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Night of the Canid

Written By: Carol A. Guy
Series: Canid #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Amnesia victim, Talia Coe, has found the perfect haven in the small Pennsylvania town of Arcadia. She lives a quie...

As Talia got dressed, she thought about her upcoming meeting with Victor. He was a strange man. And she was almost sure something was going on between him and his office manager, Caroline Thomas.

For some reason, Talia sensed that Caroline didn't like her, although she couldn't recall doing anything to offend the woman. She almost acts jealous of the attention Victor gives me.

She ran a brush through her hair and applied a smattering of lipstick. She needed little else to make herself look presentable. Her skin was clear and smooth, with just a few freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose.

A knock at the cottage door startled her and she jumped. When she saw her visitor though the screen door, she muttered, "That will teach me to close both doors."

Craig Lynch smiled a greeting from the small stone stoop, which served as a front porch. "Hey, Tally, want to come out and play?" he finally said, the grin widening.

"No comment," Talia responded. She did not open the door or invite him inside.

"Good one, very funny. Actually I'm here in my capacity as a reporter. I want to do a story about you and the upcoming art exhibit for the paper. Need to set up a time. How about over dinner tomorrow night. You pick the place."

He was, she would guess, somewhere in his mid-thirties. He was partially balding and slightly built. His pale blue eyes ogled her from behind a pair of rimless glasses.

"I'm just on my way out, Craig. Call me later," she said, opening the screen door. She remembered she didn't have her purse or keys. She went to grab them from the coffee table, and when she turned around, he was standing right behind her.

"Nice dress, by the way," he said, reaching out to touch the silky skirt. He rubbed the fabric between his thumb and forefinger.

"I have to go, Craig. As I said, call me and we'll set up a time for me to come by the newspaper office and do the interview."

Craig had been flirting with her since she'd moved to town and it hadn't taken her long to grow tired of it. However, he never seemed to get the message that she wasn't interested. In fact, something about him almost repulsed her.

He let go of her skirt and moved his hand to her hip. Sidestepping, she walked around him and went to the door, opening it wide.

He followed her. "Need a ride?" he asked, his thin lips curling up in a half-smile. They both stepped outside.

"I'd rather walk into town. It's a great day and I like being outdoors," she said as she locked her door, then strode past him and down the cobblestone walk.


When Talia entered the art gallery, the first person she saw was Caroline Thomas, hovering over an older, middle-aged couple who were studying a bronze sculpture.

She looked around for Victor, but didn't see him so contented herself with examining some of the pieces that were propped against the far wall. In fact, most of the paintings that usually hung on the walls had been removed and the place smelled of fresh paint. Victor was obviously sprucing things up for the upcoming show.

"I'm going to use easels for a lot of the paintings, especially yours," Victor said, from the mouth of the short hallway that separated the showroom from the offices.

Funny, she could have sworn he hadn't been in there when she'd looked for him a few moments ago.

He came to her, then reached out and took both of her hands in his. "You look beautiful as always. So what do you think of the place?" He beamed proudly.

It did look good. The new, lighter shades made a world of difference. "It's perfect." She smiled at him, thinking that he really looked more suited to big city life. So why had he tucked himself away in this little village so off the beaten path?

Caroline joined them, looking Talia up and down, before turning her attention to Victor. "The Swansons want that sculpture. I'm sending it out tomorrow, but they want a word with you."

As Victor went to talk to the Swansons, Caroline leveled her gaze on Talia. "Victor is quite enthused about your paintings. They will be ready, won't they?"

The other woman's animosity was obvious. "They'll be ready," Talia replied coolly.

"See that they are. I wouldn't want to see Victor disappointed," Caroline said before walking away.

Suddenly, the hair at the nape of Talia's neck stirred and she shivered. I'm being watched, but from where? Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a fleeting glimpse of someone staring in the front window. But when she turned to look, there was no one there.

Amnesia victim, Talia Coe, has found the perfect haven in the small Pennsylvania town of Arcadia. She lives a quiet life, immersing herself in her art, thanks to her mentor, local art gallery owner, Victor Kane. But Caroline Thomas, Victor's lover, suspects there is more to the relationship. Driven by jealousy, she enlists the aid of local reporter, Craig Lynch, in finding out who Talia is and how she ended up in Arcadia. Talia craves peace and quiet, but is plagued by dreams of a mysterious man, whose presence stirs up uncertainty and fear inside of her. One night during an art show at the Kane Gallery, the man of her dreams appears, shaking her to the core and setting in motion a series of events that will redefine what and who she is. Later, when Craig Lynch is found murdered in the woods near Talia's cottage, things spin out of control for everyone involved as Talia discovers that she is at the center of a terrifying deception that could destroy her.
Shadows in the Night

Written By: Carol A. Guy
Series: Canid #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

It’s autumn in Arcadia and Talia Coe is still plagued by uncertainty and nightmares, even though she now kno...

