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Impulses Vol. 1

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Roxanna Cross

ISBN :978-1-4874-1119-0

Page :33

Word Count :9170

Publication Date :2017-07-23

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Impulses Vol. 1 (epub) , Impulses Vol. 1 (prc) , Impulses Vol. 1 (mobi) , Impulses Vol. 1 (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Summer Shorts 2017

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1119-0

 Impulse attraction, crazy summer heat wave, out of control emotions can this recipe drive them to more than just a summer fling?

The sudden death of her parents jarred her reality. For the past year, Candy Rivers has been overwhelmed with grief and lives her life behind a veil, not letting herself feel anything for too long. At times, she can be pulled from behind her screens to live in the present. A tall, dark, sexy-as-hell patient manages such a feat. Leaving morsels of herself exposed and vulnerable to the real world.

"Hey, Rivers, you’re dreaming again!" Matthews’ teasing voice pulls me out of my trance.

My cheeks flush with sudden heat when I realize my hand is stroking up and down my patient's penis. Shit! Not again. What hell is the matter with me? I'll lose my nursing license for sure if I can't stop my dick obsession. It's a wonder I haven't lost it yet, being a circumcision nurse and all. Sure, most of my patients are only a few hours old and not tattooed, pierced hunks like this guy lying on my gurney, which, I am still masturbating! Oh God! Shoot me now.

"Huh." I gulp. "Dr. Snow will have no problem performing the desired surgery. Mister. Mister…" Ohh, fuck I forgot my patient's name and here I am stroking him to paradise. I'm so fired for this.

"It's Eaton, Red."

"Mister Eaton."

"No, just Eaton."

"Candy, let go of the man's cock already!" Matthews pops his head in. "You got to keep an eye on this one. She’s a real man-eater," he says with a wicked grin.

“Matthews, get out of here so I can finish up, will ya?” I reprimand half-heartedly as I throw a roll of gauze at him.

“Oh no worries, Rivers, I have every confidence you’ll finish up all right.” He laughs as he dodges out of the way of the incoming target. The roll falls in a soft thud on the terrazzo. I huff. What a waste of perfectly good material. On the bright side, it got rid of the bugger.


I like the way Eaton says my name, like a question and a surprise at the same time. And the way it rolls off his tongue…mmmmm. Makes me wish I actually were a candy, a piece of his favorite treat for him to savor all night long.  It’s silly really. Getting worked up over my name. I close my eyes to center myself. I don’t want my voice to shake too much.

"My parents’ twisted whimsical sense of the Christmas spirit, yeah, I'm a Christmas baby. What can I say? My mom loved candy canes and my dad munched on After Eights as if he couldn't get enough of them." I explain with the semi-sweet smile talking about my parent always brings about. When I feel balanced again I open my eyes.

"It suits you. You look as sweet as candy." He winks. "And please don't stop on my account, I'm certainly enjoying the fine treatment," he says with a smile spreading from ear to ear.

Damn it! I'm still stroking him. I can't help it. His cock is smooth, and long, and thick, and I can already see it without the foreskin around its mushroom head. My mouth waters at the thought of it sliding between my lips. My pussy trembles. It wants to squeeze it within its walls. Shit! Shit! Shit! I have to put a stop to this. Like right this instant. Then why can't my hand stop moving up and down its girth?

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, summer fling, sexy drummer, naughty nurse