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Love of a Human

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Liza Kay

ISBN :978-1-4874-1532-7

Page :141

Word Count :38260

Publication Date :2017-10-20

Series : Wildcat Hills Pride#4

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Love of a Human (pdf) , Love of a Human (prc) , Love of a Human (epub) , Love of a Human (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1532-7

If London has his way, this human and shifter pairing will be the event of the season!

Alpha Donavan Haas has a secret. Something he’d die before admitting to. To his coyote pack, he is stubborn, masculine, and dominant, but his inner self longs to be free. He’s living in a gilded cage, but who holds the key?

London Fishman is a quirky human nurse who’s read far too many shifter romance novels. Being kidnapped by Xander’s pride only reinforces his belief in the existence of the paranormal. London yearns for a mate of his own. And then he meets Donavan, and all his dreams have come true.

But happily ever afters are sometimes hard to come by. Don’s sins of omission become a barrier between them, and his actions remind London too much of past lovers who have hurt him.

True strength lies not in dominance, but in knowing who you are. If Donavan doesn’t figure that out, and tell London the truth, he just may lose him.

“You’re mine, stud. You can run from me, but my coyote loves a good chase.” Donavan couldn’t help but devour London with his eyes. “I’ll hunt you down and gobble you up, my mate.”

It was funny how the cute human’s mouth dropped open.

“Ah, shit,” Xander muttered.

Asa scratched his head. “That’s a twist I certainly didn’t expect.”

Donavan ignored them. All that mattered was the tall man Fate had given him. At almost thirty, he’d thought he’d never find his mate.

Asa squeaked beside him when London’s eyes rolled back in his head and the guy passed out, crumbling on the kitchen floor.

That must hurt like a bitch.

Donavan arched one brow. He shot Xander a quick glance. “I didn’t come on too strong, did I?”

“Yeah, you did. I see you’re still an asshole,” Asa muttered.

Crouching down, Donavan rolled the guy to his back and cradled his head in his lap. He brushed his fingers through London’s long, floppy blond hair. Don smothered a chuckle. With his cut-off shorts, and open pink button-down shirt over a white wife beater, the man looked like a beach bum who’d just rolled out of the nearest dune.

Xander stood beside them. “Maybe we should bring him to the living room where he can lie down.”

“And maybe get a doctor or something in case he hit his head,” Don said.

“London is our nurse. He’s the only trained medical staff around.” Asa crossed his arms over his chest.

Suddenly, London groaned and rolled to his side. He lifted a hand to his head, then opened his eyes and squinted. “God. I had the weirdest…” He gasped, his gaze meeting Don’s. “You’re real!”


London’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. He grabbed for Don’s shoulders. “You called me your mate. Please, tell me you didn’t lie. I can’t believe it.”

Don scoffed and stood. “I’d never lie to you.”

Scrambling to his feet, London swayed for a second before he caught himself. A wide grin split his face. “Yes! Yes, I knew I was destined to be a mate.”

“Well…” Donavan grunted when London grabbed him and lifted him off his feet. The perky human even spun him in a circle. He steadied himself against London’s shoulders, noticing how defined they felt. “Let me down. Immediately.”

“Nope.” London chuckled, his eyes twinkling with a heavy dose of mischievousness that promised trouble in Don’s usually ordered life. “My… aren’t you the cat’s meow?”

“Coyote,” Don replied with an amused smirk.

“Uh.” Asa lifted his index finger. “Buddy, I don’t think lifting and spinning an alpha is a good idea.”

The grin on London’s face grew even wider. “I’m the mate of an alpha?” He tightened his grip around Donavan’s waist. “Awesome. Will you claim me soon?” Their position nestled their groins together distractingly, and the proof of London’s excitement was hard as a rock in his shorts and made it difficult for Don to follow the human’s rambling. “I heard it involves a bite. Does it hurt much? And do you want to date me before you bite me? I mean, we shouldn’t do it here in the kitchen anyway. That’s not sanitary at all.”

Obviously, London knew the dynamics of mating. Don cleared his throat, feeling a blush creep into his cheeks. “Easy, stud,” he said dryly. “I’m Donavan Haas. Coyote alpha of the Pumpkin Creek pack. And no, you’re not allowed to make fun of that name,” he added sharply.

London curled his lips into his mouth, but Don felt London’s body vibrate against his with the strain of keeping quiet.

“Let me down. Now. I won’t claim you here in this kitchen.” The command in Don’s voice was clear as day. Usually people went above and beyond to follow his orders. Quickly.

London, however, seemed unfazed. He had the nerve to peck a kiss on Don’s cheek. “London Fishman. Don’t make fun of my name and I’ll return the favor. I’m twenty-six and a former nurse. Well, I was a former nurse. I worked at the hospital in Gering, but my grandmother, who’s on the hospital board, had me fired because I’m a flamer. Then I worked at a pharmacy, the one where Viggo found and kidnapped me. Now I’m a nurse again. The pride’s nurse. I really don’t miss the hospital. You wouldn’t believe the drama between the staff. I can tell you, the hospital series you see on TV are all true.” He rolled his blue eyes in a dramatic fashion.

Don blinked for half a minute, processing the string of unsolicited information. “Your brain-to-mouth filter seems to be broken.”

London winked. “Yup. Broken beyond repair. You’ll get used to it. If I talk too much, ignore me or tell me to shut up.”

Don would never tell his man to shut up. That’d be plain rude. He’d stick with ignoring him if it became too much. Or he’d put something between London’s full lips. “Pack your stuff.” Don wriggled in London’s grip. “You’ll come home with me.”

“Dominant much?”

Don snorted. “Dominant. Possessive. Sullen. And, as Asa will gladly confirm, an asshole. You’ll still come with me.” He didn’t see why he should beat around the bush. The man was his now. The sooner London realized it, the better for them both.

“Of course, my dear.” London topped the ridiculous endearment by rubbing his cheek against Don’s, still smiling as though he’d won the lottery. London sure was acting a little weird, and Don wasn’t sure if it was just the mating pull taking its toll on the human.

He snarled. “Stop it already. I’m not some puppy you can cuddle.”

“Not a cuddler?” London pouted but lowered Don to his feet. “You’re cute like a puppy, though.”

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