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Kissed By Nemesis

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Andi Anderson

ISBN :978-1-4874-0440-6

Page :130

Word Count :38342

Publication Date :2015-08-30

Series : Kissed By An Immortal#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Kissed By Nemesis (pdf) , Kissed By Nemesis (prc) , Kissed By Nemesis (epub) , Kissed By Nemesis (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0440-6

Nemesis breaks the laws of fate to be with his forever mate, but will Jared be able to accept what he must do for them to have an eternal life together?

Jared lived an ordinary life until the day he was kidnapped because of his twin brother’s evil deeds. Days later, he comes to the horrific conclusion he will not be saved. Just when he’s lost all hope, out of nowhere an ethereal looking man appears and Jared begins to believe this gorgeous creature just might be his salvation after all.

Nemesis has one job to do. He must follow the laws of fate and sit in judgement of mortals. When Nemesis is called to witness the dire circumstances surrounding Jared because of his brother’s cruel choices, he is surprised when the helpless mortal can see and talk to him.

Instinctively knowing Jared is his forever mate, Nemesis breaks the laws of fate and saves Jared’s life, in turn threatening his own existence. Only Jared’s unconditional love and acceptance will seal their destiny together, but will his mortal be able to face the harsh judgement of what’s to come?

The end was coming soon. Jared knew he put up the good fight, but it was going to be a battle he was doomed to fail. His captors had done everything possible to make the last few days a living hell. Between the beatings and the vile insults they hurled at him, he was beginning to lose all hope of escaping alive.

His hands throbbed from the rope tied tightly around his wrists. He tried not to focus on the pain as he once again struggled to free them from the binding’s evil grasp. Unfortunately for him, the more he fought against it, the tighter the rope became and though he knew he was just making it worse, he couldn’t keep from doing it.

The old rickety chair his captors bound him to wasn’t comfortable either. Every bone and muscle in his body ached and screamed for some kind of release and it was something he knew wasn’t coming anytime soon. His face ached from the repeated slaps he’d received since he’d been held captive and he was positive he had the beginning of a black eye because it was so sore and was starting to swell shut.

He shifted uneasily in the chair and tried to ignore the cold wetness on the front of his pants. When it came to needing to use the bathroom, his captors shown no mercy and after the days began to pass by he couldn’t hold his bladder any longer.

Jared wasn’t sure how long he’d been abducted, but judging by the light coming through the bottom of the door, it had to be several days.

It was the light that kept him sane.

Since he was a child, Jared had been afraid of the dark. His twin brother, Carey, always thought it was funny and when they were kids had often tormented him about it, but as the light faded in and out at the doorway, Jared clung to any glimmer of it regardless of how dim or bright it was.

He knew the darkness was going to drive him insane. Already, Jared could swear he saw a lone figure standing in the shadowed corner and it frightened him even more than his kidnappers. Once in a while, it looked as if the slight figure was moving toward him, only to take a step back whenever Jared thought he couldn’t take anymore and was going to scream in fear. He knew the dark figure was waiting for him to die. He even wondered if his shadowed tormentor was some kind of creature, like the grim reaper, who had come to take him away. No matter how rational he tried to be, his fear of both the creature and death itself chilled him to the bone.

Now, after days of being petrified of the shadows, Jared found it hard to give a damn about it at all. He was weak and tired and finding it hard to keep the will to live.

Jared’s stomach growled loudly in the quiet room and he whimpered from hunger. His kidnappers didn’t seem to be concerned about him eating, but thankfully, they did give him the occasional drink of warm, coppery tasting water whenever they deemed necessary, which wasn’t often enough. His dry throat was scratchy and sore from yelling for help, but when his kidnappers threatened to stuff a rag in his mouth to shut him up, Jared reluctantly became quiet.

He still wasn’t quite sure why they had abducted him in the first place. He suspected it had something to do with Carey. His brother had a knack for finding trouble and relying on Jared to bail him out of it.

Things began to change between them when their parents died in a house fire six years ago. Jared had just started his second year at college while Carey had opted not to go at all. When he got the call from his brother informing him his parents were trapped in their house from an electrical fire, Jared’s grief was so intense he had a hard time functioning, but thankfully, Carey somehow managed to keep a cool head. His twin took care of everything from the arrangements for their funeral to being a shoulder for Jared to cry on. When they received their inheritance, Carey had quickly blown through his money while Jared put most of his in savings for a rainy day.

It wasn’t long before Carey began to ask for a hand out. At first, Jared was so grateful for Carey’s love and support during those hard times, it was an easy decision to give him the funds his twin told him he needed. As time went by, his brother became more insistent and demanded more money from him and he began to observe his twin’s personality begin to change. He went from the one person Jared had once relied on, to an angry demanding man.

When he caught Carey in his bathroom shooting up with a needle, Jared thought his entire world was going to implode. He still didn’t know how Carey managed to convince him that he wasn’t a junkie or addicted to narcotics. He didn’t want to think Carey would ever give into the grip of addiction, but as time went by, Jared began to realise it was true.

His brother was a habitual user.


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