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White Sand Secrets

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Catherine Hazen

ISBN :978-1-4874-3751-0

Page :234

Word Count :70318

Publication Date :2023-01-13

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : White Sand Secrets (prc) , White Sand Secrets (pdf) , White Sand Secrets (mobi) , White Sand Secrets (epub)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Romantic Suspense and Mystery , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3751-0

An unforgettable adventure of strength, desire, and justice develops when a ruthless female pirate, her honest twin sister, and a virtuous local fisherman fight for survival in the beautiful but deadly waters of the tropical White Sand Islands.

Claire is an orphaned American en route to a career-defining international conference in the tropical White Sand Islands but is shocked to discover a travel warning for a killer named Amberly who looks just like her.

Local islander Kyle realizes his attempt at a peaceful new life is sabotaged upon Claire's arrival when the pair become shipwrecked and he believes Claire somehow holds answers why the notorious pirate, Amberly, killed his innocent brothers.

Meanwhile, Amberly unravels a sinister plot and sails through the islands to find her shipwrecked twin before she falls to more unbeknownst harm.

Claire, Amberly, and Kyle must face their pasts and make decisions about how far they will go for family and love.

“I can do this, I can do this, I can do this,” Claire repeated as she paced nervously in the empty conference room. Her black heels clicked sharply against the hardwood floor like the tick of a clock. Goosebumps crept up her bare arms.

“Deep breaths.” She put her hand on her chest and listened to the exhale. She hated presenting when Mr. Gann was going to be listening. Because of his short fuse and lack of patience, she’d practically reduced her big project to an elevator pitch with a few leading examples. If she nailed this presentation, a promotion was sure to follow, and she could finally supervise herself. But only if this went well.

Claire turned to the dark window compulsively and stared at the glow of St. Paul’s city skyline. The falling snow made it even more beautiful. In her reflection, her gaze roamed over her thin frame. She ran a hand through her short auburn hair, tucking any loose strands back into place. She frowned at her slouching shoulders and quickly adjusted her posture to fearless. With one last critical look, she smoothed her pencil skirt and turned to the clock on the opposite wall.

Eight-twenty-three AM. Seven minutes to go. Claire took several deeper breaths, running over the presentation in her mind as she flicked on the lights. She’d arrived two and a half hours early to practice, but she was starting to regret skipping breakfast. Her stomach grumbled in agreement. She chewed her lip and ignored it as her supervisor and the project manager, Jackson, walked in with the public relations manager, Neil, whose gaze was glued to his cell phone screen. She stopped herself from snorting. It was amazing that Neil hadn’t gotten fired yet, and comical to think he had manager in his title when he only oversaw his own childish personality. Jackson was his opposite, and today he looked particularly statuesque in his thin-rimmed glasses.

“Claire, are we ready to connect with Mr. Gann?” Jackson asked purposefully, his deep voice and confident appeal rendering Claire momentarily speechless, as he always did. She smiled, trying to catch his eye, but he remained focused on his work with the audio equipment on the table.

“I’ve already set up the video chat, but Beverly is still coming,” she replied.

“This isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.” Neil chewed his pen cap, casually leaning back in his chair with comfortable ease.

Claire stiffened, her smile slightly faltering as she watched Neil’s eyebrows knit together with apathetic boredom.

“It’s incorporating feedback from clients,” she said. “These new designs reflected their changing needs. Navigational clarity is a big one, ease of use, appeal…”

“Yeah, but what do they know?” Neil rotated the pen in his mouth with his tongue before returning it to his pocket.

“Mr. Gann wants new ideas on our websites, and it’s time for an upgrade.” Jackson finally met her eye. As if on cue, her insides melted as the corner of his lip quirked upwards in an encouraging smile.

Despite his being her superior, watching Jackson’s smooth movements always piqued her arousal. She felt her face flush but was grateful for the slight distraction from her nerves. It wasn’t Jackson’s fault that Mr. Gann micromanaged her through him, but Jackson had impressed Mr. Gann just shy of his six-month anniversary, and she was approaching a year.

I can do this, she thought to herself. But deep down, she heard voices of doubt. Gann, Inc. always seemed way too good to be true. She’d applied knowing she wouldn’t get the job. Interviewing, she’d figured, would simply be a way to be in the same room with professionals. She could learn from them. Listen to their speech patterns and how they placed their hands on the table. All of it counted, and she wanted to master it to turn her life into something meaningful. She couldn’t believe it when she got the offer. It was the end of her money anxiety. She would never be hungry again or have to rely on anyone but herself. No handouts, no scholarships. It was another step forward to freedom and strength. It became easy to play the part of a young professional, acting as if she belonged. She felt a gratefulness for her scheduled days, the safety net of her routine paychecks, and the flutter of her normal crush, but above all, the stability of her life was enough. No longer did she need to chase her old unhealthy highs. They were finally in the past, for good.

But the conference would decide her fate at the company. Despite her hard work on the new designs, it was clear that Mr. Gann was getting agitated. He’d halted hiring an additional designer and spent more time muttering to himself in the hallways than in his office, if he even bothered to show up at all.

Despite all that, she had to think positively. Today was the day her ideas would propel the company’s image into this decade, and tomorrow she’d be off to the international conference to promote them.

The company’s other web designer, Beverly, circled the table next to Jackson, her arms laden with glossy magazines. She briefly eyed Claire’s opening slide on the screen before pushing the stack of magazines to the middle of the table. Claire observed the magazines, noting the title The Isle Explorer.

“Afterwards,” Beverly said. Usually the chattiest person in the office, she was uncharacteristically quiet. Neil began casually texting while Jackson put the call through to Mr. Gann.

“How long is this supposed to last again?” Neil asked Claire without looking at her, talking loudly over the ringing noise coming through the boardroom’s speakers.

“I booked us for a half-hour in case we have questions and want to discuss things,” she replied. Neil grunted, squinting at his phone screen.

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