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Come to Me

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Zenina Masters

ISBN :978-1-55487-596-2

Page :86

Word Count :17784

Publication Date :2010-08-04

Series : Four Ever More#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Come to Me (mobi) , Come to Me (epub) , Come to Me (prc) , Come to Me (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-596-2

Cum to Me is the tale of a woman whose approach to orgasm triggers a teleport every single time.

Growing up on a frontier world is hard enough, but never being able to reach a climax without ending up halfway across the world is getting a little tiring. Pelly has been fighting a battle with her body for years and now even self stimulation sends her rocketing through folded space. Tamer, Zel and Marn have spent their lives abroad fighting wars for people who would never let them settle down. Only their fourth, their match, can complete their circle and let them start a family. Finding one cloned woman in the entire solar system is an impossible task, but when a woman from across the world ends up in their Law Offices, stark naked, a glimmer of hope stirs in all three.

She blinked. He was right--she was their wife now. How peculiar.

"You forgot?" He was looking at her with more amusement dancing in his eyes. "Marn, Tamer, she forgot we were wed."

Blushing was a lost cause, but she did it anyway.

The other two turned and grinned from their places at the front of the shuttle.

"I don't know whether to be amused or offended." Marn snickered. Apparently, he was choosing amused.

Tamer took the other option. "I am offended. We haven't even had a chance to prove ourselves in private and already she has forgotten all about us."

The thought of facing them all in the bedroom at the same time was daunting, but she wasn't even sure that that was how it was going to work. Sure, her fantasies revolved around all of their hands on her with two of them inside her at the same time, but asking for that image to be fulfilled was beyond her. Well, it was beyond her now. Who knew what a few weeks with them would bring?

"I haven't forgotten about you, I just don't know what to think. How does this work?" Her phrase brought heated looks from all three. "I mean…I know how sex works, but is there a plan for this?"

It wasn't the proper subject for travelling a few thousand feet in the air, but the questions had been bubbling in her since she first met them.

"There is indeed an order to this. Marn is first, I am second and Zel is third." Tamer nodded to each in turn.

"Does that ever change?"

Zel laughed. "Only if Marn or Tamer die. If I may explain?" He was asking his comrades and they nodded.

"Marn is first, he will trigger ovulation. Tamer is second, he has insemination capabilities. I am third. I am the spare in case one of the others becomes incapacitated. It was a built-in backup in case of wounding or death."

She could feel how wide her eyes were. "So, to get pregnant…"

"You would have to take Marn and Tamer to your bed within hours."

"Oh." She thought about it, "But you and I could…"

"Anytime, anywhere, Pelly." His smouldering gaze caught and held hers as he came in close and licked her lips slowly. The kiss that came after was a continuation of the tasting and Pelly raised her hands to hold his head.

She wanted him against her, pressing into her and she whimpered as she fought the restraint of the seat belt.

"Zel. Zel!" Tamer's muttered curse registered with Pelly a moment before the delicious bundle of muscles and male that was Zel was ripped from her.

"Hey!" She was suddenly cold and horribly alone.

"Sh. Calm, Pelly. We don't want you transporting while we are in the air and it seems that Zel was overwhelmed by your charms. Laws of motion indicate that if you are moving when you travel, you will be moving when you land. We are at far too high a speed for that." Tamer was stroking her hair back from her face, soothing her.

She had been close to her transport level. If she hadn't been tied to the seat, she would have straddled Zel's thigh and rocked her way to orgasm. It wouldn't have taken long.

Tears pricked her eyes as she looked into Tamer's sympathetic gaze. "I am sorry. I didn't realize."

His fingers traced her cheek and neck. "It is fine. We should be in Morvin in an hour and home fifteen minutes after that. I hereby give you full leave to jump me and strip me at your discretion."

She chuckled weakly.

"Why don't you sit next to Marn for the rest of the flight? He is a little more stable than we are and I think you will be safest with him." Tamer unclipped her harness and helped her forward to the co-pilot's seat.

She tried to ignore the feeling of his hands grazing her breasts as he buckled her in but failed miserably.

Marn tried to comfort her. "It is only for an hour, Pellisa. If you wish, you can think of your response to us as confirmation that we are truly designed for each other. I won't say we are not eager to have you under us, but if you tell us to stop, we will. That is the bonus of us outnumbering you."

She hadn't thought of it like that. A woman always experienced a certain vulnerability during sex, but with two men nearby, one could not get out of control.

"That sounds better and worse at the same time."

She looked out the windows and gasped. Below her were tiny squares that had to be farms. Large spiders that were towns and cities and an expanse of blue sky that went on forever.

"Does it always look like this?" She strained at her harness, wanting to look around the instrument panel.

"No. We have seen idyllic countryside torn by war, ravaged by fire, damaged by violence of nature and man. This is simply beautiful."

She nodded in agreement and fell into a stupor of vistas and imagining the people beneath them. She didn't need to imagine their lives. She lived their lives.

Pelly smiled and looked around the cabin of the shuttle. She would bet her last coin that the women below had never imagined the life she was about to start living.

"Where do you live?" She was watching them haul all of her possessions and a haunch of meat that her mother insisted she take.

"We rent a house on the outskirts of town. It isn't too far." Tamer grunted as he swung her clothing chest into the back of the hired carriage. The driver was bemused at all three men lifting and hauling, but he didn't have the nerve to ask which one of them she was wedded to.

That caused a trickle of fear to run down her spine. How would the good folk of Morvin react when they learned that she was wife to all three?

She didn't have time to dwell on it as she was boosted into the carriage and they were on their way.

The open carriage got a bit of attention, especially from the women who were hanging out windows and flashing their cleavage to the Lawmen.

She gave a rueful glance at one lady calling Zel by name, "I am guessing you were not pining for me."

Zel and Tamer blushed. Marn just laughed. "We did not know you were on Gallo, let alone on the same continent. We had to keep busy."

She laughed. After all, she had been doing the exact same thing. "Do you think they knew what they were doing when they built high sex drives into us?"

Marn lifted her hand to his lips. "They had no idea."

Their conveyance pulled up at a tidy house in a quiet neighbourhood. Marn paid the driver while the other two started to unload her copious baggage.

She was getting excited. Each box inside the house made it one step closer to her falling into bed with them.

"The tradition is to carry you over the threshold, but that may be awkward if only one of us does it. Hold still." Marn took her shoulders, Tamer, her waist and Zel her knees. They marched her into the house like a battering ram. Her laughter rang through the house as they marched her through the whitewashed halls and into a large bedroom.

As they put her down and started to undress her, things ceased to be funny.

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