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La Suite 2

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : M.P. Franck

ISBN :978-1-77111-726-5

Page :139

Word Count :42136

Publication Date :2013-10-30

Series : La Suite#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : La Suite 2 (pdf) , La Suite 2 (prc) , La Suite 2 (epub) , La Suite 2 (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-726-5

Ah, Gaëlle, what a woman! Attractive, intelligent, sexy and, of course, French. In recounting her past adventures to her best friend, she has come to accept and welcome the realization that she is ready to resume and extend her sexual experiences. A chance encounter has re-awakened her burning urge to explore the farthest reaches of her sexuality and her mind is buzzing with possibilities that many women never dream of, let alone put into practice. Gaëlle has no need for a millionaire to show her the way. This is the story of a woman profoundly passionate about seeking out and finding erotic ecstasy for herself. For Gaëlle, there are few limits and she is wide open to exploring in many different ways. Part four is the continuation of a process begun in Gaëlle and Jérôme and continued in La Suite part one, although it can, like a fine Champagne, be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

Gaëlle settled back into her life in Strasbourg after the Christmas break. She went to Jo for regular massages and spent a few days happily redecorating the hallway of her apartment. Maya had also been away for the holiday period and Gaëlle wasn’t expecting to resume their conversations until Maya’s school term was under way. She was pleased, therefore, when Odile phoned her and suggested lunch.

“I’ll pick you up at one on Thursday,” Odile said. “There’s a new restaurant I want to try out and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Gaëlle was duly waiting in the street in front of her building when Odile pulled up. They exchanged kisses and Odile set off. “I hope you aren’t starving right now,” she said to Gaëlle, “because it’s a little way into Germany. I’ve never found a really good Turkish restaurant in Strasbourg and this one is supposed to be the cat’s whiskers.”

“No, I’m fine for the moment,” Gaëlle told her and settled back to enjoy the ride. They travelled for about an hour before Odile pulled into a car park out in the country beside a typical Black Forest chalet, all wood beams and geraniums.

“It doesn’t look very Turkish!” Gaëlle joked.

“The outside isn’t, but the inside may be different,” Odile said.

Inside, they could have been in Istanbul. Turkish music played and brass ornaments festooned the walls. Brightly-patterned rugs covered the floors. The tables were separated by tall house plants in big pots, making each one into its own little oasis. They were shown to their table and spent the next hour working their way through the menu of meze dishes.

“This is wonderful,” Gaëlle commented. “It would be a great place to come in the evening, too, so intimate and cosy.”

Odile settled the bill. On their way out, they passed by a set of padded doors. Gaëlle’s curiosity made her try them. A passing waiter stopped.

“You are too early, Madame,” he said. “The nightclub bar will not open until later this evening.”

Gaëlle shrugged. Odile and she went back to the car, drove over the border and home.


From Gaëlle’s journal


Odile wanted to me to come in for another pumping session, but I said I was busy, which is nothing but the truth at the moment. I’d love to experiment further with her and the pumps, but I really don’t have a moment to give her. Oh, for an occasional forty-eight-hour day! We agreed to try again as soon as I’m free. I’m lucky as well as grateful that Odile accepts so easily the limitations on our time together. I’d barely got home and picked up my book when Eric phoned. Maya and he are inviting me to be their guest for his birthday and he wanted to know if I could recommend anywhere, so I did. He also hinted that he’d like Maya to wear something sexy and wondered whether I’d be prepared to try and persuade her. I promised to do my best. I’m as enthusiastic about seeing Maya looking sexy as Eric is.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Menage