Talia stirred, muttered something, then became fully awake. She sat up, clutching the down comforter around her naked body and looked at the other side of the bed.


She glanced at the bedside clock. It read just after midnight.

She listened for movement, hoping she would hear him walking around in the living room, or bathroom. Nothing. She was alone in the house.

Where is he at this hour?

Memories of their ferocious lovemaking came back to her in a rush. She'd been like a woman possessed. Was it because she saw the attention he'd been paying to Abby Stewart?

Lucas had explained the scene she's walked in on and she believed him. There was something innately conniving about that woman.

Talia glanced at the French doors. It was then she noticed they were not locked. Getting quickly out of bed, she went to them and pushed the white curtain aside, peering out. Satisfied that no one was lurking around, she opened one of them and stepped out into the night.        

The air smelled fresh and clean. She looked up at the moon and felt a stirring deep within her that had nothing to do with sex. Then she recalled the way she'd felt earlier when she'd begun to change, to transform. Fear slithered up her spine.

Lucas said we could control it, that we wouldn't turn unless we wanted to. We promised one another we'd never transform again. Not after the awful things that happened in the spring.

All at once, she knew where he was, and she felt sick inside.

It’s autumn in Arcadia and Talia Coe is still plagued by uncertainty and nightmares, even though she now knows the truth about her past. Or does she? She still feels there are things her lover, Lucas Knight, is keeping from her. And how does she deal with the hot, burning desire that flares inside of her at a moment’s notice? And where is her father, Victor Kane, who is wanted by the police for the murder of local reporter, Craig Lynch? And what about the new tenants of the nearby estate, Nick and Abby Stewart? Nick’s unwelcome advances make Talia uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as the attention Abby lavishes on Lucas. For Caroline Thomas, Victor’s lover, it is a time of turmoil as she tries to run the Kane Art Gallery and cope with her pregnancy. Hiring an assistant, Jeremy, has helped alleviate some of the workload and Caroline’s loneliness. But when Neil Wade moves into the townhouse across the courtyard from her, she is torn between two romances. But once again murder strikes when Jeremy’s body is found behind the art gallery. Then a mysterious fire at Caroline’s townhouse almost takes her life. Has Victor returned seeking revenge against those who have betrayed him? Or are other forces at work?

Written By: Carol A. Guy
Series: Canid #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

It's a snowy February in Arcadia and Talia Coe is again besieged by nightmares as her father, Victor Kane, is...

Talia settled into the hot bath water and sighed. Lucas, standing at the bathroom sink was trimming his goatee. "I'm starting to resemble a sailor who's been at sea too long," he said.

"I sort of like the shaggy look, gives you an aura of mystery," she said, with a smile. She sighed and laid her head back against the cool porcelain.

"What are you doing under those bubbles anyway? You're doing an awful lot of cooing," he asked.

"You're a pervert. Besides, if you're so curious, why don't you join me and find out?"

He turned and looked at her. "I think I just might take you up on that," he said, stripping off his under-shorts and walking toward the antique claw-foot tub.

Once he was settled opposite her, his feet wrapped around her hips, he said, "Bliss. Pure bliss."

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet," Talia promised, feeling a sense of contentment she hadn't experienced in a long time. She'd been a real bitch at the shop earlier, she realized that. Rachel Lewis was just a young woman trying to earn a living and had been fortunate enough to come across Lucas's ad. Of course she was enthused and felt good about herself--she had a job she liked and was good at. Jealousy was an evil monster and Talia had made a vow tonight to never let it get the better of her again. "I'm thinking we should have Rachel over for dinner soon. She's probably not rich by any means, having just gotten the job at the shop and could probably use a free meal now and then."

"What changed your mind about her?"

She met his gaze. "I didn't have any particular mindset about Rachel, Lucas. I just was surprised by her, that's all. Now I want to get to know her better."

Lucas shrugged. "Sure. Let me know when and I'll ask her. But right now, I have other things on my mind."

Talia smiled. "Oh, like what?"


She bent her knees and scooted toward him. "Meet me halfway?"

It's a snowy February in Arcadia and Talia Coe is again besieged by nightmares as her father, Victor Kane, is scheduled to go on trial for the murder of local reporter, Craig Lynch. Tension runs high as Talia tries to cope with everyday life, including news that some of her artwork will be displayed at a New York gallery in the spring. On edge and frightened for her father, Talia sometimes finds herself at odds with her lover, Lucas Knight, when he doesn't seem to be as devoted to seeing Victor go free as she is. In the meantime, Lucas is planning to expand his antique shop and has hired some help, an antique-savvy woman named Rachel Lewis. Willing to do what he can to comfort and support Talia, he is still no fan of Victor's, and knows the feeling is mutual. Their history as two alpha males fighting to control the same wolf pack has made it impossible for them to ever be friends. For Caroline Thomas, Victor's lover, it is a time of turmoil as she tries to repair the Kane Art Gallery's reputation. Added to that, she must cope with their infant son, Alex, who has already shown signs of shifting into wolf cub form. Hiring Clair Fontaine as Alex's nanny seems to be the perfect answer. Now if Alex will just refrain from shifting in the woman's presence, and if Caroline can convince herself that Victor will be acquitted and come home to them, things might settle down. That hope is dashed, however, when she learns that Neil Wade, one of the lovers she acquired when Victor was on the run, has been subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution at Victor's trial. As the trial date approaches, it becomes apparent that evil forces are now at work in the small town of Arcadia. For Talia, Lucas, Caroline and Victor, things become even more dangerous as murder again taints their lives, a vandal lays waste to the cozy cottage Talia shares with Lucas, and a vicious kidnapper strikes without warning.
Dead of Night

