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A Dragon's Heart

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Matthew Angelo

ISBN :978-1-4874-1356-9

Page :92

Word Count :28267

Publication Date :2017-07-07

Series : The Heart of the Dragon#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Dragon's Heart (epub) , A Dragon's Heart (mobi) , A Dragon's Heart (pdf) , A Dragon's Heart (prc)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1356-9

A warrior must conquer his heart to save his people and the world.

The world of Aria is dying. A casualty of a war between good and evil. The war against the Order of Draconis is coming to a close, but without the elves, a victory for good will be short lived.

Wynter, the prophesized Great Dragon, and Arianna, High Priestess of The Keeper, must search out and release the elves from the prison they were put in by Varania, Queen of the Fae. To do so, both must search their hearts and conquer the turmoil within if they hope to have any chance of defeating the ruler of Celeste and rescuing the elves from their imprisonment.

They must also prove their love as Varania has set her eyes on Wynter, and the fae are a cruel people used to getting their way. As the sun reaches its apex in the heavens, Wynter and Arianna must join hearts and power to defeat this evil and make sure there’s a world worth saving. In the end, only love can save them.

“We need your magic, Wynter. The kingdom needs Arianna’s faith also, and the battles we won were because of your help. The Order of Draconis would’ve reduced Eden to rubble if it wasn’t for you both,” King Rowan said.

I said nothing at first. The sky held my attention captive as I watched a few dragons soar above me in the sky that grew brighter with each passing day. Light from the sun sparkled off their gem-like scales causing them to twinkle like stars in the daylight.

I could only see a few of the moons as the encroaching daylight threatened to drown out their glory. Within a week, the Summer Solstice would arrive along with the Great Conjunction. Arianna and I initially traveled to Eden to celebrate this event with the rest of the city, but now, we had to fight for survival. Our own and that of the people of this whole world.

It’s not fair. We should celebrate this event and not dread all the possibilities of the war’s outcome in the world. I glanced down to the battlements. The soldiers and others had almost finished the repairs. Since the death of Jal-eck Thar, I have had to deal with a few skirmishes, but nothing too grand. Other kingdoms on Aria have not had the same luck, but they resisted.

Turning, I faced the king. “I can’t stay, your highness.”

“If I could convince you I would, but we both know it won’t happen.” King Rowan gazed off into the surrounding area outside the city walls. “I can command you to stay and continue the fight with us.”

“You can try, as it's your prerogative as king to do so, but you know I would disobey and sneak off,” I replied.

“In other times, I’d have you thrown in the dungeon for such impetulence,” King Rowan jested.

“Your jails couldn’t hold Arianna or me,” I chided.

“If I knew it wasn’t an accurate statement, I’d test it out, but seeing it is, I’ll let it slide,” Rowan responded with a sigh. “Your mission to save the elves is as important as everything else. While I wish you would stay, the gods have other plans, and we must rely on their mercy in this war.”

I could only nod in agreement. The thought of relying on the gods’ mercy irritated me. Many times, I found their grace far from evident. I preferred my magic and blade over their kindness. Magic wasn’t as fickle as the deities ruling over the world, but having faith in them was like a double-edged sword. In time, one would cut themselves with it. It was only a matter of time for it to happen.

King Rowan placed a hand on my shoulder. “When do you leave?”

“Tomorrow. Time is growing short, and ports of Celeste will open only for a brief period during the solstice. Arianna and I need to get in and out fast,” I answered.

“How will you bring the elves back in such a short amount of time?” Rowan dropped his arm and glanced east, in the direction of Celeste.

I rubbed my face and sighed in resignation. “I’m not sure. The Twilight Gem holds the key or power to do so. It will lead us to them, and if the gods show their mercy, give me a way to bring them back before the solstice ends. The world will die without the elves.”

“Then do what you need to do. If the world dies, then all this fighting will not be worth it. I’ll make sure you and Arianna have the supplies you need. As much as I prefer you to continue your fight here, I’d be a horrible king to keep you here,” Rowan replied. “My people’s long-term safety outweighs my need for another sorcerer. The dragons from the Twilight Isles have pledged their continued support. With them, we’ll be fine.”

“Thank you, your highness.”

King Rowan nodded and turned to leave before stopping. “Be careful, Wynter. I’ve heard stories about the people of Celeste, and I would rather someone cut off my head then to entertain their queen.”

He walked away leaving me wondering over the statement. I would agree, but as fate would see it, my future dealings would at some point involve the fairy queen of Celeste. At no point did I relish the idea, but circumstances forced my hand. The gods may have forged the road I had to travel, it didn’t mean I couldn’t control the means of travel.

After the king had left, I continued my walk of the battlements. While I loved speaking to the knights and other soldiers, it made me worry for them more. How many of these men and women whom I call friends will die before we push evil back again? When will the gods stop playing their petty games with us? I would say never.

The wind picked up and blew through my hair. It's soft touch caressed my face and brought back memories of soaring in the sky. Phao, where are you, my friend? A month ago, the emerald dragon walked off the battlefield and disappeared from sight. It was right after our battle with Jal-eck Thar.

The tiny scale fused to my skin let me know he survived but nothing else. None of the other dragons knew where he was or where he could’ve gone. None of them showed a lot of worries, but reading a dragon’s facial expressions was impossible, and the only emotional tone they spoke in was anger. Sounds like my life not too long ago.

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Tags: Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Dragon, Elves/Fae/Fairy, Epic, Magic