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Gridiron Cage

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Crawford Rhine

ISBN :978-1-4874-0179-5

Page :228

Word Count :61341

Publication Date :2014-08-05

Series : The Master and Servant#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Gridiron Cage (pdf) , Gridiron Cage (prc) , Gridiron Cage (epub) , Gridiron Cage (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0179-5

A marked man enters The Service wanting adventure and to find love and is assigned to a famous football player infamous for his partying.

Brand is right-out-of-school young when he enters The Service, maybe too young. He is assigned to Mike Dobrogost, a cocky NFL football player with the New England Patriots. Gost, as everyone calls his new Master, is famous for his partying and sexual exploitation. Not exactly the Master that Brand had hoped for—one that would worship him and one with whom he might fall in love. Further complicating matters is that Gost is already used to having a Servant, because Brand is not the only Servant in his employ.


Romance from a guy's POV.

I was told to enter the cage on a Tuesday morning. I'm not sure what day it is now, but I'm sure it is at least Wednesday. The cage was bigger than I thought it would be. I could sit comfortably on the hardwood floor or squat on my heels, but was unable to stand. The heavy curtain around the bars blocked most of the light and muted all but the closest of voices. The floor and ceiling of the cage were very smooth and the bars were polished smooth as well.

I think I was held for a while before being loaded by forklift onto a truck. Expecting to fly from Charleston to my destination, I was surprised by the truck and the fact that it had really nice shocks. The temperature was cold, but I could tell that a space heater was very close. Good thing, since I was wearing nothing but a very skimpy jockstrap! There had been snow in the forecast for most of the East Coast the last time I had seen the news.

I had just graduated from The Service Academy. Having received my mark on my fifteenth birthday, I had decided immediately to enter The Service and take on the world. My dad and brothers were happy that I had this chance, but were worried for me. Dad made me think about it for a year and then I put in two years at the Academy, so I was now eighteen and ready for my big adventure.

I was over six feet tall and weighed a good two hundred and ten pounds. I was one of the bigger guys at school, and I used my years at The Academy to lift weights and bulk up my physique. Going to the gym was not something that came naturally to me, so I actually had to work at it, which told me exactly how much I wanted this for myself. My blond hair was shaved on the sides and long on the top, which tumbled down over the shaved areas. I was quite proud of my hair and worked hard on making it look good.

At The Academy, we had heard many stories—some rumors or urban legend, some real stories from our professors, most of who had been in The Service also. A few professors had worked in Service Stations, and they really had some weird stories to tell. I couldn't imagine working in a Service Station and getting fucked eight hours a day by complete strangers you never saw, felt, or talked to.

I wished I knew which direction we had been travelling. It seemed to be getting colder as we went along, so I figured it was a colder climate than the one I left behind. That could make my destination New England or somewhere in the Midwest. I wondered what my Master was going to look like and how he would act. I hoped he would like me and treat me well. This was the biggest drawback to being in The Service, the chance at humiliation and degradation. Plus, you had no control over who or what your Master was. All you could be sure of was that if you lasted a year, you got to choose whether you continued or not and you got a million dollars. If you decided to stay for the full two-year term, you got two million.

However, my professors had told me that some Masters could make twenty-four hours seem like a year. One year was a very long time if you were constantly degraded. Privately inside, I admitted to myself that one year was a very long time to have sex with someone that you did not find attractive or did not like as a human being.

I hoped that my year went fast and I could finish the contract and leave with my pockets lined for life. I also hoped that my Master wasn't a troll and that I would actually be attracted to him. That would help. It would also help me if I could seduce him with sex and keep him happy. I had not had any experiences before the Academy, but I certainly got my eyes opened there. Seducing men was certainly something I had found was one of my major strengths at The Service Academy.

The Academy taught me many, many sexual positions and acts and we had to practice all of them. My ass was so sore sometimes I didn't think I could go to class the next day. I did like to be fucked and I also enjoyed fucking...not like was going to be using that anytime soon, though. My jaws also got their fair share of workouts, but I never did learn to like the taste of cum.

Many guys at the Academy fell in love with each other and balked at having to leave when they were called to Service. While I enjoyed the guys I met there, no one really did it for me. I was much more drawn to the younger professors. I had a thing for older guys, just not a lot older. Sometimes I wondered if I was abnormal for being drawn to NOMARs rather than marked guys. NOMARs were what our world called the men who were not sexually attracted to other men. They were the huge majority in our world, and I found them to be incredibly sexy. The call to Service, for me, was always viewed as a chance for an adventure, and that was what I was going to make of it. Secretly in my heart, I hoped for love, but I had resigned myself to not hope for that.

Finally the truck stopped and the back doors opened. I expected to get something to eat, but instead I heard the forklift. Its engine sound got closer and I could feel movement under me, and then I was being lifted into the air. I held onto the bars and we continued out of the truck, the bottom of the cage becoming rimmed with bright light. I was spun around and then we were moving forward. This must be my destination. Not being able to tell the travel time, I had no idea where I was. I knew it was cold. The windy air swirled under the curtain and gave me a chill. At least my nipples would be nice and hard to meet my Master, although my package in that jockstrap had shrunk up to nothing. Then again, Masters usually only cared about the Servant's ass, and mine was completely uncovered except for the three elastic bands of the jock.

Hearing voices, I listened but was unable to make out what they are saying. Soon I was lowered to the ground by the forklift and then I felt the handlers take control, carrying me into what I assumed was a house. They struggled with several turns and finally put me down. I clearly heard one of the handlers tell someone else that I needed to eat.

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Tags: Adult, Gay, GLBT, Contemporary, Erotic Romance