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Dragon Candy

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Talia Skye

ISBN :978-1-4874-3582-0

Page :234

Word Count :76646

Publication Date :2023-01-20

Series : Dragon Candy#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Dragon Candy (prc) , Dragon Candy (pdf) , Dragon Candy (mobi) , Dragon Candy (epub)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3582-0

Off the coast of Japan, there is an area of ocean where all manner of vessels have vanished without warning or trace. Unlike the Bermuda Triangle, no explanation has ever been offered for the infamous Dragon’s Triangle.

Candice is a powerful executive with her whole life ahead of her. To take a break from the rigours of work, she sails to the far east alone as part of her dream vacation. Suddenly she is caught in an eerie and unnatural storm that shifts her in space and leaves her stranded in a bizarre land. She finds herself in a savage world where the two most rare and precious commodities are metal and human females.

Rescued from a primitive tribe by a team of salvagers, she is tightly bound and swiftly ravished. Candice discovers that the group intends to take her into one of the local towns for a swift auction at a very high price.

The rulers of the land intervene and confiscate her. They bring her to their huge Empire where she enters their twisted palaces and finds a perverse culture dedicated to sexual servitude, bondage, and submission. The lords of the land have their expert slave trainers indoctrinate Candice, teaching her how to please them, and how to take pleasure in her new caste as a debauched concubine. They employ techniques, acts, and positions that push the limits of pain and pleasure.

Candice excels at her lessons and soon becomes a valued possession, one that is vied for by the lords and envied by the other concubines. It is then that she learns the terrifying truth about their realm and how she came to be part of it.

The yacht swayed and the lullaby lap of ocean crests slapping against the hull began to rock Candice into a somnolent haze. The engines of the Cassiopeia chugged quietly to themselves, and it seemed that they were singing in time to the rhythmic motions.

Candice let her focus drift across the unblemished scene. The Pacific Ocean stretched to each horizon and no hint of land marred it. The raging orb of the sun reflected off waves and this forged great tracts of winking stars upon the uneven carpet of sapphire blue. No cloud perturbed the sky, and the air was warm from the caress of the sun.

The shade provided by the lounger’s brightly patterned top warded off direct rays, but the reflection on the water provided more than enough golden light to tan her skin. Candice’s body was completely naked, and her neck length bob of dark hair was woven up into a plait to keep it out of the way. There was not another human being within sight or sound, so she could happily work on a flawless tan.

The hours she’d spent networking in the company gyms had granted the side benefit of an elegant and sleek physique, one that was highly alluring to all eyes. However, Candice was a beast of business, and as such, she had little time for romance. She preferred the giddy high from destroying a rival, taking a company for a pittance, or brokering a multi-billion-pound deal. When compared to these passions, carnal pursuits such as coitus and masturbation seemed hollow and bland.

It was not as though she could not acquire a lover if she wished. Candice had icy blue eyes, smooth pale skin that contrasted her sable locks, and inviting lips that she often highlighted with vivid reds. The attractive set of her face was enhanced by the enticing curves and pert breasts that she often used to distract a rival or opponent. A sultry smile or sedate wiggle would sometimes throw them off guard and allow her to make the kill in their moment of hesitation.

Candice turned over, and with a sigh, she let herself sink into the cushions. She could ignore any control of the Cassiopeia because the sails were down and the automatic helm system was coping easily with the serene environment. This gave her all the time she required to relax.

The rigors of work were long gone. This vacation was well deserved and well earned, and Candice was relishing every blissful moment. Every pager, cell phone, fax, laptop, and organiser had been deserted before boarding. No one could reach her, and she could not be tempted into trying to reach them.

Lei’s advice had been sound, and his providing of this specific route had ensured an easy and trouble-free voyage. She briefly wondered what he was up to right now, but then threw the thought away. This was a trip where she was to forget all about problems and responsibilities and simply drift upon the waters. All of the scheming and subterfuge was forgotten for the moment, and Candice drank in the silence and tranquil majesty. Soon the melody of the waves was steadily singing her into a shallow snooze.

A stark shift in the wind snatched her attention and caused her to lift her eyelids and scan the horizon in case a weather front was moving in. Only if the change were beyond the capacities of her computer pilot would she have to get up and do something, but all seemed well. The vault above was clear and peaceful, only the waters were different. They seemed to shimmer more wildly than usual, as though a ragged gust were chopping at the surface.

A piercing squeal poured from her radio. It made Candice squeak in shock and alarm from its sudden blaring intensity. The awful noise continued to rend the silence and pain her ears.

Clapping her palms to her head as protection, she jogged for the device to see what was wrong. Candice stopped dead in her tracks upon witnessing static electrical charge rolling along the surfaces of the boat.

The weaving crackling serpents of white light spat from all things metal and licked the surrounding deck. Current coursed along the guardrail and made the mast vanish amidst a maypole dance of crooked scintillating arcs.

Every hair on Candice’s body stood to attention and her hairs rose even higher as the electrical storm continued to rage. The sight was both awe inspiring and terrifying.

Her inability to rationalise the source left her mortified and afraid, but also intrigued. The cloying stink of ozone assailed her nostrils and made her gag from the sheer ferocity as the charge tickled and then swamped her senses.

Candice strengthened her resolve with a hearty laugh, and as her fear passed, she became enthralled by the sight. Only the sudden tearing punch of a maelstrom gale drew her from the captivating phenomenon.

The tornado buffeted the craft with high velocity winds. They slapped her to the deck and started to push her along. Candice found herself heading overboard and into the seething mire of energy that raged without. It was a vortex of lightning that almost eclipsed any view of the ocean.

With a frantic cry, she cast an arm out and clamped her fingers about a railing. The gale still tore at her with forceful tugs, and Candice shrieked as electrical forks played along everything that was made of metal. The power wound like cyan snakes about mast and porthole, cable, chain, and railing. The dazzling tips bit along her arms and made her buck from their caustic attentions.

Candice fought the voltage and screamed into the howling hurricane. Suddenly, the roaring tune of the nightmare vanished as abruptly as it had come. A brief moment of free fall restored a less maniac breeze, and the boat landed on solid ground with a single crunching boom that completely shattered the hull.

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Tags: BDSM, Science Fiction, mainstream fiction