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Lioness' Blood

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Valerie J. Long

ISBN :978-1-55487-600-6

Page :298

Word Count :55429

Publication Date :2010-08-16

Series : Zoe Lionheart#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Lioness' Blood (pdf) , Lioness' Blood (prc) , Lioness' Blood (epub) , Lioness' Blood (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-600-6

The only useful kind of self-deception is if you can persuade yourself to be strong.

A few weeks on vacation should help Zoe to understand herself better. Instead, every assignment requires her to outdo herself again. To the blood she has to fight for her teammates' survival--only to be betrayed by her own employer.

Patiently Zoe leaned to the corner of some shop and watched the waves of tourists--some searching for an interesting view, and others going for a group photo with a background--and not for the first time mused how lucky they were not to know which cruel fate they had been spared.

Then, right on time with the first whistle of the old steam clock Johnny appeared, with noticeably darker stubble than he had at lunchtime, but with the same beaming face as when he first saw her.

She caught him by surprise again with a hug and a quick kiss. The poor guy blushed. Then she led him to the next pub.

They exchanged small talk until the latte macchiato was placed in front of them and the waitress disappeared. Then she took his right hand and looked into his eyes. "You are a nice guy," she offered. "So I better tell you now. I'm not going for a long-term relationship."

His reaction in turn surprised her. He nodded, kissed her hand, and replied, "I know. I can see you haven't reached the end of your journey. I don't care."

She tried to answer--he put one finger to her lips. "No. Don't say it now. You are shining into my life like a ray of the sun, and I'm bathing in your light as long as it holds me. I'll enjoy every second and enshrine it in my heart like a precious treasure, to remember it during the dark hours. And when you have to go I won't grieve but rejoice in the present you gave me."


Now she stood in front of the mirrored wall of her hotel room and studied the picture of their nude bodies through half-closed eyelids and noticed briefly that even the microfiber bra that Johnny just had stripped from her left pressure marks. She enjoyed the feel of his warm breath that bathed her right ear and the nape of her neck, while his promisingly erected member targeted upward along her right hip, lightly pulsating in the rhythm of his heartbeat.

His hands caressed her short, black hair, casually stroked her earlobes, and followed the curve of her neck to her shoulders, then moved forward. From there they wandered across the outer side of her breasts, their lower sides, slid down her breastbone to her navel, and parted again before they reached the little black bush in her lap. They tenderly dawdled from her waist to her hips. Their movement hesitated as his left hand reached the clearly noticeable indentation of her bullet wound, then continued on under her buttocks, rejoined in the center and slid up her spine.

Her right hand gently closed around his firm shaft, tenderly moved along it to the tip, caressed his shining head. A wonderful feeling, she mused. Time for the unromantic necessity, gently she applied the condom, unrolled it, fondling his hairy balls.

He pulled back his hip slightly, pulled from her grip, pushed her arms outside and over her head. With hands aloft, her already firm breast was outlined even more. She trembled as his fingertips almost unnoticeably circled the sensitive skin of her bust, sneakily passed her areola, avoiding her expectantly tense nipples, teasing her again and again--damn! It felt so crazily good that she didn't want to let him stop, although at the same time she longed for the feel of his dick inside her, sensed how her clit cried for attention, imagined how the wetness trickled out between her labia, determined to soak her loins. No no!

Not to be delayed, she slowly turned to the balcony door, pulling him after her at his caressing hands as she swam toward the door with infinite deliberation, tore it open wide, letting in the refreshing evening air which caused a fine goose flesh and again made her more receptive for his caressing moves. Oh, she felt as if something should explode very soon--abruptly she tore her upper body from his grip, reached forward with her arms, grasped the balcony handrail, extended her back to him with gently spread legs in an unmistakable invitation, yes, please, do it! wordlessly crying, demanding, while his hands began to fondle her buttocks--no, more!--a short touch of his lance in her crotch, but much too elusive, already passed, there, again! she pushed her pelvis further to him, hoping, begging, pleading--"Aaaaooh!" with a loud, animal, lustful scream that echoed far through the city streets she--finally!--received his long, hard pulsating cock deep inside her, voraciously enclosed by her damp cavern, massaged by her tensed muscles, caressed by the rhythmical shake of her pelvis, oh yes!

"Oh!" Uninhibited she let those unseen in the night take part of her lust. Mindlessly, she cried out her rapture, answered every push of his pelvis with a little, peaky shriek, completely devoted, voluntarily captured with him in a tiny universe of ecstasy, pushing, rushing, circling, moaning, screaming--moremoremoreharderdeeperfirmeryees!

She sensed the climax approaching, felt herself reaching her inner barrier appreciated, hugged, opened, fluid and fire in her veins, foxfire eruptions dancing through and around her, flashes, EXPLOSION! A scream like from a thousand throats, thrown back by walls with their highlighted windows, dark silhouettes of stunned witnesses, released her tension, took the desired relief with it, and yet…

Boiling blood, adrenaline and endorphin in a whirling choreography, muscles spasmically twitching with the signals of electrified nerves, self control in free fall, for fractions of a second Zoe was committed to her body's reactions until her mind took in the reins, little prickling discharges tingled here and there in her body, tender echoes of the previous orgasm that was so infinitely, salaciously amplified by the flow of her special power which she now quickly contained, while she let her spine relax and loosened the grip of her vaginal muscles, allowed him to retract out of her. Slowly she straightened up, presented her sweaty wet breasts to the city night, turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him toward her, just held on, sensed how his slowly shrinking, wet member stroke along her pelvis, enjoyed how he hugged and held her, breathing heavily, exhausted, weary.

"Incredible!" was his first word.

"Yes!" she replied beaming and pushed him back into the room, toward the waiting bed. The night was still young!

More! More! More! She fantasized, as Billy Idol's Rebel yell invaded her thoughts.


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Tags: Erotica, Futuristic, Mainstream, Science Fiction, Erotica, LGBT