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Legacy of the Lion People Part 2

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Christine Frances

ISBN :978-1-4874-4154-8

Page :352

Word Count :106324

Publication Date :2024-05-10

Series : Lord of His People#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Legacy of the Lion People Part 2 (epub) , Legacy of the Lion People Part 2 (mobi) , Legacy of the Lion People Part 2 (pdf) , Legacy of the Lion People Part 2 (prc)

Category : Paranormal Romance , Romance , What's New

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4154-8

An Ancestor from the Jelani Tribe has horrific plans for the future of the tribe. In order to pursue his plans and succeed, he has infused himself into Nathen’s life. This Ancestor wants Nathen’s son at any cost, and Nathen is helpless to stop him.

Nathen and Authia are frantic to save their son. He’s injured, and Nathen’s and Authia’s gifts are useless in their desperate attempt to find him. They also discover that a spirit from their past is hindering any hope they have of finding their son. Against all odds, Nathen and Authia have the daunting task of finding their son before it’s too late. However, the search for their son is compromised by forces from not only their world but also from the Land of the Ancestors.

Africa, Congo Region, 1710

Lord Adeeowale surveyed the destruction that lay before him. The majority of the tribe’s huts were ablaze. The smoke that bellowed from the huts was so thick that it made his village appear as though the darkest evil had swallowed it whole. The terrifying truth of Lord Adeeowale’s assessment weighed heavy on his shoulders. His responsibility was to protect his people, and he was failing. Too many of his people lay motionless on the ground. The blood that once nurtured their bodies now carpeted the dirt they lay on. The Ancestors had released the Destroyer on Lord Adeeowale’s people, and he had no idea why. It was at war with the entire tribe and was too close to achieving its objective. 

The Destroyer had left the village, but Lord Adeeowale knew he would return. The Destroyer wasn’t finished, and the Ancestors wouldn’t retrieve him until every last tribe member marked for death perished. Lord Adeeowale stood next to the Gathering Hut as he scanned the tree line for any sign of the Destroyer. Lord Adeeowale was a formable man, and even before he became Lord, no tribesman would dare challenge him. Now, with his anger coursing through his veins, it made him appear even more intimidating. His animal skin loincloth, which covered him from his waist to just above his knees, was drenched in the blood of his fallen warriors. His face and body were also covered in a mixture of their blood, as well as his own. The blood from the wound on his right shoulder trickled down his arm, pooling in the hand that gripped his dagger.

Lord Adeeowale took no notice of his injuries. He had an obligation that he took very seriously. He was the Lord of the Jelani people, and his responsibility was to protect his people. Most of his warriors were severely injured or dead. The children, women, and priestesses had taken refuge in the Gathering Hut. The tribe’s wounded warriors and those few who could still fight were also in the Gathering Hut. Lord Adeeowale made it clear to the warriors that they were to remain in the hut and protect those who could not defend themselves. He, and he alone, would face the Destroyer. 

The silence that engulfed the village was ominous. It was the calm before the storm. The Destroyer was infamous for leaving the area so that the village inhabitants were left with a false sense of security. However, that was not the worst that he would do. Lord Adeeowale knew the history of the Destroyer. It was something the Council of Five had created. According to the laws written by the Ancestors centuries in the past, the Ancestors themselves could not harm a Lord or Priestess. However, they could enlist someone or something else to inflict punishment and, if required, death. Because of this law, the Ancestors agreed that they needed something to keep the Lords and Priestesses in line. 

The Council of Five had given birth to the Destroyer, who was neither alive nor dead. If the Ancestors were displeased with a Lord or Priestess’s behavior, all that was required was an audience with the Council. The Council would then give the Ancestor a sealed clay pot which contained the Destroyer’s essence. After that, all that was required was for the Ancestor to return to their Realm and unleash the Destroyer. The Destroyer would walk unseen among the tribesmen until it found an appropriate host to contain his essence. Then he would meld his essence with the host. By doing so, he destroyed everything that made the host who he was, including his soul. The host that he had chosen for this battle was Lord Adeeowale’s closest friend and bravest warrior. Lord Adeeowale closed his eyes and slowly shook his head from side to side.

I am so sorry, Adofo, but the only way to rid our village of the Destroyer is to kill him. And by killing him, I kill what is left of you. I take solace in knowing that only your shell exists. But by destroying your shell, I destroy any chance of making you whole. Adofo, please forgive me for what I must do.

* * * *

The Destroyer stood at the edge of the clearing, concealed behind a giant kapok tree. From his vantage point, he could see Lord Adeeowale. His lips curled upwards, creating a sinister smile. He had chosen this vessel because he knew Lord Adeeowale could not kill his best friend—or at least he would hesitate long enough to give the Destroyer the advantage. The Destroyer had taken liberties and killed far more tribesmen than he had been instructed to. Lord Adeeowale and the warrior Imani were the only ones marked for death. However, brutely murdering any member of the tribe gave the Destroyer so much pleasure. He had particularly enjoyed watching his victims suffer in pain before he would deliver the killing blow. Now, it was time to finish what he had started. The only question that remained was who he would kill first.

The Destroyer walked into the clearing and smiled as he approached Lord Adeeowale. He had secured his dagger at his side with straps from his animal skin loin cloth. The Destroyer took a few more steps and then stopped. He wanted to play with his victims. He wanted his victims to cry in pain as they pleaded for their lives. But Lord Adeeowale wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. He just stood and glared at the Destroyer, daring him to come one step closer.

“So, my Lord, are you ready to confess your sins and take your punishment as it has been decreed?”

* * * *

“I know nothing of what you speak. I have not committed a sin, nor have I shamed my lineage.” Lord Adeeowale watched as the Destroyer took a few more steps toward him. He stopped about ten feet away. From that distance, Lord Adeeowale could easily see the gashes on the Destroyer’s torso and arms. None appeared life-threatening, and only a small amount of blood trickled from these wounds. Lord Adeeowale focused on the Destroyers’ emerald eyes, but all he saw was darkness. The shell might have resembled his friend—however, his friend no longer occupied his body.

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Tags: Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifter