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Raven's Desire

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Aminta Reily

ISBN :978-1-77111-372-4

Page :264

Word Count :74683

Publication Date :2012-09-27

Series : Night Hunters#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Raven's Desire (pdf) , Raven's Desire (prc) , Raven's Desire (epub) , Raven's Desire (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-372-4

Mates are driven together by fate, ripped apart by hate, but will survive from love.


Demons always pay for their crimes. Aracdia has a place for anyone who feeds on humans and kills them, but what happens when a vampire does not commit that crime and is sentenced anyhow? Kristian Blackburn never thought the moment he met his ebony queen Raven Nowles that she would set him up and he would end up spending ten years trying to make her remember.

The moment Kristian met Raven, he knew they were meant to be—the first vampire and slayer ever paired. Shortly afterwards, a vampire named Alec creates an injection that takes over Raven’s mind. His plan is to use Raven to open up the gates of hell to release a very dangerous demon.

Will Alec’s plan to bring forth one of the most dangerous demons to the world destroy the first vampire slayer mate?

“Where are you going?” His voice sent a chill up her spine, stopping her movements.

It was not a cold chill—more a burning flame that travelled through her. His voice had ignited a passion deep in the pit of her body, and she knew then she had to get away from Kristian before she did something stupid like have sex with him. She had only been with one guy, one time about a year ago, but the sex was so bad that they did not try it again.

“I um…I have to go to the restroom. You know, girly things.”

When he didn’t release her she rolled onto her back, getting a better look at him.

Kristian’s eyes opened and he watched her closely.

Raven knew she’d lost a war she didn’t know she’d been fighting. Kristian had captured her heart and she didn’t know anything about him, which made the situation worse. She didn’t fall in love with a man she didn’t know.

Kristian smiled at her, making her think he had read her thoughts. Which was crazy, because no one could read thoughts.

“What?” her voice squeaked a little as she spoke.

Kristian not only had her heart beating off the scales, but now she could not speak clearly.

“You lie.”

Raven snarled at him a little.

“How would you know if I’m lying? You are not me. You don’t know what I want or have to do!”

“Don’t I?”

Raven stared into his blue eyes, refusing to give up the fight so quickly. Kristian seemed to be the type of person who intimidated people to get his way. Especially, women. True or not, she would not let him get his way with her.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed past the lust and need, looked deeper into his eyes and lied. “No!”

In a blink of an eye, Kristian moved from his prone position to lying on top of her. Raven did not have time to scream at how fast he moved. All she could do was hold back a moan, which was very hard to do, as his body pressed her against the bed, pinning her to the mattress.

Raven bit her lip, hard. She knew she had bitten her lip too hard when she tasted her own blood.

She heard Kristian draw in a deep breath before lowering his head slowly and smiling just before she felt his warm tongue slide against her bottom lip. The act astonished her and surprisingly turned her on at the same time. Liquid heat pumped through her body as his tongue slid against her lip. Raven knew if just his tongue teasing her could start a fire in the pit of her stomach, a full kiss would probably burn her from the inside out.

Kristian lifted his head, staring at her. Raven was not as experienced with men as she was sure he was with women, but she was sure of what she saw in his eyes.



And more need.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Interracial, Paranormal