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Judy Gets It All

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : C.K. Ralston

ISBN :978-1-55410-983-8

Page :312

Word Count :78000

Publication Date :2010-08-17

Series : Judy#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Judy Gets It All (pdf) , Judy Gets It All (prc) , Judy Gets It All (epub) , Judy Gets It All (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-983-8

The two hottest girls in the city are back and more together than ever, but this time, they intend to land their billionaire!

Judy Detwieler is torn…her boyfriend, David Wells, is super-rich, handsome and proposing marriage. But, while Judy loves the social prestige and perks of being engaged to a billionaire, she desperately desires an incendiary, all-consuming sex life to go along with it—something that David is seemingly unable to provide. Enter Nick Hartley. Nick is a movie-star attractive hunk from the wrong side of town that Judy meets by chance after a huge fight with David. The attraction is immediate and mutual; one thing soon leads to another and Judy finally experiences the kind of wild, completely fulfilling sex she has always dreamed about. Under Nick’s spell, Judy soon learns to enjoy the taboo thrills of trysts with more than one man—and woman! Now the uncertain girl must decide. Is it David and a life of glamour ;or Nick and a life of unending sensual pleasure? Or…is it possible to have them both!


She looked up at the Harris brothers. "Why don't you and Neal come on down here, Bob? I think you guys might be the best ones for Livie to start things rolling with! She can work her way up to Nick and then Terry, you know?"

Bob and Neal Harris obviously had no problem with being the first ones to sample cute little Olivia's charms. They were on the floor in an instant, looking at Judy for direction.

"Just kneel here, by her head, Bob," Judy whispered. "Neal, why don't you get in between our young cutie's long, beautiful legs and mount up! She plenty wet already!"

Livie was shivering with nervousness and excitement beneath Judy's stroking fingers as the guys quickly moved into place. Judy kissed her on the lips and then gently turned Livie's pretty face toward Bob Harris' big, hard dick.

"Just give it a little licking first, sweetie," Judy urged her. "And then open those little lips up and give him a nice suck, okay?

Before Olivia could answer, Judy bent low over the girl's aroused nipples and kissed both of them. Livie moaned and pushed her chest upward as Judy began to suck the left one hungrily and Neal Harris started rubbing his engorged cockhead all over Olivia's pussy mouth, smearing it thoroughly with her hot oil!

"Unnnggghhh! Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Livie moaned as her breast jerked under Judy's expert sucking and Neal's rock-like prickhead massaged her swollen clitty!

"Jesus, what a sweet little piece!" Neal sighed, pushing forward with his hips, the tip of his cock nudging through Livie's tight little cunny mouth and disappearing down inside! "God, her pussy is so hot and tight, Judy|!"

Livie moaned even louder as she felt herself being penetrated in front of all these people! She opened her mouth to sigh again and was instantly greeted by Bob's fat cockhead sliding in between her moist lips!

Olivia Benson emitted a tiny mewl of lust and gave in to the raging sensations Judy's mouth was causing on her sensitive tits and Neal's prick was stirring within her pierced cunny! She worked her hips against Neal, forcing another two or three inches of stiff cock into her overflowing slit and hunched her chest up off the carpet, pushing almost all of her smallish mound into Judy's sucking lips!

"Oh, man! She's tonguin' my dick like crazy now!" Bob gasped, feeding another inch into the sucking, licking redhead's mouth!

"Give it to her, Bobby!" Terry said eagerly. "It looks to me like that little filly is a gal after my own heart! She don't mind suckin' a little cock when the occasion calls for it!"

Bob seemed to agree. He reached down and tilted Livie's face up a little more and began fucking his cock in and out of it as if it were a second pussy!

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