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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Valerie Brundage

ISBN :978-1-4874-0378-2

Page :252

Word Count :68943

Publication Date :2015-06-10

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : 365 (pdf) , 365 (prc) , 365 (epub) , 365 (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Contemporary , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0378-2

365 is the explicit erotic journey of Joanna who, tired of her romances stalling—in part because she's so cautious starting sexual relationships—makes the New Year's Eve resolution to be with one new man each day of the coming year. Her friends don't believe she'll do it—can she get in touch with her inner slut and have a new sexual experience 365 days in a row?

Joanna may be unlucky in love but she's not unlucky in sex. But then that may depend on how she defines it. And what she wants to get out of it.

After another tough breakup with her boyfriend, Joanna goes out with her friends on New Year's Eve and realizes she always over-thinks her relationships. When she agrees love doesn't have to come before sex—and sex doesn't always equate to love—she gives herself the ultimate New Year's Eve resolution, to sleep with a new man every day for a full year.

Joanna thinks she will enjoy getting in touch with her inner slut. But is having more sexual encounters, in all variations and with an infinite variety of partners, the answer to her hang-ups? What Joanna will learn is connections are stronger when you don't work at it, and sexual ecstasy doesn't have to be planned, perfect, or forever.

365 is the sexually explicit memoir of Joanna and her year of sex. Joanna's Candide-like journey illustrates how a regular well-adjusted, professional single woman can embrace her own desires, let go of her preconceptions about romance, and not feel ashamed about wanting love without first trading the house keys.

Back to the Icarus for the first time in almost two months, Joanna was now looking for college guys again rather than the previous category she'd been used to. It was richer territory and she knew exactly what they wanted.

She knew what they wanted more than they did.

Her cruising strategy had been less refined at the beginning of the year. Now she walked in like she belonged. The bar was hip enough to attract all types: the old theatre lobby bar attracted college boys as well as the hundred-dollar haircut guys.
The bartender, a middle-aged guy with short black hair, eyed her and nodded. Joanna didn't recognize him but he seemed to recognize her. Like she was regular, which she wasn't.

She nodded back. He kept watching her.

Who needed the drama? This guy's jet black hair couldn't be natural, but it worked as a look. He had a t-shirt that wrapped tight around his shoulders. He wore the dress code better than most. He must get plenty of action tending here, one-night stands, if he was into that kind of thing. How hard would it be to serve the same needy co-ed night after night, her constantly calling him over, him handing her a free drink, or the missing bra she left at his place last night…just pretend you're one of the regular customers.

"The usual?"

"Hmm?" She was startled, then quickly recovered. "I've been in here enough to have a usual?"

"Let me guess. A merlot. A tall one?"

She smiled. He must have been here when she hadn't noticed.

"I guessed?"

"Ah, so it was only a guess."

"It was the dress."

She was still in her work clothes, stylish and long, a one-piece with the zipper along the side. When she unzipped it for a guy, they seemed to go crazy, anticipating the glimpse of bra strap under her arm, the silk band of panties peeking at her hip.

"Actually, that's not my usual."

"What is?"

"A mojito. Sometimes with an extra shot."

He nodded. "So, what kind of night is it tonight? Merlot or mojito?"

"Merlot. Does that tell you anything about me?"

"Just that you like merlot." He went to pour it. "I see you in here about once a week."

She thought about that. When was the last time she'd been in here? Maybe that was just his line. "Everyone needs a social life," she said casually.

He smiled and moved to another customer. Joanna walked through the club to see if she could get an eye on someone. A guy sitting alone looked like he was ready to leave and he caught her eye.

He was searching to make sure he had everything—keys, phone—and his legs were out, about to get up.

He might have been a football player, so naturally built and muscular he never needed to actually become one. He had the looks without having to work out, practice, and possibly break his body. Joanna saw, even though he was no older than twenty-five, his body was maybe almost past its prime. Too many potato chips or too much dope?

A little flabby, promising only what he would become. Hell, she wouldn't be perfect forever, either. The handsome ones always got the first pick. But now he'd have to work. Discipline.

There's been no discipline here for a while, Joanna thought, and just like the beautiful blondes in the sororities she had never joined, these square, nice-eyed guys also went to seed sooner rather than later. Which, in a way, was more attractive, because then you knew they weren't stuck up, they weren't as well off, they weren't the Adonis who'd fuck you and leave you. They were a little more desperate, and a little more generous with their charms.

This one happened to turn as he picked up his drink. It coincidentally looked like a mojito, and he joined eyes with her just as he downed the last inch.

She considered cutting from the place. Instead, she sat down next to him.

She said nothing. He waited, confused, and it worked to make him a little uncomfortable. Joanna thought it was always better to establish the opening gambit like that. Sometimes it scared them away, but he seemed fine to let the pause sit for a moment. Pregnant.

Charming and a little desperate.

If he made the first gambit, mouthing some line like ‘what's a nice girl like you…' she knew exactly what she was dealing with. But sometimes they had a variation. ‘I'd buy you a drink, but someone else beat me to it. So can I buy the second one?'

Anything new to keep her interested.

Finally she spoke. "I was lonely."

More a question than an explanation. He said, "Not for long I hope." Then, "I'd buy you drink but I'm just leaving. I'd leave you all alone."

They left. Outside on the curb, he pulled out a valet ticket and looked around for the valet. He came up a moment later, but Joanna grabbed his hand with the valet ticket in it, holding it away from being turned over.

"Can I borrow him for a while? We're not ready yet."

They walked down the sidewalk. "So we're not going anywhere?" he asked at the corner.

"I'm only using you," she said. She leaned against him. Feeling his bulk, his muscles.
His back.

"Is this some kind of a bet?" he asked.

"Kind of."

She laughed as they reached her Altima and she drove down University. She pulled his cock out of his fly while driving and jerked him off as she drove. He sat leaning back watching her, the lights flashing through the windows onto her stroking motion.

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Tags: GLBT, Contemporary, Erotica