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Hot Boss

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Scarlet Blackwell

ISBN :978-1-4874-3399-4

Page :107

Word Count :30771

Publication Date :2021-11-12

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Hot Boss (epub) , Hot Boss (mobi) , Hot Boss (pdf) , Hot Boss (prc)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3399-4

His new boss is the hot stranger he tangled with the previous night. Office romances are forbidden, but neither of them can keep their mind on the job…

Two strangers come together for hot, passionate sex one lonely night in a bar. The next day, Nathan Wright discovers that his new boss is none other than his anonymous partner of the night before. Sasha Ronan is hot, rich and head of the most powerful law firm in the city. He also doesn't believe in mixing business with pleasure and tells Nathan in no uncertain terms that their illicit dalliance must be swept under the carpet.

Nathan, desperate to make partner, fears for his future, but other forces are at work. Try as he might, he can't forget the night he spent with his forbidden lover...

The atmosphere in the bar was mellow. Low lighting and armchairs contributed to a cozy feel while a pianist played old-time jazz tunes with the odd request thrown in.

Nathan Wright had had a shitty day. A takeover of the firm he worked for had left him about to stare his new boss in the face come morning. And who said the interloper would still want him around? Everyone in the place was fearful for their job. Everybody was stressed up to the eyeballs, and Nathan was no exception.

Hence the bar.

He knocked back his scotch, and before he could even open his mouth to ask for another, the barman placed a double before him.

“Compliments of the gentleman at the end.” The barkeep gave a somewhat lewd grin.

Nathan darted a look to the only other occupied stool at the bar. The man seated there was in his forties and wickedly handsome. His perfectly cut black hair must have cost him upwards of a hundred bucks. His suit might have been Gucci. He was shaved smooth as glass and his skin was perfect, if a touch pale. He lifted his glass and gave a little crooked smile.

Despite his preoccupation, Nathan smiled. He hadn’t come looking for that, but hey, he was only human. He didn’t turn down drinks from beautiful strangers. He downed his scotch in one swallow.

The stranger’s smile widened. He slid off his stool gracefully—tall and long-legged—and stepped purposefully towards Nathan.

Much to his surprise, Nathan’s heart took off at a gallop. He stared at the divine form approaching him, drinking in the man’s body, his lovely face and the eyes, which, as he got closer, Nathan saw were deep blue-violet, like sapphires.

The man paused at Nathan’s chair. “May I join you?” He didn’t presume. Point to the stranger.

Nathan inclined his head. “You may.”

The man settled himself on the stool next to Nathan. He gestured to the barman for two more drinks.

“You look like you’ve had a bad day,” he said while studying Nathan in the mirror behind the bar.

“Correct.” Nathan glanced sideways, admiring the stranger’s chiseled jaw and thick eyelashes.

The man shook his head in commiseration. “I’m sorry to hear that. But you know what they say about a problem shared.”

“My problem’s too boring to share with a stranger,” Nathan said. He thanked the barman for the scotch and took it easier this time.

The man smiled. He turned to look at Nathan and held out his hand. “Sasha.”

Nathan sealed their hands together. Electricity flowed through his palm. His cock stirred, started to stiffen. He looked into the man’s incredible eyes. “Nathan.”

A beat of silence followed during which the path Nathan was going to take that evening was cemented. He let go of Sasha’s hand.

“There,” Sasha said. “We’re not strangers anymore.” He lifted his glass and downed the amber contents. Then he swiveled and slid from his stool. “Excuse me a moment.”

Nathan nodded. He followed Sasha with his gaze. Sasha strode across the room. Nathan noticed the admiring looks he received from several women and a couple of men. When Sasha reached the men’s room, he stopped, his hand on the door. Then he glanced back, holding Nathan’s gaze.

Blood pounded in Nathan’s ears. Then it all flowed south so suddenly he thought he would faint. He glanced around surreptitiously and waited until Sasha disappeared into the bathroom. Then he wiped his clammy hands on his pants and smoothed his hair back. Clearing his throat, he nonchalantly slipped off his stool, standing on rubbery legs before strolling casually to the bathroom as if he had all the time in the world.

Glancing around furtively, he pushed open the door and slid inside like a cat burglar.

The bathroom contained three stalls, and the tiles echoed under Nathan’s shoes. Sasha loitered by the urinals. He gave that smile again, the one that made Nathan’s cock so hard he could barely think.

Nathan stepped forwards, dizzy with lust. Sasha met him halfway. He cupped the back of Nathan’s head with one strong hand and kissed him.

The kiss wasn’t hard, clearly not intended to dominate. Passionate, but with a gentle edge that surprised Nathan and made him want more. When he introduced his tongue, Sasha caressed it with his own and then he danced backwards, pulling Nathan with him.

Both of them were tall and broad-shouldered, but Sasha eased Nathan into the stall with him, locked the door, and pushed him up against the wall, all without breaking the kiss. Nathan melted against the firm, hard body pressed to his. He grabbed at the stranger’s arms, felt powerful biceps straining the expensive cut of his suit. This guy worked out—he cared about his body.

Sasha broke the kiss. He fastened his lips to Nathan’s neck and kissed, open-mouthed with a hint of teeth. Nathan let his head drop back against the wall. The stranger pushed the jacket off his shoulders and started to work on the buttons of his shirt. Nathan arched in pleasure as Sasha’s hands found his naked skin and moved over his chest, paused to rub at his nipples then slid down his belly to his belt. Nathan shivered. He gripped Sasha’s ass and squeezed, kneading the firm flesh through cloth, while his would-be lover made short work of Nathan’s pants.

Sasha thrust a hand downwards. He worked his fingers beneath the waistband of Nathan’s boxers and wrapped them around his cock. Nathan gasped. He squirmed as Sasha squeezed and massaged and then gave a long, low moan as Sasha started to jerk him off within the tight confines of his clothes.

Sasha nibbled at his ear. His breath was hot as he whispered, “I’ve got a rubber. Are you interested in being fucked?”

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Tags: Erotic Romance, Gay, LGBT, Contemporary