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Reign Over Me

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Rebecca Brochu

ISBN :978-1-77111-214-7

Page :94

Word Count :25003

Publication Date :2012-05-28

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Reign Over Me (pdf) , Reign Over Me (prc) , Reign Over Me (epub) , Reign Over Me (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-214-7

They've circled each other for years and now things are about to heat up.

Spencer is stunned the day an older boy named Dmitri takes him firmly by the hand and intertwines their lives. Spencer hangs on Dmitri's every word and order for years until the vicious lies of an outside party cause Dmitri to throw Spencer violently from his life. Heartbroken, Spencer is pushed almost to the breaking point until a mysterious stranger offers him the chance of a lifetime. With nothing left to lose, Spencer accepts.

Years later, the two are reunited and Spencer is forced to make a difficult choice. Should he continue on with the life he has fashioned and turn Dmitri away once and for all? Or should he take one final chance on the only man who has ever made his heart race?


It's more than just his name; it's a request and a question, a plea for permission that Spencer is unable to ignore. No matter what he tells himself he wants this as well, wants this just in case he can't have anything else. Here in the night with alcohol clouding Dmitri's senses and no one around to judge him it's the perfect opportunity to take what he wants with both hands. He can regret it later, can watch as Dmitri either stays or turns his back on him again. He'll have plenty of time to regret or enjoy this later, to either rip himself apart over it or savor the memory he's about to make.

Either way anything else can wait till the morning.

Spencer mirrors Dmitri's gesture and cups his unshaven jaw in his hand; his heart skips a beat at the way Dmitri leans into his palm, eyes slipping closed for a moment as if he's savoring the feeling. Spencer raises himself up as best he can, watches those too blue eyes snap open at his movement, and presses his lips gently against Dmitri's once again.

Their eyes slip closed simultaneously and Dmitri groans harshly against his mouth and the hand cupping his jaw moves upwards to tangle gently in his hair. They kiss leisurely for a few moments before desire spurs them forward and once again things speed up and they catch flame together.

Spencer's moaning a helpless sound that he should feel ashamed of but he doesn't because Dmitri is no better off. The larger man is growling low in his throat, a guttural noise that causes something inside of Spencer to twist and writhe in need. His moan catches in his throat though when Dmitri lines their bodies up and grinds his hips down against Spencer's for the first time and reveals that he's painfully hard as well.

They're kissing even more fiercely after that, Dmitri's tongue dominating Spencer's in such a way that Spencer can no longer find the urge to fight it. The need to let Dmitri take control is too strong to fight, it's what he wants, what he's always wanted on some level so he finally submits and lets the other man take over.

Like he can feel the submission, like he knows what's just went through his mind Dmitri growls even louder than before and the hand he has in Spencer's hair tightens almost painfully. Spencer bucks upwards almost without a thought and it causes their cocks to brush against each other once again, so brief and yet painfully pleasurable.

Dmitri is shifting, rolling them to the side and Spencer flails because he knows they're going to tumble straight off the sofa but that seems to be Dmitri's intention in first place so he's powerless to stop it. Dmitri manages to roll them so that he takes the impact from the short fall and they're immediately rolling across the floor, hands clawing at each other's clothes as they go. They keep going until they're in the middle of the floor, Spencer's back pressed down into the thick carpeting and Dmitri's body blanketing him, all muscles and delicious heat. They part just enough to allow Dmitri's shirt to disappear and Spencer can hardly believe how good all of that smooth skin feels beneath his fingertips.

One of his hands drifts down between them to pluck at a nipple and Dmitri retaliates with a sharp nip to the throat that leaves Spencer seeing stars before they're kissing again. Spencer's hard, his cock pressing painfully against the teeth of his zipper and he can feel that Dmitri's in the same predicament that he is every time their hips meet. The friction is delicious and yet it leaves him wanting more, leaves him craving skin against skin, the feel of their bodies sliding against each other with nothing between them.

Dmitri seems just as determined because he's rearing back, going up onto his knees and fumbling to get Spencer's pants undone and off, taking his boxers with him in the same movement. Not to be outdone Spencer adds his own hands to the mix, snatching at the catch on Dmitri's slacks and pushing them down muscled thighs as far as they will go breath catching in his throat as Dmitri kicks them off.

Dmitri's breathtaking, his body tanned and gloriously smooth, his muscles well defined and begging to be touched and tasted. His cock is long and thick, straining up towards his stomach with the force of his desire and Spencer doesn't even try to hold back the whimper that rises in his throat.

He hears Dmitri laugh, a low raspy noise that makes his own cock twitch in longing an action that makes blue eyes zero in on it. Spencer has only a seconds warning, a sly smirk slipping across Dmitri's face before he's lowering himself down onto his elbows between Spencer's spread thighs and swallowing down his cock without a seconds hesitation.

Spencer keens and his vision whites out for a flash as his head thumps back against the carpet. Dmitri's ruthless, his tongue doing its best to drive Spencer out of his mind as his throat works around his shaft. It's almost more than he can take and he can feel his orgasm building up embarrassingly fast but he doesn't want to go alone, doesn't want this to end without at least getting to taste Dmitri in the same way.

His hands scramble at broad shoulders and his mouth begins to run without any conscious thought and his lips are spilling out his desires in to the empty room around them.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT