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Condemned to Slavery

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Bruce McLachlan

ISBN :978-1-77111-330-4

Page :183

Word Count :55487

Publication Date :2012-09-20

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Condemned to Slavery (pdf) , Condemned to Slavery (prc) , Condemned to Slavery (epub) , Condemned to Slavery (mobi)

Category : Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-330-4

During a trip to a vacation paradise, Lydia’s flight stops briefly in the newly formed, war torn country of Guenerros. The decision to take a few pictures as mementos has her arrested as a possible spy. Stripped, searched, and brutally interrogated, she is sent to a female only prison where male and female leather-clad sadistic guards and naked inmates help themselves to the nubile tourist.

Here the Warden keeps a helplessly rubber-entombed puppy girl and takes delight in punishing prisoners, while in the darkest depths of the place a cruel Mistress dwells in her fiendish dungeon, secretly preparing and viciously training those sent to her for dispatch to lifelong slavery.

The entire room was a merry cacophony of tinkling bell chimes, the levity in the peels of sound negated by the torments that were responsible for creating them.

Six pairs of women were lined by one wall, their identities completely hidden by the meticulously engineered garments of rubber and steel. One of each pair hung in the air, her hopelessly contorted form shivering and wriggling against the suit that held her there.

A complete sheath of skintight latex folded each of the six dangling females into a drastic hoop, their legs bent back to arch their fronts towards the ceiling and connect the sides of their feet to the sides of their hooded head via a plexus of stout straps. Arms were folded high up their backs and locked within a single triangular sleeve, which anchored itself to the comprehensive cat suit by several tight buckles. The featureless bulb that was all that remained of their hands rippled with the fight of fingers as they fought the stringent compression.

A metal hoop was set at the apex of the six arched chests, the dense mooring ring nestling just below their breasts. A stout chain led from this ring up to the ceiling, keeping them elevated at waist height, the six forms shimmering as muscles flicked and struggled to escape the impossible confines in which they were all so hopelessly embroiled.

Their mouths were visibly stretched into silent imploring wails, a vast penis gag having been plunged into their maws to stifle all protest. The plate responsible for the device connected into the same weave of straps that kept their feet pressed to their heads.

From the supporting hoist spat three lengths of slender chain, the silver links snapping to nipples and exposed clitorises with clover clamps, the taut lengths causing any movement to increase the havoc of the implements upon these most vulnerable zones.

From the ceiling drooled a line of insulated cable that swung beneath their vaulted backs and connected to the long dildo sheathed in their rears. The flashes of voltage havoc that rocked their sphincters and tracts was the prime motivation for the slave girls to dance, and it was this dance that brought eerie music to their air.

Every jolt and spasm they unleashed, no matter how subtle, caused the numerous bells of varying size to rattle and release their chaotic tune. Fastened to the septum ring that escaped with their nostrils to grant air, they were also added to toes, crown, knees, hips, arms and flanks, turning each woman into a veritable one-man band devoted solely to this instrument.

The compelling orders of the electrified rod were given new strength because of each woman’s partner. The other women stood between the straining legs of the elevated female, the two of them sealed together by several elasticized straps that ran from hip to hip, the give of the rubber strips allowing them to work but not escape.

These women were condemned within a crushing second skin that held their legs together into a single featureless line, perching them on a single stiletto shoe that held both feet at once and afflicted their balance most severely. None of them could actually fall because a chain ran from the top of their hooded heads to the ceiling, the slightly slack chain hurling down a secondary pair of slender links to snatch their nipples with more of the grievous clamps. Should they even slightly lose their balance, the nipple clamps would encourage them to recover it, and if that failed, the hood chain would finally stop them suffering a complete tumble.

Their arms were again twisted up behind them, sealed within the same awful sleeve that so afflicted their partners. This was not the only similarity between the two, for a cable descended behind them and plunged an identical dildo into their rear, the shocks galvanizing them into motion to ring the bells affixed all over their latex-smothered bodies. They were gagged with the same trespassing artificial length, and their pierced nose jingled with chimes as they swayed and fought their awful and strict containment.

The second female was erect in more ways than one, for a swollen ribbed phallus of opaque jelly had been attached at her crotch, the monster manhood plundering the womb of the suspended female. The beast was of such a length that should the woman fall to the limits of the chain, she would still not be able to pull it out, a demand that was additionally enforced by the hip straps.

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Tags: Adult, BDSM, Erotica