Written By: Carol A. Guy
Series: Canid #4
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

It is October in Arcadia and shape shifter Talia Coe is now the proud mother of twins, Mahra and Aaron. As Talia a...

“What the hell are they doing here?” Talia asked, her voice full of disdain.

The detectives conferred with two of the firemen who were now walking around in the charred remains of the cottage. The rest of the fire crew members were coiling up hoses and putting away other equipment.

Lucas decided to join them. “Stay here,” he told Talia.

“Forget it, Lucas.” She followed him across the yard to the blackened ruins.

The man who came to greet them had the words Fire Chief emblazoned across the front of the hard hat he wore. “You’re the owners?” he asked.

Lucas nodded. “What happened?”

“Looks like an explosion,” the man said. “I’m Chief Hennesy, by the way. Sorry for your loss.” He took off one of his heavy, soot-coated gloves.

Lucas shook the man’s hand. “Was it the gas line?”

Chief Hennesy suddenly looked a little uncomfortable. As if on cue, Muncie and Reed joined them.

“Someone blew up your house, Ms. Coe,” Muncie said, his gaze fixed on Talia.

Chief Hennesy quickly said, “There are remnants of an explosive device, a timer to be exact. We’ll know more when we get the items to the lab in Kinnard. They’ll be sending an arson investigator to inspect the premises.”

Talia looked as though she couldn’t quite take it all in. “Someone did this on purpose?”

Lucas found it hard to swallow around the lump of fury in his throat. Then it hit him. I was supposed to be staying here tonight, just like I’ve been doing. This was meant for me.

The same thought must have occurred to Talia because when she turned to him, he could see the terror in her eyes. “My God, Lucas, you—”

He silenced her with a shake of his head. “So you’re on the arson squad now?” He was addressing Muncie and Reed.

Reed answered, “We just heard about the fire. We’ve been tied up on an assault out on Carver Road. A man was almost killed. In fact, he’s not expected to make it.”

Muncie took over. “We were on our way to tell you, Ms. Coe.”

Talia looked from one detective to the other. “Tell me what? Stop playing games. I’m not in the mood!”

Lucas knew. Deep down, he knew. He put an arm around Talia’s waist, holding tight.

“Your father was attacked on Carver Road, Ms. Coe. He’s at Bradford County Hospital. It doesn’t look good,” Reed said.

As Talia’s body began to sink, Lucas took her in his arms. “Two alphas in one night, that was the plan,” he whispered in her ear.

It is October in Arcadia and shape shifter Talia Coe is now the proud mother of twins, Mahra and Aaron. As Talia and her mate Lucas Knight plan their November wedding and try to adjust to parenthood, Talia is again plagued by nightmares of doom and disaster. Their archenemy, Abby Stewart, is still at large and they know it will only be a matter of time before she returns to exact her revenge. Victor Kane and his lover Caroline Thomas are struggling to maintain their rocky relationship in spite of their feelings for other people. Victor has finally acknowledged his love for his former mate, Lilah, who is Talia’s mother. Lilah struggles with the hard truth that she loves her husband, Caleb Sinclair, but is in love with Victor. Caroline is still seeing Neil Wade, who became her lover when Victor was on the run from murder charges. However, Caroline feels she has too much to lose if she leaves Victor, since she is now a partner in his prosperous art gallery and they have a son together. Ben Walker, a shifter hunter who has joined forces with Lucas’s pack, has settled into a comfortable life in Arcadia, working for Victor and Caroline at the art gallery. He’s also become smitten with the new DA, Lana Russell. Little does he know that beneath the surface, the cool, blond beauty is not what she seems. When Lucas is almost killed by a hit and run driver, it looks as though Abby Stewart, out to destroy Lucas, Talia, Victor, Caroline, Neil, Caleb and Lilah, has begun her campaign of vengeance. But she isn’t in it alone and after someone close to Talia is killed and another is critically injured, it becomes clear that others have joined in the vendetta. As evil forces hover over Arcadia and the final battle looms, unseen enemies reveal themselves, loyalties are tested and lives are lost. Who will survive?