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Royal Service

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : LJ Collins

ISBN :978-1-4874-1016-2

Page :178

Word Count :53500

Publication Date :2017-02-03

Series : Men in Love and at War#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Royal Service (epub) , Royal Service (prc) , Royal Service (mobi) , Royal Service (pdf)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1016-2

Being a high-class escort brings in a lot of money, but acting as a spy for one of his clients offers Berkeley even more—but the higher the stakes, the higher the risks.

Wherever Berkeley goes, or whatever he does, drama follows. Having recovered from the ordeal of being the victim of an internet scam, his life returns to normal working at a five-star hotel selling VIP vacation club memberships to wealthy clients, and being with the love of his life, Captain Rick. That is until he finds Rick cheating on him with a woman. Feeling sad and lonely, Berkeley is enticed by the prospects of high earnings and a jet setter lifestyle when he’s approached by one of his clients to be a high-class escort.

Whilst he revels in being treated like a prince, he has to accommodate some strange and unusual sexual requests, and before long he’s caught up in a web of espionage between a transport conglomerate and a client who is developing a futuristic technology that will change the future of transport forever. Only Berkeley knows how he’s going to weave his way out of his new-found problem.

Berkeley’s secret desire to have sex with Rick in a prison cell came true on more than one occasion, and that fulfilled both their fantasies. During the first few months of their relationship, the attraction and sex were strong and varied. They had sex in the nature reserve, the forest, on various beaches, a whole host of other public places, and life couldn’t have been any better for Berkeley.

He got his job back in the five-star hotel selling exclusive memberships to a private vacation club, where all the clients were treated like VIP’s and those with a Platinum membership were treated like royalty.

Berkeley suited the job perfectly because he had to deal with millionaire business entrepreneurs and highly paid corporate chiefs. If it wasn’t for his university education, high rolling business background, impeccable English accent, good looks and charm, he suspected they would’ve tried to dominate and intimidate him. But Berkeley knew how to handle himself and make them look like fools if they tried to slander him or the product he was selling.

He used his experience to control presentations and deal with any objections in a calm and professional manner. If they squirmed or complained about the price of the product, he used mild intimidation tactics on them. He implied they could afford the product, and asked why they didn’t feel they deserved to be treated like VIP’s or royalty when they took their holidays.

The basic pay was small, but the commissions were generous, so he managed to earn a good enough living to maintain a comfortable lifestyle with Rick.

Berkeley spent most of his time at Rick’s villa because it was more comfortable for them, but he continued to rent his apartment, so he had somewhere to go when he and Rick wanted a short break to have some down-time on their own. As much as they enjoyed practically living together, they were both sensible enough to recognise they both needed their own space at times.

Berkeley also thought it would be a good idea to keep his apartment for when his family and friends visited, because they’d have their own place to stay and wouldn’t be under each other’s feet twenty-four hours a day.

On the surface, everything appeared to be normal for the first few months, but although Rick was very discrete, Berkeley started to notice Rick had begun watching women. If they were in a restaurant and an attractive woman walked past, Berkeley noticed Rick looking up and having a sneaky peek. Similarly, if they were walking along the street and a stunning looking woman with curves and bumps in all the right places walked towards them, Rick’s focus transfixed on her, and Berkeley suspected it was because of the way she looked and moved her curvaceous, feminine body.

When it got to the point Rick actually started to pass comments to Berkeley about how attractive a woman was, he grew increasingly nervous Rick was reverting back to his former self—a heterosexual man who wanted to be with a woman again. It made Berkeley feel like he’d just been an experiment and temporary fad to allow Rick to live out his fantasies.

It struck Berkeley that now that Rick had lived them, he wanted to move on to the next experiment or fad.

Over the weeks, Berkeley grew increasingly suspicious Rick was having an affair with somebody, because he suggested more frequently they spent nights on their own.

After the third occasion, Berkeley decided he had to find out for himself what was going on.

The next time Rick suggested they have a night off, Berkeley took matters into his own hands and assumed the role of private investigator.

While he felt ashamed of himself, he left his apartment when it was dark, just after eight, and headed towards Rick’s villa. As he approached, he could see gentle lighting, so he knew Rick was at home.

Berkeley crouched down so he couldn’t be seen and made his way to the five-foot perimeter wall that had vertical metal bars above it to provide added security. Being careful to stay out of sight, he peered through the bars and looked into the lounge area. At first, he saw nobody, but after a few minutes he saw what he’d dreaded—a tall, leggy and busty blonde stood up from the sofa and headed towards the kitchen.

Berkeley’s heart sank, and he was overwhelmed with a feeling of deception that made him feel physically sick.

You bastard, Rick. How can you be doing this to me? I would much rather you’d just told me than do it behind my back. For Christ sake, you’re a fucking captain in the police force, so I thought you might have had more of a backbone than that.

When she didn’t return to the lounge after a couple of minutes, Berkeley assumed she was with Rick in the kitchen.

He toyed with the idea of going back to his apartment, pretending it wasn’t happening, and convincing himself she was just a work colleague he’d invited over for dinner so they could talk about a case they were working on or something. But the sickly feeling in his stomach told him that was unlikely to be the truth.

As his anger and frustration rose, he snuck around to the other side of the villa so he could peer into the kitchen. As painful as it would be to discover Rick was having an affair with a woman, he had to know if it was true or not.

As he took a quick look into the kitchen, his left hand instinctively flew to his mouth, and he shut his eyes. Tears welled up and streamed down his face as the sight of Rick embracing and kissing the bitch flashed through his mind.

That was it! He had all the evidence he needed to know she wasn’t a work colleague or just a friend—Rick was screwing a woman.

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Tags: Adult, Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Futuristic, Multiple Partners, Adventure, High Tech, Strong Language