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Andromeda's Child

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Suede Delray

ISBN :978-1-4874-1961-5

Page :95

Word Count :26254

Publication Date :2018-03-30

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Andromeda's Child (epub) , Andromeda's Child (pdf) , Andromeda's Child (prc) , Andromeda's Child (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Science Fiction Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1961-5

How does an unemotional commander convince a very angry general to donate his sperm?

Andris is the stoic commander of the Celest Warriors. He was raised in a restrictive environment known as Warrior World where emotional attachment is frowned upon, and warriors must reproduce at least one child before they turn thirty. The planet is highly advanced, and in the year 2070, male warriors are able to experience pregnancy. To Andris, this duty is one he is hoping to be done with as soon as possible. The only problem is, Andris has no genetic equal on his planet.

Commander Thane Warner is Andris’ genetic equal, a highly decorated soldier with an IQ well above average. He is perfect. The only problem is, Thane is an alien from another planet and not very likely to volunteer.

Desperate to reproduce the perfect child who will one day replace Andris as commander of their military, Andris is ordered to find the alien commander and bring him back to Celest, by force, if necessary.

The dilemma; how does an unemotional commander convince a very angry general to donate his sperm?

Thane looked at the shirt, gray with two buttons at the collar. Shit ugly. “Oh, and the pants match the shirt,” Thane said under his breath. “Who is your fashion consultant?”

“Perhaps you’d prefer the purple ones I had on earlier?” Andris sounded sincere. “And the see-through shirt.”

“Only prostitutes in whore bars wear those.” Thane met his gaze.

Andris looked outraged.

Thane gave him an innocent smile. “Or, didn’t you know that?”

“What is a whore bar?”

“What do you think, genius, a place where prostitutes go to ply their trade.”

“I wore it to seduce you, should the occasion have arisen.”

“Not much would have arisen on my part with you in those clothes.”

“I resent that. I did my research. As it turned out, capturing you was far easier than I imagined. I was apparently too much in awe of your reputation.”

“Which one?” Thane grinned.

Andris scoffed. “You know which one, the conquering hero.”

“Oh. Well, you ambushed me,” Thane snapped.

“Yes. You seemed vulnerable, unable to get out of a box, and then dancing like a…whore, is it?”

“I was entertaining my friend. He’s getting married.”

“I see. Strange, because it looked like your friend wanted to devour you. Since you people couple up, shouldn’t he have been marrying you instead of another?”

Thane sighed. “Let’s talk about something else, like how I get off this planet.”

“You don’t. I’m sure the commissioner told you. You should allow yourself to accept it.”
“I am not allowing myself to accept anything that isn’t fair. If I give you my sperm, I should be able to leave.”

“Can’t happen. I’m sorry. It could cause a war.”

“Do you not think my people will be searching for me?” Thane pulled on the pants.

“Most likely, since you are a general. They will search on Etera, but you’re no longer on Etera, are you? You’re here.”

Thane stood up again. “I really want to punch you right now.”

“Take the pill, it will help,” Andris told him, heading to the door. “Rest now. I’ll come back later so that we can bond some more.”

“Oh, is that what we’re doing? Bonding? Great,” Thane sneered. “I can’t wait. Hurry back. Bring popcorn and a romantic movie.”

Thane walked over and examined the door after Andris left. Sealed. He knew he was being watched. He held up his middle finger. “Going to watch me take a leak, too?”

He paced. There had to be some way out of this place. He looked at the pill. There was no way he was taking that. Maybe he’d end up pregnant. He crushed it in his fist and threw it on the floor.

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Tags: Romance, Gay, GLBT, Futuristic, M-preg, Science Fiction