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I Can Smell the Popcorn

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jill Miles

ISBN :978-1-4874-3956-9

Page :324

Word Count :83830

Publication Date :2023-11-17

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats :

Category : Contemporary Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3956-9

Watch out kid, or you’ll end up another notch on his Rolex!

What happens when an awkward greenie catches the eye of a sizzling sex symbol? Eden’s a tree-hugger, passionate about native fauna and their habitat. Although outspoken when it comes to animal rights, she’s nervous around Hal. She adores beauty and detests her own freckles and crooked nose.

Hal is a famous Aussie movie star. He has throngs of female fans and a supermodel friend with benefits. He isn’t vain, though, despite working out every day. Hal is no light-weight narcissist but looks deeper.

Hal appears interested in Eden, and she’s besotted by his looks. But Eden needs to find her feet. She’s candid about her need for a one-woman man. Unfortunately, Hal rejects monogamy. He believes you can’t discover who you truly are if you’re painted into a corner.

They say the road to true love is rocky. Despite their fierce attraction, Eden is insecure and jealous, while Hal is a flirt. She was recently dumped by her fiancé and has lost her belief in love. Still, she dreams of a happy ever after and children. Hal encourages her to take a chance. But she’s afraid. 

Can a stud from phony Tinsel Town be anything but a player?

Hal Porter’s luscious features, sculptured by candlelight, splayed across the panoramic screen. Sighs could be heard in the hush of the dark cinema. His face smouldered into a sizzling smile as the siren beside him stretched like a tigress. The sex symbol rolled his superb body over and stood, his torso sensually moist. He reached out and lifted the leading lady to her feet.

 A close-up of Hal’s striking profile followed. His longish blond hair was lustrous as silk. He turned, closed his dark eyes, and the light played on high cheekbones. Suddenly his magnificent arm came into the shot as it embraced the actress’s slim waist. His swelling lips met her pout in an erotic kiss. Then, over her head, he winked at the camera. The credits started rolling up the screen. 

A dozen women’s voices chorused, “Oh!”

Eden turned to her friend, smiling. “Well, now, isn’t he a cheeky guy?” 

Kiera shook her black ringlets and giggled girlishly. “You’re right there, sister!”

“Do you have time to join me for a coffee?” 

“Sorry, Eden,” she replied. “We’ll have to leave it to drooling over Hal for now. I’ve got a shoot at the studio. A new model’s coming over at seven tonight. Her waist-length hair will be perfect for my new jungle collection. I’ve teed up Marc to do the shots.” 

The lights came up, and Eden stood. “It sounds exciting, girlfriend! Good luck with it all. You’ll be featured in Vogue soon.”

“I wish.” 

Outside, Eden hugged her best friend goodbye, then affectionately watched her dash off, her hair bobbing and her bright dress flying. Eden was so glad her Aboriginal friend was having such success as a new fashion designer. 

Such style!

She looked down at her cotton T-shirt and jeans and shrugged. Then she threw her long hair behind her shoulders and walked in the opposite direction.

As a greenie, her prized possession awaited her. This was her new diesel special edition sedan, which shone royal blue by the curb.

Eden would occasionally say, boasting, This little baby does a thousand kilometres per tank.” 

Responsibly paying off the hefty loan every fortnight, her goal was to reduce her carbon footprint. She would heckle anyone who’d listen. The earth’s resources are finite! Society is not separate from nature but dependent on it! 

Actually, she would’ve only owned a pushbike if her job wasn’t delivering delivered environmentally friendly house-cleaning products. But Eden would be the first to admit to thoroughly enjoying the independence of driving. 

Her gaze zoomed in on an advertising poster of Hal Porter, making her feel besotted. Draped in an open shirt, his honey skin and firm pecs were enticing. The swaggering angle of his snake hips was a touch wicked.

Now he’d be answerable for some global warming.

Mm, definitely a good antidote for my broken heart.

Soon Eden was waiting at the lights on the highway leading out of the coastal city of Gosford. She looked beyond the mangroves of Brisbane Water and delighted in the spectacular panorama of the early evening. Hot pink smote the horizon in a bold shock while the sun sank into the sapphire sea. Closer at hand, the inlet shimmered cobalt in the blazing twilight.

“What a stunning world,” she murmured. 

Automatically, she turned on the radio, and the throbbing tempo of a popular hit came on.

I love this one.

Every now and then while driving, she would glance across at the inlet with its reflections and late returning boats.

I could almost say I was happy…

Eden passed over the magnificent Rip Bridge. The structure spanned the dangerous gurgling waters of the inlet leading out to the ocean. She then turned onto the steep ramp bridge leading down to St Hubert’s Island—the ritziest address on the Coast. But Eden’s old cottage was in stark contrast to the other grand dwellings there.

Through the dusk, she drove past the mansions, some looking like lit-up pleasure palaces. Eden noted the majestic palm trees, marble columns and illuminated terraces. But, as always, her eyes were mostly drawn to the sight of her own dear little home. Eden was pleased to see the new solar panels glinting on the roof in the last rays of the retreating sun. Like an injured bird returning to its nest, she respectfully pulled up outside.

 Thank you, Grandma, for your sweet cottage. I am so grateful!

Eden got out of the car and wandered over to the old gate. She breathed in the scents of her garden. Her abode was set in native shrubbery with the odd rose, lilac, and camellia thrown in. Eden simply adored flowers. 

I know I should only have drought-resistant natives, but I just can’t help myself, she would explain guiltily. 

A vigorous vegetable garden was out back, along with an enclosure for injured animals, which, at the moment, was empty. Eden was passionate about native fauna and a long-time member of WIRES, the local animal rescue unit. Wherever koala bears were endangered, Eden was there in her koala costume with a placard.

She opened the garden gate and pulled down a spray of wattle to breathe in the fresh perfume. It was a warm late-summer evening. The only sadness in her heart was missing her grandmother and a dull ache that was now just beginning to heal. 

One day I’ll forget you, Dylan.

As the deserted lover, she trudged up the old wooden steps to her front door. She hesitated and looked back across to the horizon, gazing at the last glimmers of the sun’s glow.

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet O’Hara!

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