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Preacher in his Garden

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Tiffany McDowell

ISBN :978-1-77111-089-1

Page :146

Word Count :41741

Publication Date :2012-01-14

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Preacher in his Garden (pdf) , Preacher in his Garden (prc) , Preacher in his Garden (epub) , Preacher in his Garden (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-089-1

A small Texas town. A dedicated pastor. A sexy parishioner. Mix in some gossipers and busybodies, add the word gay and sinful temptation explodes.

Steve Harkins is a young pastor with a vision to fill empty church seats and bring God’s love to one and all. He does, however, have one secret to hide—he is a closet gay who has never acted out on his lifelong fantasies. 

The small Texas town in which he pastors is full of gossipers and busybodies, who would love nothing more than to learn Steve’s secret and end his career. Steve is confident his secret will never see the light of day, especially since he is a widower and father of young twin girls.

There is, however, a hitch. An incredibly handsome and sexy gay parishioner, Jarred, has uncovered Steve’s secret and is determined to seduce him. Steve tries staying in the closet to suppress his love for men, but the irresistible hunk with daring hands is proving far too tempting.

If he succumbs and stops pretending to be straight, he will certainly lose his homophobic congregation. Can Jarred convince Steve to step out of the closet and into Jarred’s arms? Will Steve discover that uniting gays and straights under an expanded church roof provides the impetus for taking God’s love to new and greater heights?


Steve hesitated, with large droplets of sweat forming unceremoniously over his tormented brow. Should he or shouldn’t he? He sat silently in the van, not moving.

As Steve sat there, he felt movement next to him. He turned his head and suddenly a kiss came out of nowhere full of passion and moist warmth. It plastered itself over Steve’s unsuspecting mouth, drowning him unexpectedly in a sting of pleasure so incredible, he could feel his own cock stiffen suddenly, like tempered steel. Steve thought to resist, but it was no use. Wave upon wave of escalating bliss pounded throughout every fibre of his tantalized flesh as Jarred expertly pulled the preacher’s stiffened cock into open air. His fingers carefully and teasingly stretched the already wonderfully sensitive skin back and forth along his shaft while his hot young mouth continued its magic on his mesmerized lips. They exchanged tongues and Steve was now on absolute fire, his once hesitant mind now fully ablaze with the glorious expectation that they would be going all the way and even beyond his wildest fantasies.

* * * *

Jarred’s skillful fingers now circled into a vice-like grip around Steve’s massive nine-inch cock, a cock suddenly impossibly thick and amazingly hot to the touch.

“That’s quite a huge cock you have there,” Jarred whispered, suddenly moaning as the thought of having it sliding up and down his anus suddenly materialized in his thoughts.

“Shouldn’t we go in the house,” Steve blurted out. “What if neighbors spot us?”

“Shhh,” Jarred responded. “There’s not another home around for miles. Don’t you dare move. I want your cock inside of me now, here in the van. Right now!”

Jarred’s pants were suddenly and mysteriously swishing around his ankles and he kicked his sandals off to the rusted floor boards, pressing his heels upward on toes as he straddled Steve with a leg on either side of him. Next, he lowered his bum directly over top of Steve’s giant pulsating cock. He listened to Steve moan intensely as he stretched himself open over top of the preacher’s fiery hot log, sliding up and down slowly and carefully against the enormous size.

Steve responded with fury, smothering Jarred’s face with moist, frenzied kisses.

Jarred could feel Steve’s own chest rise and fall with frantic panting that told both men the lovemaking was making the virgin Steve savagely excited, out of control.

“You’re so damn beautiful.”


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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT