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Lioness' Pack

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Valerie J. Long

ISBN :978-1-77111-061-7

Page :449

Word Count :118548

Publication Date :2012-01-01

Series : Zoe Lionheart#8

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Lioness' Pack (pdf) , Lioness' Pack (prc) , Lioness' Pack (epub) , Lioness' Pack (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction , Fantasy , LGBTQIA+ , Mystery and Suspense

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-061-7

The Lionhearts won’t fear death nor devil—Satan has to fear the day they’re moving in.

Like mother, like children, the proverb goes. But what does that mean if both mothers are living legends? There’s not much time for the Lioness’ pack to find out before Earth is bound to be destroyed in a war carried out with no holds barred.


Laz only noticed that Sylvie trembled all over and clung to him, and that this felt damn good despite the sea water wetness. The gentle press of her curves at his body stirred all new feelings inside him, not to mention the almost overwhelming protective instinct that filled him.

The two young men were still standing in the same spot and staring at them. He followed their gaze. Oh! Sylvie’s bottom in wet condition didn’t leave anything to the observers’ fantasies. The entirely transparent little white triangle nuzzled tightly around the gentle curves of her shaved pussy lips and let them shine through in fine light brown. That the sea water’s cold made her nipples clearly stand out only underlined her appearance.

With gentle force he pulled Sylvie around and held her tight, so that she only showed her nice, uncovered butt to the two gawkers. The warm wetness on his shoulder wasn’t caused by seawater. His teammate was sobbing.

“Yes, yes, it’s okay,” he whispered. “You’re safe with me.”

He spent a little trickle of his booster to reheat them both. Then he waited until her trembling faded. Damn! She’s sexy, even now.

* * * *

Sylvie needed a few minutes to regain her composure. She felt the sun on her back, but what really made up for the evaporation chill was Laz’ warm and comfortably close body. Tightly snuggled up to him she couldn’t help but feel his growing erection. That reminded her of something else. Crap, her bikini pants had to be soaking wet now!

Wild determination filled her. Yes, her situation was clear. Her rescuer was trapped, by his protective instinct as well as by his hormones. You have to strike while the iron’s hot. Now or never!

Very lightly she brushed his crotch with her upper leg and purred quietly. Then she freed herself from his hold—screw watchers!—and stepped with swinging hips to their towels, where she picked up her tank top and pulled it over her still wet body. The wetness did a nice job and let her nipples shine through. I’m a bitch, Sylvie thought and dressed her shorts, unfastened the wet G-string under them and pulled it out. Then she gave Laz, who was just pushing his head out of his tee shirt collar and stared at the little white shred in her hand, a promising smile and attached herself to his arm. “Let’s get to our room, if you can hold it that long,” she whispered in his ear, making sure he could feel her breast at his upper arm.

You are mine, Sylvie thought. She had pushed her anger about his Dragon story aside. Wait, once we’re in bed, you’ll tell me everything. But first I want to know how large your cock can truly grow and how it feels inside me.

Sylvie had thought, once they were in their shared hotel room she’d quickly grab a rubber, but Laz had a different agenda. While their room door was still slowly closing she heard an ugly tearing noise behind her. She turned around and spotted his destroyed swim shorts at his feet, his phallus towered firmly toward her. Oh god, it’s huge!

Laz didn’t wait for long, pulled her toward him, lifted her with one strong arm, while the other pushed the bottom of her shorts slightly aside. Without undressing her, he penetrated her hard and deep. She moaned, and almost in a reflex her hips began to pump. Fuck the rubber, there’s a morning-after pill! Now she would enjoy this firm lance uncovered. Fuck my shorts, too, if he goes on like this, I’ll never again wear pants in his presence anyway.

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Tags: Mainstream, Action, Erotica, Fantasy, GLBT, Lesbian, Menage, Science Fiction, Suspense