, the fabulous Chateau Lake Louise.

I like to show off my more than ample cleavage and today I wanted it to be teasingly obvious. I noticed it had successfully distracted Jack more than once as we got underway on the first segment of our trip.

I occupied myself admiring the changing scenery and the lovely weather, and it seemed like in no time at all we were waiting in line at the Canadian border. The customs guys really gave us the once-over as they suspiciously inspected the car, but I got the impression they were also carefully examining the contents of my almost inappropriately low-cut summer top.

Soon, the border guards seemed satisfied that we were simply casual tourists on vacation and sent us on our way. As we drove northward along a winding, two-lane secondary highway, the terrain became ever more rugged and mountainous—lush forests on one side and wide, deep, lake-filled valleys on the other. Everything was basking in the glorious summer sunshine.

We observed a variety of camper vans, some motor-homes, several brave souls on marathon-touring bicycles adorned with saddle bags and water bottles, and even a few plucky backpackers walking along on foot.

It was stunning scenery, yet I found myself fidgety and aroused. I couldn’t help but notice that every bump in the road was being accentuated by those silly low-profile tires which caused my boobs to bounce up and down, jiggling provocatively and tickling my nipples.

If I knew Jack, I was pretty sure he had noticed and his dick was likely twitching and cramping in his pants. He has a true love of boobies, and today mine felt so very nice.

“You okay, Katie?” he asked.

“Yeah, just kind of uncomfortable.”

“Sorry. This car rides a little rough,” he remarked, attempting to sound soothing.

“No. It’s not that. I mean, I know it makes my boobs jiggle, especially when I’m not wearing a bra, but I thought you liked that,” I teased with my cutest little smile.

“You know I do.”

“Thanks for that, but it’s other things. I mean, the way those guys at the border were ogling me, staring at my chest…did you notice?”

“Of course, I did, babe. Did that upset you?”

“Oh no, not at all. It’s just that we’re on vacation and I wanna have fun. I really wanted to pull my top off and flash ‘em.”

“Hmm, probably not a wise choice there among the border authorities.”

“Yeah, I know, right?” I giggled, then suggested, “But I could set the girls free now.”

Jack nodded with a wide-eyed grin as I quickly crossed my arms, grabbed the waistline of my top and pulled it completely off over my head. My marvelous double-D melons were totally exposed and my rock-hard nipples pointed skyward, like flowers seeking the sun.

“Fuck, you’ve got great tits, Katie!” Jack exclaimed, and he seemed thoroughly impressed while trying to stare and drive simultaneously.  

I placed my palms under my big, warm boobs and used my thumbs and forefingers to tweak those sensitive pink nipples. “You like these?” I asked, teasing and actually moaning a bit.

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Tags: Contemporary, Erotica, Multiple Partners