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Twice Bitten

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Samantha Reynolds

ISBN :978-1-55487-020-2

Page :60

Word Count :15000

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Twice Bitten (pdf) , Twice Bitten (prc) , Twice Bitten (epub) , Twice Bitten (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance , Valentines

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-020-2

What do you get from sleeping with a vampire? No sex that's what. Gabrielle Claremont is fit to be tied. After a hot night of some seriously steamy sex with a gorgeous vampire named Demonte she's totally open to dating a different species, but soon finds out that Demonte is like a lot of other men. Unreliable. After three months and no word from Demonte, Gabrielle has given up hope and decides to see other men with one small hitch. She can't even think about sex with another man without becoming violently ill. So when Demonte shows up on her doorstep Valentine's evening bearing flowers and candy, what's a girl to do? Hormones bumping into each other she takes advantage of the one man who can satisfy her craving to be Twice Bitten.

With panther-like grace, he moved toward the bed. Reaching out, he took her right leg in his hands and massaged her foot, spending an extraordinary amount of time easing the ache in her arch. He brought her ankle to his lips and whispered against her skin. “Everywhere there is a pulse it sends your scent to me. Your taste is exceptional.” He caressed the back of her knees then her inner thigh, all the while murmuring dark words against her skin in a language she didn’t know.

Panting at this point, her body arching up off the bed, she firmly told him, “That is so not where I want your hands.” She grated out through clenched teeth.

“No? And where would you like them?”

Sexual frustration clouding her better judgment and her inhibition gone from lack of sex, she gave him an honest answer. “On my pussy or on my nipples. You’re driving me mad.”

He chuckled.

The boy had a mean streak in him, but she wasn’t above pleading. “Please, Demonte. My heart is going so fast if you don’t give me some relief I’m going to pass out cold here.”

“All right. I will take pity on you.” Demonte put her leg gently back down on the bed. “Roll over.”

“What?” She wanted to ask why, but he had that look about him. The one that made her pussy wet. She loved it when it went all macho on her so she did as requested.

“Onto your knees facing away from me. Yes, that’s it. Give me your back, love.”

Her pussy clenched at his erotic words. Gabrielle felt his hands on her hips and he tugged her backward.

“Ass in the air.” His hands remained on her hips. “Not high enough. Yes. That’s it. You’ve got it.” He ran his hand over the smooth skin of her ass. “Beautiful. You’ve lovely pale skin. I’ve a mind to pinken it a bit.”

What? Her heart stuttered in her chest. No one. Not even her parents had ever spanked her. “You can’t be serious.” Heat rushed into her face at the images in her mind.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”


“Is your body mine to do with as I please?”

Um…she hesitated, not sure if she wanted to answer.

“Gabrielle? I’m waiting.”

“Yes,” she squeaked. Hands squeezed at her flesh and his weight came onto the bed dipping the mattress toward the edge. Marble cool smooth skin met her bare back when he leaned over her, spooning her position on her knees. His voice liquid velvet at her ear.

“You’re afraid. Afraid of what I might make you feel. There is power in trust, Gabrielle. Do you remember me telling you that once? Surrender to me and I’ll take you to heights you’ve never seen.”

Every word, every syllable that left his sexy mouth warmed her skin, put erotic visions of the two of them doing crazy things in her mind. But this was Demonte and he was not human. And he didn’t have human limitations. Like a heart that could burst from over stimulation.

“You think I don’t know how fast your pulse races? That I don’t know how your skin burns from my touch?” His hand slipped between her legs fingering her clit then separating her folds to slip deep into her. “You’re so wet. Your body wants me any way it can have me. Would you deny your body pleasure, Gabrielle? Would you deny me pleasure?”

Honestly? She couldn’t deny him anything. “No.” she whispered. The fear skittering along her spine had her nipples tightening. The heavy weight of him at her back teased her. His cock pushed in between the cheeks of her ass and her pussy wept for him. She needed him to fill her or she might die from it. By the stars, if he moved just one centimeter, she was going to come undone.

“No, you won’t. But I do think some punishment is deserved for wanting to share your lovely body with someone other than myself. I’m a selfish bastard, Gabrielle. Perhaps the next time you think to fuck somebody else you’ll remember the heat from my hands on your ass. I don’t share well.” He nipped at the lobe then licked where his teeth had marked her. “You won’t come until I tell you.”

Her breath caught in her throat. She may really die. Could a person die by not having an orgasm? She was beginning to think it was entirely possible.

“Trust, Gabrielle. But maybe.” His hips thrust forward. “A little one wouldn’t hurt. This is going to be a long night.”

A long night? Her goose bumps had goose bumps. Involuntarily she pushed back against him. He laughed softly at her ear.

“I’ll give you what you want, little one. But do not think this is over by a long stretch.”

His fingers left her pussy and he caressed her ass, long fingers splayed across her skin. A whimper of gratefulness slipped from her lips. The full hard length of him pushed against her ass then he went a little lower, pushing the head of his cock into the opening of her pussy. Legs shaking she rocked back against him.

“Be still.” He commanded.

Damn him. There were some things you just couldn’t help. Slipping down to rest her face against the sheets, she took deep breaths. Pacing. That’s what she needed, pacing.

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