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Little Spirit

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : James J Gregoryk

ISBN :978-1-4874-3672-8

Page :189

Word Count :55068

Publication Date :2023-03-17

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Little Spirit (epub) , Little Spirit (mobi) , Little Spirit (pdf) , Little Spirit (prc)

Category : Contemporary Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3672-8

Jackson McIntire, a young school administrator, takes a job on a Native American Reservation and finds love with a handsome, young chief.

Jackson McIntire moves to a Native American Reservation to become their new school administrator. He will learn much about his new home and the people that live there. Almost immediately, Jackson discovers that his contact person is a very handsome young Lakota chief named Chief John Two Hawks. As his love of the community and its people grow, so does the love he’s found in John Two Hawks.

Dr. Jackson McIntire arrived at the Native American Independent Nation of the Black Mountain Lakota reservation at 8:00 AM. He'd been hired to be the new school administrator. He stopped at the entrance, got out of his car, and marveled at a giant hand-carved sign with the reservation's name and a message that read, Welcome to all that come in peace. On one side of the entry was a magnificent totem pole with carved eagles, bears, mountain lions, and bison sitting on top of the other, looking like they were protecting this place. Jack took pictures of both to send to his family. 

He hopped back into his car and drove, bouncing in his seat with excitement. Jack stopped at a building that had a sign that said Native American Independent Nation of the Black Mountain Lakota Central Administration Office. He saw an OPEN sign hanging on the door. He smiled—that meant he wouldn’t have to wait. 

He gathered up his proper identification papers, his signed contract, and the housing paperwork. He was given a 4-bedroom house, rent-free, as part of his employee benefits. With everything in hand, he got out of his car, flew up the stairs, and rushed through the door. He was ready to start his new job and see his new home. 

Jack could barely stay still long enough to talk to the lady who sat at the front desk. “I’m Dr. Jackson McIntire. I have a meeting with Mr. John Two Hawks.” 

She watched him and chuckled, but before she could respond to anything, a heavy-set Native American man came out of the back. 

Jack quietly asked her, “John Two Hawks?” 

She just frowned and quickly shook her head no. She opened her mouth to say something, but the man interrupted her. The guy snapped at Jack, “Táku yačhíŋ he Itȟáŋčhaŋ kici John Núŋp Čhetáŋ?” 

Jack looked at the man and stated, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand or speak Lakota.” 

“What do you want with John Two Hawks?” 

Jack, in his most professional manner, explained, “I’ve just arrived, and I have an appointment with Mr. Two Hawks. I’m the new school administrator.” 

The guy frowned and looked Jack up and down, then crossed his arms. “Get in your car and follow me.” 

Jack went from smiling to surprised. The lady at the desk rolled her eyes at the man and said something in Lakota. The man answered her and grinned. She frowned and quickly picked up the phone.

Jack complied, as he saw no reason not to follow in his car. They drove a couple of blocks, then stopped at some rundown shack. They walked up to the hut, and this Native American person flung open the rickety door. “Well, Mr. Administrator, this will be your new home.” 

Jack made a quick scan around the falling down building. 

Feeling very confused, Jack said plainly, “I don’t think so. This place doesn’t meet any of the requirements of my contract.” Jack started out the door, and the man grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back. 

“You’ll take what I say you’ll take.” The man huffed and shoved Jack’s forehead with his index finger. 

Jack’s temper flared. That guy outweighed Jack by a hundred and fifty pounds. Without a moment’s hesitation, Jack laid him out with one move. The man squealed like a hog. 

Suddenly, another guy rushed through the door.

Jack glared and shouted at him, “You’ll be next!”

The new man, a very handsome Native American, put his hands up as if to say I surrender and calm down simultaneously. “I’m John Two Hawks. The office secretary, Missy Red Sky, told me I needed to come here. Who are you, and what are you doing in this rattletrap of a building? And why is Hank on the floor with your foot on his face and you yanking his arm off?” 

“Big Chief Ass for a Face here thought he could push me around and even put his hands on me. He told me this was my new living quarters.” 

“Big Chief”—the man laughed his head off, stuttering out his words—“Ass for a Face”—he took a deep breath and belly-laughed again. “I’m going to pee myself. Hank, you’ll never live this down! Big Chief Ass for a Face, you’re killing me!” The man seemed to gather himself until he looked at the man on the floor again. “Oh God, I’m going to pee myself, I swear.” He doubled over with laughter and didn’t seem able to get himself together at all. Every time he almost did, he started over again. Finally together, he said, “Sorry, I’m John Two Hawks, and could you get your foot off his face, please? How’d you take Hank out like that?”

Jack released the man and calmed down quickly. “I come from a huge farm family, and I’m the youngest. So I learned to take care of myself.” 

“Listen, I’m so sorry for his behavior. It will never happen again. Will it, Big Chief Ass for a Face?” 

Hank said defensively, “I was giving this little outsider a hard time. How was I to know the little shit had no sense of humor and turned instantly meaner than an angry badger?” 

That smart-ass statement made Jack react. He moved toward Hank. 

John grabbed him around the waist just in time and said to Hank, “I’d run if I were you, Chief, or I just may let him go.” 

Hank hauled ass, and within seconds, he flew out the door, hopped in his car, and sped off. They watched him leave.

“Let me start this off right,” the new man began.

“You’re still holding me,” Jack said.

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Tags: Romance, GLBT, Gay, Contemporary