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Bad Boys Get Denied

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jeff Erno

ISBN :978-1-4874-0915-9

Page :30

Word Count :7220

Publication Date :2016-11-25

Series : Bad Boys#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Bad Boys Get Denied (epub) , Bad Boys Get Denied (prc) , Bad Boys Get Denied (mobi) , Bad Boys Get Denied (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0915-9

Boys will be boys...bad, bad boys who like to get denied.

Benjy and Russell have been together over a year and enjoy an active, adventurous sex life together, but lately Russell has been extremely busy with work. With a schedule so demanding, he rushes through their lovemaking sessions, and Benjy is feeling neglected. On more than one occasion, Russell doesn’t even take the time to make sure Benjy achieves complete sexual satisfaction. As a result, Benjy decides to take matters into his own hands and concocts a plan to both exact his revenge and teach his lover a valuable lesson. In the process, they experience the most explosive, memorable lovemaking experience of their lives.

Benjy lay on his back, legs spread wide in a butterfly position, as Russell knelt between his thighs, preparing to enter. Benjy stared up at his lover, taking in his broad shoulders and perfectly sculpted chest. Benjy’s heart raced in anticipation as he looked into Russell’s cerulean eyes, and by reflex, he pulled his legs back farther, bringing his knees closer to his chest, thus raising his bottom slightly from the mattress.

Russell grinned and raised his eyebrows at the exact moment he slid his lubed index finger inside Benjy’s quivering hole. To his chagrin, Benjy heard himself elicit a tiny whimper as he squirmed a bit on their large, queen-sized bed.

“Oh God! Oh, Russell.” Benjy’s cock throbbed against his abdomen as he frantically clutched the bed sheets beneath him. “Please, baby. Please fuck me!”

Having been a monogamous couple for well over a year, they’d long since dispensed with the safe sex protocols they had both fastidiously practiced. And the raw contact of Russell’s bare flesh inside him excited Benjy in an almost indescribable way. He thrilled at knowing nothing came between the two of them.

Russell removed his finger from Benjy’s sphincter and squeezed a generous dollop of lubricant on his eight-and-a-half rock-hard inches. He fisted his cock and pumped a few slow strokes to slick it up. Leaning forward, he used his right hand to hold his shaft at the base, then pressed the mushroom-like head against Benjy’s recently vacated hole.

Benjy moaned, not from the sensation of his lover’s touch, but merely in anticipation of the coupling they were about to experience. As Russell’s girth penetrated his tight rosebud, Benjy momentarily willed himself to relax, allowing the muscle to stretch and receive the entire length. He continued to stare into Russell’s eyes as he felt himself being filled. The wave of pain, though sharp, quickly dissipated when Russell leaned into Benjy and delivered a passionate kiss to his lips.

Benjy yearned to feel the thrust of Russell inside him but remained helplessly pinned beneath his lover. He rocked his hips slightly, using his body to urge Russell to get on with it and delay no longer.

“You want it bad. Don’t you, baby?” Russell said, smiling.

“Oh God! Oh, yes. Russell, would you just fuck me! Please!”

Russell placed both palms against the mattress on either side of Benjy’s head and rocked his pelvis, slowly withdrawing his cock so that only the tip remained inside Benjy’s twitching hole. Then without further warning, he thrust, re-burying himself deep inside Benjy.

Benjy cried out, “Yes!”

Russell didn’t wait but pulled back immediately and repeated the action, once again impaling Benjy. Over and over, he continued to thrust, increasing the intensity and speed of each downward movement. Benjy’s cock, now like steel, bounced against his tight abs, leaving a tiny pool of pre-cum just above his navel.

They’d been together long enough that Russell knew exactly how to penetrate Benjy in order to maximize the pleasure for both of them. He seemed to have a unique ability to zero in on Benjy’s sweet spot and relentlessly drive him straight to orgasmic bliss.

As Russell fucked him, Benjy felt the mattress bouncing beneath them. He began to cry out as he got closer and closer to his point of no return. “Oh God! Oh, Russell!”

Russell stabbed his hot cock deep inside Benjy, burying it to the hilt, and let loose of a guttural moan. His body trembled as he groaned and pumped his seed into Benjy, completely draining himself.

Then, just as Benjy was about to go over the edge himself, Russell withdrew. He collapsed on the mattress beside Benjy, rolling onto his side. He draped an arm across Benjy’s smooth chest, sighing and gasping for breath.

“Oh baby, that was so hot,” Russell whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too!” Benjy leaned over to kiss his partner, but as he pressed his lips against Russell’s there was no response. Russell did not pull him into his embrace. He didn’t reach down to take hold of Benjy’s hard-on to finish him off. He didn’t even open his eyes to look into Benjy’s.

Instead, he snored.

What the hell?

Benjy’s jaw dropped open as he stared at Russell. Good Lord, the man must’ve been exhausted to pass out so quickly. He’d never done something like that before, and Benjy had never considered Russell to be a selfish lover. Well, of course, Benjy should have realized what was going on. Russell truly was tired. He’d been working very long hours at the community center. He was obviously wearing himself ragged.

Benjy reached down and tugged on his still-hard cock as he looked upon Russell’s sleeping face. How could he be angry with this man, the love of his life? Benjy knew full well that he didn’t have to get off every time they made love. He still experienced and thoroughly enjoyed the satisfaction he received from pleasing his partner.

He let go of himself and kissed Russell on the cheek, then got up to retrieve the comforter they’d tossed on the floor. He stepped over to the opposite side of the bed and pulled the bed covering over Russell’s gorgeous body. Reaching beyond Russell, he pulled a pillow down, then gently slid his hand beneath Russell’s head, raising it just enough to slide the pillow into place.

“Sleep, lover boy,” he whispered. “You can get me off next time.”

Benjy then slipped out of the room to clean himself up in the restroom before settling in beside his lover for a few hours of slumber.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, BDSM