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Judy Wants It All

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : C.K. Ralston

ISBN :978-1-55487-460-6

Page :274

Word Count :68500

Publication Date :2010-08-17

Series : Judy#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Judy Wants It All (pdf) , Judy Wants It All (prc) , Judy Wants It All (epub) , Judy Wants It All (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-460-6

Attractive, accomplished, ambitious—Judy Detwieler wants it all. Who will provide it for her, billionaire boyfriend David Wells, or charming bad boy Nick Hartley and his sensuous playmates?

Gorgeous Judy Detwieler is very much in love with her voluptuous girlfriend, strip club owner and exotic dancer, Linda, but the two of them have a problem—they still enjoy sex with men as well! They’re looking for a man who is so confident of his own virility and sexuality that he isn’t threatened by Linda and Judy’s intimate relationship. They know any number of men that are excited about having sex with them, but none who are interested in the serious, long-term relationship that both of them crave. Enter handsome billionaire investor/entrepreneur, Thomas Case. He knew Judy when she was dating his distant cousin, David Wells, but kept his distance. Now he’s boldly making his desires—for both Judy and Linda—known! Will he be man enough to weather the resulting firestorm of scandal that threatens to ruin all three of their entangled lives when their ménage a trios lifestyle is suddenly revealed?

 But before she could even start to act upon that thought, she was amazed to find her hands entwined in his shaggy, brownish-blond locks, drawing him in tighter as their tongues continued their hot, thrusting duel. Her fingers seemed to have moved up there on their own, and her breath was becoming shorter and harder to catch by the second.

He released her face and threw his arms around her, breaking off the kiss and pulling her tightly into his embrace. She gasped as she felt her nipples, suddenly erect and prominent as a pair of pencil erasers, poking out against the soft fabric of her sports bra and rubbing against his muscular chest.

On the edge of panic, she resolved once more to tell him no, that this was enough. She was going to call that cab and go home like a good girl, right now, before anything more happened. She really was!

But, as she opened her mouth to tell him that, Nick picked that very moment to once again press his open mouth over hers. And then his tongue was twirling all around hers once more, and she was having trouble breathing again. Her panties suddenly felt incredibly wet, his fingers were brushing against the eyehooks holding her sports bra closed, and then, before she could react, it was open!

“Ummm!” she protested weakly.

But it really was too late now, she realized, shocked at her own reaction.

Because when he unlocked her hands from around his neck and gently pushed them down into her lap so that he could completely skim off her bra, she made no protest at all; no move to stop him. As he bent forward and repositioned her hands back around his neck, she not only left them there, she actually found herself pulling him softly to her, urging his lips down onto her bare nipples, craving the feel of his hot, wet tongue on her sensitive pink points.

“God! You have the most perfect breasts!” he whispered, his tongue tip caressing just the very tip of her left nipple in a teasing, maddeningly light way that sent a shiver of pure lust pulsing from her breast straight down to her untouched clit.

“Oh, yes! Oh, God, you’re driving me crazy!” she whispered back, again amazed at the intensity, the speed of her own arousal.

She wasn’t ever like this! She rarely spoke during sex with David! She barely made any sound at all most nights when they made love! What was happening to her? Was it Nick? Was it his incredible good looks, his ultra-confident manner? Or was it simply the forbidden thrill she was experiencing from this unplanned tryst with such a gorgeous stranger?

He chuckled softly, his enjoyment of her hot response readily apparent in his playful blue eyes. He seemed to be in no hurry.

Sliding off the couch, he knelt in front of her. He pulled her toward him a little more so that his head was now level with her bare breasts.

 His tongue moved to her right nipple and grazed it lightly; as he had the left, his right hand moving up to cup and gently squeeze her whole left orb while he teased her right.

“Oh, please,” She moaned aloud once more. “Please, suck my nipples! Suck them hard!”

Twisting her body on the couch, she attempted to push her burning nipple past her lover’s teasing tongue and into his lips. She was on fire with shame at her sudden wanton behavior with a total stranger, and yet she couldn’t find the will to escape the incredible heat this man ignited in her. It struck her that she had waited her entire twenty-six years to feel this level of white-hot need and, now that she did, she wasn’t going to be denied.

“My…my…tits!” she heard herself demand, using a word she never used. “Suck my hot tits!”

“Oh, I will. I’ll suck ‘em until you scream for mercy, honey,” he assured her, his voice husky with need.

“But a pair of beauties like these…a body like yours…” He shook his head admiringly, a leer stealing over his handsome face. “I need to take my time. I need to eat you up slowly…to savor you like a gourmet meal.”

He winked at her and lapped at her throbbing right nipple briefly before continuing. “I need to make you beg for it, then make you come so hard you pass out from the pleasure!”

Her clit throbbed at the very thought of that. Oh, yes! Oh, please, dear God, yes! Let him do all of THAT to me, please!

His eyes never leaving hers, the confident man released his hold on her breast and shoved his hand and arm under her legs on the couch. He slid his left arm behind her, cradling her unresisting body into his chest as he got to his feet. He lifted her easily and carried her into the bedroom in a few quick strides, gently depositing her crosswise at the foot of his enormous bed

“Now, little Miss Judy,” he whispered, dropping once more to his knees on the soft carpet and leaning over her at the end of the bed. “Let’s just see what we can do about that orgasm I promised you.”

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Group Sex, Lesbian, Menage