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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : German Bradley

ISBN :978-1-55410-563-2

Page :279

Word Count :69750

Publication Date :2010-09-15

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Adramelech (epub) , Adramelech (mobi) , Adramelech (pdf) , Adramelech (prc)

Category : Horror , Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction , Fantasy

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-563-2

A prostitute and a slave... A demon master in disguise…

Deep gashes and marks are threatening to ruin Yonah's tantalizing body. Some customer of hers is branding her with cryptic symbols but she can't remember a thing.

A carnal madness unfolds when she meets a gorgeous client, a scholar of sex, and she becomes the sexual plaything of a creature from Hell.

And there, after two months, followed other three weeks of downright infatuation. For three weeks, and day after day, Linnea's flat turned into a sanctuary of lust--their endless and imaginary night of carnality.

"I want to break the schedules of hours and days," said Linnea, holding Yonah's hands as they sat on the green settee. She wore a lovely red kimono with flaming dragons embroidered on its sleeves. "I want these days to be special for you, but I don't want to know if it's day or night out there. I just want this flat to be our world and I want to make you happy here."

"You're so sweet, darling," said Yonah, smiling, and bent forwards her friend and kissed her on the mouth. Their slithering tongues couldn't wait to play inside each other's mouth.

"Wait, love," interrupted Linnea. "I'm drawing the curtains."

"Why? You afraid of peeping Toms?"

"No, I'm just jealous of the external world and I'm going to say goodbye to it."

One by one Linnea drew all the curtains of her flat, shutting out the sun. Then, she struck a match and began to burn about a dozen white candles she'd already spread throughout the room. Shortly after the place was suffused with a supernatural metallic green coming from the candles.

"Hey! What's this? Where did you get those candles?" asked Yonah, a little surprised at the effect of the colour. "It's great."

Her friend just smiled back but didn't answer. Soft Arabian melodies came from the CD player next to the green settee instead. Her friend started to dance, shaking her hips, letting her kimono slide off and tossing it on the floor as Yonah got up and applauded, delighted.

Like an odalisque she moved and whirled around her, performing an exotic dance with disturbing grace, never taking her eyes off hers. No man could ever understand the primitive erotic power of those undulating movements, thought Yonah, or the complicated things a woman could feel. No, men couldn't possibly understand a female dance performed for female eyes only.

The fluid motion of Linnea's body and limbs froze her on the spot. She wanted to have that body encased in that metallic gold and black bustier; she wanted to taste her there, beneath those matching thongs. Her warm and flawless body offered itself like a wondrous gift she was eager to gingerly unwrap.

As if she read her mind, the dancer then stopped. The music went on but they stood in the middle of the living room, breast to breast, iris to iris, indifferent to the sound, but gently touching each other with soft caresses.

"Let's go to the bedroom," invited Linnea and put her left arm around her waist.

More candlelight awaited for them in the bedroom and their mouths came together, more insistent and demanding in the dim intimacy of that supernatural light. A thrill of excitement ran through Yonah's body as she felt Linnea's hands reaching down to caress the crest of her buttocks. Her mouth tried to respond to Linnea's passion as she felt the lubrication forming between her legs. But Linnea softly pulled away.

"Let's strip off, love," she whispered. "Eves no need clobber in paradise."

Standing by the king-size bed Yonah slipped the bustier ruffled straps from her lover's shoulders and lightly kissed the hairline at the nape of her neck while her dark hands looked for the hooks of her garment, undoing them one by one.

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Tags: Mainstream, BDSM, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction