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A Taboo Christmas

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jo Tannah

ISBN :978-1-4874-0925-8

Page :47

Word Count :12008

Publication Date :2016-12-05

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Taboo Christmas (epub) , A Taboo Christmas (prc) , A Taboo Christmas (mobi) , A Taboo Christmas (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Holiday Countdown 2016 , Christmas

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0925-8

Forbidden food. Family drama. A lot can happen in the three days before Christmas.

When Zachary Parker’s grandparents come to town unannounced, his anxiety goes through the roof. His grandmother had always treated him like a child, but she’d also always known Zach was gay. Would she readily accept his relationship with a much older man?

Tristan knew from the start his relationship with Zach would be met with a lot of doubt and scrutiny from others. With the arrival of the grandparents, he would have to put his best foot forward. His best friend, Jon, Zach’s father, feared his in-laws and avoided them at all cost. That should have clued him in, right?

With Christmas Eve just around the corner, Zach’s grandmother insists on a traditional Noche Buena feast, putting Zach and Tristan directly in her path. Then there’s Zach’s secret present.

Will Tristan and Zach’s forbidden love find a happily ever after this Christmas Eve?

“Damnit... Zach!” The loud moan escaped Tristan’s lips, his mouth parted just as he jerked his hips up in an involuntary move. He struggled for breath.

“Don’t move.”

Tristan heard the whispered words around his hard arousal before he felt the tip of his cock meet the back of Zachary’s throat.

“You’re killing me, hon,” Tristan panted out.

He heard Zach make a sound before gasping out again, the moan sent vibrations up his cock. The resulting sensation sent a current of electricity straight into his balls making him tilt his head back in pleasurable shock against the pillow beneath it. With his hands gripping the headboard behind him, it was all Tristan could do not to scream. He’d desperately tried to hold it back ever since he’d woken to Zach deep-throating him.

The sensations leveled out allowing him to catch his breath and breathe in through his lips. For long moments, Zach maintained his strong suctions, until Tristan’s pleasure reached almost intolerable levels. To his despair, and delight, Zach showed no signs of letting up. Lulled into the steady stimulation, moving his hips up when Zach seemed to slow down before licking his glans, Tristan’s lips curved into a smile. He looked forward to that moment when Zach would make his move.

Zach released his cock with a soft pop before firmly setting his teeth into that soft junction where his thigh met his hips. The bite sent frissons of uncontrollable heat up his spine and even though he’d been expecting it, Tristan could not suppress his scream as the sudden, violent orgasm was wrenched out of him.

For long moments, Tristan could only grit his teeth, hang on to the headboard, and feel his balls empty in multiple, violent eruptions. Tremors wracked his body, his knees rising involuntarily, only to be gently pushed down by Zach’s firm touch. When the sensations finally settled to a gentle thrum throughout his body, he felt the hot wetness of a tongue as Zach slowly licked him clean.

Tristan couldn’t quite restrain letting out a groan when the wet tongue licked over and inside his sensitized slit. He heard Zach’s soft chuckle, before he felt him move up and over him. Zach gently straddled his hips before easing his hands off the headboard he hadn’t noticed he’d still been gripping tightly.

Tristan felt Zach run his hands over his arms, humming softly to himself as he massaged the tense muscles there. He finally opened his eyes and took in the man on top of him. His heart thumped hard under in his ribs, like it always did when he laid eyes on his lover. Boyfriend. Partner.

Sitting astride him, Zach’s lean, sweaty body loomed above him, making Tristan want to lick the smooth skin. The heat radiating off Zach’s body only intensifying the heat coming off his.

Tristan still couldn’t get over how this man, twenty-three years his junior, would look at him the way he was doing now. The chocolate brown eyes, rimmed with long, black lashes, looked down at him with such love and want in them, they never failed to take his breath away. He’d never thought he’d feel the way he did for another, other than his children of course.

No, scrap that. This man may be younger than him, and someone his children considered their best friend, but what they now had together, it went beyond mere attraction or a tender regard.

The intensity of how he felt each time their gazes met, or when Zach spoke, there were times the feelings overwhelmed him, scared him even, should he have the guts to admit it. How he loved this man. He didn’t have the right words to describe what he felt. He could only feel and it felt wonderful and made him feel safe.

Zach leaned over and locked his lips over Tristan’s in a heated kiss. Opening his mouth, relishing the hot tongue meeting his in an erotic duel, Tristan lost himself to the delicious flavor that was all Zachary Parker.

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Tags: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQIA+, Holiday Countdown 2016, Christmas